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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 19
raini7o5 wrote in dandeliontrail

Bai Mu being surrounded and encircled by masses of demons, what was originally a blessed location, a Xian mountain with clouds everywhere, here it has already been buried underneath a sky full of demonic energies, dim and void of light.

Mu Zi Xin stared into the water mirror at the dense mass of Yao and Mo. Occasionally there will be some that come to provoke, their words unlacking in insults, but to the point. However, only surrounding and not attacking, as if they are waiting on something. Heart clouding slightly with confusion, faintly there is some unease, but cannot figure out the real intent.

"Has the reinforcments from the various sects arrived?" Mu Lin Li asked.

"Reporting to Head Master, they are already on the way!"

Brows tightened, he looked towards the Mu Zi Xin besides him "Continuing on like this, just afraid is not a solution. Zi Xin, how about you and I combine our strengths and break the seal of the array to allow in the aid from the various sects."

Mu Zi Xin lightly nodded "As of now, can only do that!"

Just about to turn and go out, from outside the room came an urgent shout.

"Don't! Absolutely cannot!" Yin Luo breathlessly rushed in, not paying attention to the others' startled expressions, grabbed onto Mu Zi Xin's hand.

"Yin Luo, you...." He was also slightly startled. "What happened?"

"Can't... can't let the the various sects come help!" Yin Luo took a deep breath, trying hard to steady her own breathing.

"What is this you are saying!" The Mu Lin Li at the side immediately angered, not caring for any manners anymore, said "My Bai Mu is currently threatened, the Xian realm have always standed together. Can't be that the various sects would stand and ignore instead?"

"It's that that!" Yin Luo gasped "I am saying the Mo realm encircling Bai Mu, is only an illusion. All those people are an illusion created by magic. Surrounding the mountain, there is not that much Yao Mo at all !"

When Yin Luo pantingly said this, everyone present recieved a shock. Mu Zi Xin's heart trembled, with quick steps he walked out of the temple, easily taking a tree leaf on the way, throwing it into the sky. At that moment only a gust of fierce wind swept past, heading straight into the clouds. In the sky above, demonic energies rolled, swaying in movement. Unexpectedly even the figures of people in the sky also followed and distorted in the swaying.

"They want to use spell, creating a false impression of Bai Mu being attacked, fooling the various sects to come help. The true intent is actually to attack the other sects in one sweep." Yin Luo said.

Mu Zi Xin's expression became cold, fingers moved in calculation, realized then that the people from the various sects are already halfway on their way, but the Mo realm's immense army directly aimed at Qiong Shan, Yu Jian, Sheng Yun and other sects were also pressing close.

"Chian Fan!" He turned towards Gu Chian Fan besides him, "Immediately go alert the various sects' friends who are coming towards Bai Mu to return promptly to their respective sects to resist the Mo realm's assault!" Then turning his head and looking towards the Mu Lin Li at the side who's face is already paled "Shi Xiong, please make a command for all the disciples, immediately launch an attack on the Mo realm!"

Mu Lin Li finally awoke, quickly turned and returned to the temple, raised his voice towards the thousand disciples filling the courtyard and said "Bai Mu's disciples, listen to order. Immediately attack, destroy the Yao Mo, safeguard the righteous way, protect Bai Mu!"

"Yes!" An orderly resonating echo sounded.

Suddenly Bai Mu's disciples left all together, only seeing countless trails of lights resembling shooting stars fly into the sky, towards the demonic masses.

Mu Zi Xin's regal figure stood like jade, tilting his head to look into the sky, that gradually dispersing demonic energy. Brows gathering together, the heart however is thinking about the safety of the various sects. Of the disciples, Chian Fan is of the best, only hope that he can get there in time!

A long sigh, turning his head towards the Yin Luo besides him, the corner of his lips moved slightly "Thank you Gu Niang for your warning! If it weren't for you, just afraid the Xian realm will experience a catastrophe."

Yin Luo smiled in reply "I just discovered on coincidence!"

"I owe you yet again!"

"Only a small labor, High Xian does not need to take it to heart!"

"To you it might only be a small labor, but to me it is actually..." His gaze lightly locked, directly looking into her expression, as if wanting to find something on her face.

Yin Luo unconsciously backed away a step, giving a faltering laugh, "Now that Bai Mu is battling the gathered Mo force, naturally they cannot do without High Xian!" The meaning behind the words, 'You should leave right away.'

Mu Zi Xin finally took back his gaze, glancing behind at the person behind whom had already caught up. Tilting his head to look into the chaotic sky, his eyes narrowed "Gu Niang take care, Zi Xin will take leave temporarily!" Then finally, he flew and joined into battle.

Yin Luo let out a big breath. She somehow feel that this person's gaze is getting sharper and sharper, almost like wanting to directly look into her heart.

"Why did you have to tell them and sell favor!" The Yue Ran that had caught up stood firm, still slightly enraged "The matters of the Xian realm, we should not stick our hands in!"

She sighed, knowing he still held a grudge towards the Xian realm "We are currently situated at Bai Mu, and anyways if the Xian realm is compltely demolished, to the Divine Mountain that is not exactly a good thing either!"

Yue Ran pressed his lips together, anger unchanging "Ya Tou! No matter what you do, they won't thank you! Do you know that in order to cast an illusion over the entire Bai Mu, but not alarm anyone, what kind of spell is that requiring?"

"I know!" Yin Luo gave a smile "It's one of the forbidden sealing techniques 'Sky Veil'"

"You know?" Yue Ran became even more enraged "Since you actually know, you should know furthermore that 'Sky Veil' 'Sneering Wanderer' 'Tian Ling Array' all have their origins with the God race. If they were to suspect that this incident is a concieved intent of the God race, at that time the last thing they'll do is thank you for saving them!"

"I also know this, but..." She turned around and looked at him "but I can't watch them die with my eyes wide open!"

Yue Ran was at a loss for words, looking at that determined expression in her eyes. She is ultimately of the God race, the soul of all creation. To make her watch lives perish with her eyes wide open is ultimately impossible. It has nothing to do with anything else, that is her innate nature.

"Do whatever you want!" Seeing that persuasion failed, can only let out a long sigh. He took a step forward, blocking in front her "The favor, you already helped. Now stay put for me. Them engaging in battle, can't guarantee that you won't be hit by a stray blow!"

Yin Luo blanked out for a moment, glancing at him standing in front of her like a mother hen, again unable to help the corner of her lip curving upwards. At the bottom of her heart something warm seeped out. When arriving he had said before that he would try his best to protect her, at this moment he is exactly using actions to prove it. Can she slightly, again, believe him this once?

On the peak of the Divine Mountain, a red robed lady was with her head lowered, looking into the image inside the water mirror. On Bai Mu's xian mountain, Xian and Mo are in battle. Illusion broken, demonic energy completely dispersed , leaving behind Yao and Mo not even five hundred. The situation immediately reversed.

Brows furrowed, a moment of deep thought, a cold tone sounded "Qing Zhi"

Words dropping, the center of the empty and quiet great hall flassed a green figure. A lone person knelt on one knee on the floor "Lord Honor!"

"How is the preparation?"

"Reporting to Lord Honor!" His two hands came together, "It has been arranged in accordance to Lord Honor's order."

A sound of acknowledgement. She turned her body around and continued to looking to the water mirror before her.

"Only..." The brows of the person on the floor tightened briefly, on the face is a difficult expression.


"Subordinate discovered, the person who surrounded Bai Mu is the Mo Realm's newly appointed Fifth Herald, named 'Su Xian'"

"Su Xian?" The area between her brows tightened slightly. Fingers moving in calculation, her expression became cold. Hastily turning around and stared unmovingly towards the water mirror, on the face that usually never shows any change, unexpectedly revealed a few degrees of heaviness. Furthermore, the hand besides her body instantly clenched tight.

Bai Mu xian mountain, disciples enter and exit. The Mo Realm used "Sky Veil" forbidden art, creating confusion. What looked like an entire sky filled with Yao and Mo, is in fact not even amount to five hundred. An abrubt battle came on, all in exception of the few leading, have largely been subdued.

"You lot have no where to escape!" Head Master Mu held a fiery sword, with a stern face looking towards the last dozen of Yao and Muo that has already been thoroughly seized.

At the lead is a black robed man, demonic nature enveloping the entire body, a pair of eyes like burnt incense. At the center of the forehead is a small black demonic mark, especially eye-catching. In hand is a five inch thick longsword. He stared, full with resentment, at Mu Ling Li. This person was Su Xian.

"Those of the various sects have already gone back, as of now the Mo Realm has no chances for victory, you should surrender early. Do not continue accumulating sin from killing!"

"Commit sin?" Su Xian let out a cold laugh, becoming loud laughter. "HA HA HA... not false, I just want to commit sin, I just want to kill off your entire herd of self-righteous Xian Realm people!"

"My Bai Mu and you have no fate or enmity, the Mo Realm and Xian Realm also have been mutually sound, for what reason must you stir up conflict?

"Mutually sound! Huh!" Su Xian's expression iced, the hatred in his eyes intensified "You Xian Realm self boast as pure streams, on the surface don't stur up strife, but in the background slay countless of my Mo Realm, even self-labeling it as whatever 'eliminate demons, defend righteousness?'"

"That is because you Mo Realm unheedingly trouble the mortal realm, disrupting the order of the six realms!"

"Order? What is order? Who determines the order of the six realms?" He refuted "That is only an excuse for your hypocritical, self-crowned throne!

"Insolence!" Mu Lin Li's eyes became severe, anger completely filling his visage. "How can I tolerate your slandering the Xian Realm!"

"Have I spoken falsity? You can turn a blind eye to your own people in their critical time, fearing head and tail, no need to mention those of other realms?"

"Absurdity!" Mu Lin Li let out an angry breath, "The Xian Realm has always been held together by a common breath, following the righteous way of the world! How can there be a happening like you have said?"

"Don't believe it?" Su Xian let out a dry laugh "It can't be that Head Master Mu has forgotten, a thousand years ago the incident of Qing Yun Sect's fall overnight, right?"

His facial expression delayed, appearing as if thinking of something, dazed out for a moment.

Su Xian's laugh darkened "The Goddess Chi Ji, in a night's time massacred the entirety of Qing Yun. I dare to ask, the Xian Realm then, had there been anyone that spoke even half a justifying word?"

He frowned. The incident of Qing Yun's fall, that occured a thousand years ago is common knowledge. "That incident was underlying with Chi Ji's plunge into madness, the consequence of loosing sanity, an unintentional wrong. Further, Chi Ji is already dead. Naturally it's impossible to trace!"

"Bull shit!" He suddenly became furious "You are all obviously just fearful of the Gods' authority, afraid to challenge the God race!"

Mu Lin Li's pair of brows gathered tightly, not wanting to continue wasting words. "Saying more is no use, if today you are not taken down, will be difficult to uphold the name of my Bai Mu!"

Finished talking, flying forward, the assault was fierce. Immediately, the sky filled with glints of swords flowing. Su Xian held his sword and blocked the sword attack, body did a backwards flip, borrowing the momentum of his sword, making a counter attack. In that moment, only can hear a ear-stinging sound, a million streaks of white light bursted from between the two touching swords. One Mo and one Xian, two bodies of immense energy collided.

Those nearby put up barriers one after another, defending against that permeating collision force.

Mu Lin Li was secretly startled, not expecting that this Su Xian was possessing of such capability. That blow didn't only block his sword force, but sent it back entirely. Just afraid that this person's skill is not below his own. Immediately gathering the mind and heart together, he whole-heartedly prepared to meet combat.

Because flashing lights rose again, the sky endlessly flashed with bright light. After a long while, Mu Lin Li gradually was subdued to the downwind, all of the sword attacks he used were completely dissolved.

A cold smile was on Su Xian's lips "Bai Mu's Head Master is only so." Seeing the perfect timing, taking advantage of the sword attack, making a backhanded stab, reverting from defence into offense, directly aiming at the chest. Mu Lin Li did not react in time, saw that he was about to take a sword.

Suddenly a white figure flashed by, Su Xian's sword suddenly bounced back three feet. Mu Zi Xin had rushed in on time, blocking down that fatal sword attack.

Su Xian's eyes narrowed lightly, looking towards that person who had suddenly intervened into the battle. A white jade sword was in his hand, cold air flowing in all directions. "Bai Mu Zi Xin! So you are one of the Xian Realm's four High Xians?"

Mu Zi Xin's facial expression didn't change, turned around and replied: "Shi Xiong, will have to trouble you to go take care of the injured disciples!"

Mu Lin Li took a glance at Su Xian, contemplated for a while, at that nodding his head. "You be careful!" This person is not someone he can take up.

Su Xian's grip tightened on the sword in his hand, "Good. I, Su Xian, today would like to see for myself what kind of capability does a so-called High Xian have afterall?" Words not yet finished, the attack is already in formation. Sword glinted fiercely, only aiming to kill.

Mu Zi Xin silently stood in the air, a hand behind his back, white robe flowing, an indescribable elegance. His expression had still yet to show any turbulences, as if unable to see that closely arriving sword assault of his.

Can see that sword force has already made it over, suddenly his body flickered. Su Xian only felt a gust of cold rush over from his left side, hurriedly turning his body around. Only saw Mu Zi Xin's sword already arrived, he raised his sword and blocked it, the perfect opportunity was already lost.

From the side of his ear drifted over a few lines of incantation, he knew this was not good. Just about to withdraw and retreat, Mu Zi Xin raised his hand and with a wave, a thread of light flew from between his fingers. Immediately it caught onto Su Xian, in a matter of a moment rendered him unable to move.

A Restraint Spell!

Su Xian was greatly startled. He actually used a mere one move, capturing him then and there. Not disappointing as Bai Mu's High Xian!

Now you've all met yet another important guy. It was so hard finding someone other than Yuan Hong who fits Su Xian. There's other reasons why it can only be Yuan Hong, but that's a mystery to be revealed some chaps later.

Chapter 20 will be posted by Tuesday.

Thank you so much for returning with a great chapter. I know you must have been very busy with school. I'll patiently wait for more. There just seem to be a lot of guy main characters. They sound so hot. LOL. hopefully the next chapter will reveal some lots.


Oh boy.... two wonderful guys to pick from!!! I'm glad I haven't completely sail off in the MuZiXinxYinLuo ship. Im a sucker for bad boys, so my eyes are definitely on Su Xian. He seems like an interesting guy... is he, by any chance, that boy her mother didn't kill in the beginning? Ooh, if he is, this makes everything much more interesting! I can't wait to see the kind of chemistry he has with YinLuo.
Thanks for another wonderful translation! Can't wait for Tuesday!!!!

It never said the boy's name, but I am pretty sure that's him.

Although Mu Lin Li's distaste for Yin Luo is annoying and shallow. The moment she says something he disagrees with, he just interrupts without listening to her explanation. He completely disregards her because she's weak. Mu Lin Li is a typical self-righteous Xian who thinks he's right, like Mo Yan for Hua Qian Gu, and Min Yu Zhong from Chong Zi. The Xian race have always been biased against the Mo indiscriminately.

Su Xian would be pitiful if he was so taken with revenge. Although, males in historical settings are generally way too focused on honor and family. Speaking of Yuan Hong, he actually fits Yin Huai Dan very well, too. I saw a mv on tudou in which he played Yin Huai Dan and Tang Yan played Chi Ji.


He's perfect as Yan Huai Dan. I saw that mv too. I find Yan Kuan suitable as Yue Ran. I placed Yuan Hong as Su Xian because of Yan Kuan and because he does the spiteful and full of resent and hatred scenes so well.

When i read Chong zi i immediately placed Min Yu Zhong in Mu Ling Li category. I haven't finished Chong zi yet, but i have feeling Min yu zhong might end up as a good person that was just very strict and stuck with a stubborn mindframe. I might be wrong though.

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Sometimes, a cat could possibly be the a person to aid somebody overcome major depression because they give you that sensation of simply being necessary and loved. This may be precisely what someone experiencing depression requires. They can also get you to get away from on your own and that is a fantastic antidote for someone that may be frustrated. Whether you already have a typically solid will or maybe your will-power can use some beefing up, the tips you simply read were actually offered by specialists in the field of cancers to be able to encourage one to make the best judgements for yourself and this terrible sickness. Do not think that one could deal with every little thing all on your own. Use what you've go through here to offer guidance.Actions To Remember When Thinking Of Individual bankruptcy [url=]Canada Goose Pas Cher[/url];u=15315

terrified need guidance this is simply the faculty or perhaps college article for you personally

If you decide to hire a video marketing professional to create a movie to your organization, take a look at their stock portfolio initially. You must employ a expert that can make some quality video clips, tackle a certain niche and influence consumers to acquire an item. Tend not to waste your time and cash on the skilled who does not have a good portfolio. [url=]Canada Goose Nederland[/url]
Within your initially in-person meeting using a direct you need to say very little and listen closely a lot more. Make a note of their current condition, what they consider when searching for work, what their upcoming objectives are, and WRITE THEM DOWN in the bathroom or right after your getting together with. Keep your remarks and then use them to spell out some great benefits of transforming into a lover in your mlm project. [url=]Canada Goose London[/url]
To maintain acne breakouts in check, change your pillowcase every single day. Your pillowcase picks up soil and fats out of your your hair, and after that your facial skin is in contact with all that dirt and grime for a long time an evening. Buy additional pillowcases to get on hand so don't need to scrub them daily. [url=]Uggs Baratas[/url]
It's not that folks searching the net are overly particular or nearly anything it's simply that no one wants to visit an unappealing site that's slow-moving to fill and this barely functions. [url=]Timberland Boots Australia[/url]
Together with the info which you have just discovered, you are certainly planning to take pleasure in the advantages these guidelines have to give you. In the cost-saving tips for time-protecting methods, you are certain to get motivated now that you are aware of the techniques for success for redesigning.Vital Ideas To Boost Your Understanding Of Natural Garden One of the better issues to enhance a highly healthy diet program when you are looking to get rid of weigh is exercise. To start, try working out three times every week for about 45 minutes or so at any given time. Cardio pursuits like exercising, Zumba, the step mill, moving rope and even taking a fast walk will improve your metabolic rate through the day in addition to support you with your excess fat damage goals. [url=]Ugg Baratas[/url];u=163149

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Opt for credit cards that rewards you with the things you take pleasure in. If you enjoy to enjoy, discover a charge card that gives incentives of accreditations best for fine dinning. If you love traveling, there are various fantastic a credit card that provide miles you could redeem for plane tickets on your next vacation. If you like to get income, you can generate income incentives with particular credit cards. [url=]Canada Goose Kensington Parka[/url]
Use substantial influence. This can be the only method to produce a great revenue in almost no time, but be careful, mainly because it is equipped with enormous chance connected to it. This technique is known as scalping, plus it should only be used by extremely knowledgeable dealers who absolutely recognize how the Currency trading method works. [url=]Parajumpers Norge[/url]
Among the best components of advice for any moving angling is usually to have determination. With out patience, no ability or strategy out there is going to have you capturing species of fish. You should learn how to wait, to view, to experience the peace and calm, as well as to put into action tactics when you with patience manage what you will be carrying out. [url=]Parajumpers Outlet[/url]
In order to go to Walt Walt disney Planet in Orlando on a budget, think about going around the starting of December. Charges towards the park usually do not decline, but this is the time resorts in the region reduce their price ranges and manage campaigns to get neighborhood site visitors. Moreover, the recreation area is significantly less crowded, so you do not have to wait in line for as long to your favorite attractions. [url=]Doudoune Moncler Homme[/url]
Discover how to make entertaining head lines for the social media blogs and forums. Head lines are exactly like the leading of your respective business. You can encounter boring and manage lower, or new and fascinating. Imagine exciting approaches to lure men and women into your weblog. Don't be afraid to experiment with the head lines on your page. A significant idea when buying and selling forex is to ensure that you set out an idea first. This is significant because you have to be totally mindful of the current market you might be dealing with, as well as, your own issues. You will find failure, unless you understand the hazards involved well before buying and selling. You need to assess your objectives towards the position in the market place and operate after that. [url=]Belstaff Baratas[/url];u=2673;u=878378

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If you would like tough boiled ovum that remove quickly, then you need to amazing your eggs before you remove them. Boiled eggs which can be new out of warm water do not have splitting up between the egg as well as its shell. By refilling your pot with cold h2o just before cracking the chicken eggs on the inside, you let the eggs to compress, thus making a level of oxygen between the ovum along with their shells, making it simpler that you can peel them. [url=]Timberland Sko[/url]
Look for a support team if you have anxiety attacks. Typically, just realizing you are not alone helps make a major difference inside your strategy to coping with the assaults. Simultaneously, chatting by way of scenarios with others may bring new tips to the forefront that can help you manage your own anxiety. [url=]Ugg Australia Pas Cher[/url]
Possess a online video contest. Request your viewers to send out inside their concepts, and you could select the one particular you imagine is better. The champion can get some form of reward, income, or gift card. This is certainly the best way to obtain your visitors to participate in. To be able to succeed, contributing is vital. [url=]Bottes Timberland[/url]
You should not enable your insurance coverage lapse. In case you are struggling to pay money for your insurance policy completely, you need to get in touch with and speak with a real estate agent. If you enable the plan to lapse it is quite likely that you will not have insurance coverage need to a crash occur. Which is a big danger that can be prevented by making an easy call. [url=]Timberland Boots Uk[/url]
Spend effort on building a professional hunting emblem. Your logo will be your manufacturer and will also be the method that you are acknowledged to the general public from the moment you submit it. A disorganized or improperly made logo can in fact harm your company. During times of issue, keeping the emblem simple and easy nice and clean is advisable. After deciding on a real estate agent to offer your house, create in early stages who is mainly responsible for the advertising and marketing expenses. The cost of generating lustrous literature outlining your premises might be great, and promoting your property could be costly. So ensure that you are aware of whether you will need to pay money for these expenses. [url=]Barbour Oslo[/url]

individualized a bankruptcy proceeding and also exactly why it will be ideal for a person

Whenever you release your marketing with articles strategy, start off gradually. Lavish extra consideration on your very first content and select the web directories you give these to carefully. Building a mindful start off will instruct you on the ropes, promote anyone to build excellent practices and determine your status like a reliable, great-good quality article writer. [url=]Ugg Boots[/url]
You might have observed Mr. LaLanne on the later-nighttime infomercial and asked yourself if he was actually interested in juicing or maybe he was only selling an item. Effectively, juicing is definitely a real factor, which suggestions have just shed some light on the best way to obtain a number of Jack's interest to steer a healthier lifestyle.Expert Consultancy For Obtaining The Best From Blogging [url=]Parajumpers Nederland[/url]
If you are in the beginning stages with angling, don't overload your deal with container. You will find an incredible number of different kinds of lure and items in the sportfishing offer store. Although each of them serve a purpose, you don't necessarily need to have each and every part. Begin with a number of different kinds of bait as well as some different size hooks and weights. You could increase the afterwards upon having great tuned your list of required merchandise. [url=]Uggs Votter[/url]
Through the summertime, purchase a clock that will reduce the amount of drinking water your sprinklers give off. Employing unwanted drinking water on your own yard can bring about an increase in your drinking water expenses and create pipes concerns down the line. Also, this will aid to speed up a guidebook method, saving you commitment. [url=]Parajumpers Jakke[/url]
Brain down to your neighborhood small enterprise administration place of work to view what type of solutions they could provide you. You just might be entitled to low curiosity personal loans or allow options. They can also help offer you advice on your small business programs and might give classes to provide you ready for your new venture. Connect to individuals daily. Even when they are not immediately related to your unique network marketing company, receiving in contact with other home based business owners or online marketers can give you marketing suggestions and techniques that you may stop being making use of. Others in your sector can be a supply of assistance and information as well to help you develop your business even larger. [url=]Woolrich Parka[/url];u=13592


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