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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 18
chancy426 wrote in dandeliontrail
The heaven and earth that had been in brightness, in a short time becomes overcasted by dark clouds, an endless dusk. Negative energy is flowing everywhere in the sky. At the highest of the main hall, Mu Lin Li paces back and forth, his face in anxiety. Mu Zi Xin stands silently at the side, slightly furrowing his brows. On each person's face, there is some degree of distress. Only Yin Luo who sits at the head seat is silently sipping her tea.

A disciple hurriedly rushed in, on him there is some blood stain, and kneels down on one knee, "Head Master!'


"Reporting to Head Master, the Mo Realm has already sealed all of the exit channels. The sky is also covered by a large army."

Mu Lin Li's expression slightly turns into bewilderment, jaw clenched, and relentlessly lands a palm on the table. The table immediately splits into pieces, "Detestable! this Mo Wang is too arrogant. First, it's the Jade Pool, and now they brazenly go against my Bai Mu!"

"Is the one leading, Mo Jun?" Mu Zi Xin takes a step forward and says.

"It is not!" The disciple answers, "Mo Jun is not present. The ones leading are the Mo Realm's Four Guards. There is also a person by the name Su Xian, who self proclaims himself to be the Mo Realm's Fifth Guard."

"Fifth Guard?" Mu Lin Li turned his head around, slightly surprised, "The Mo Realm has always only had Four Guards, since when had they come out with a Fifth Guard?"

"Su Xian, this person is indeed never been heard of before." Mu Zi Xin also shook his head, and continued to ask, "This time, how many of the Mo Realm has come?"

"About four thousand yao and mo!"

"Four thousand!" Mu Lin Li takes one step closer in shock, "Four thousand yao mo, how could they manage to appear overnight at Bai Mu, and moreover not be discovered by anyone?"

"Your disciple does not know."

"Zi Xin, this....." Mu Lin Li for the moment did not know what to do. The Mo realm apparently was here prepared. All his Bai Mu disciples added together is not even a thousand. With addition of all the different friends from the various sects who came to get rid of the negative energy on themselves, altogether is not even two thousand. Zi Xin, although a High Xian, but just then helping everyone to rid the negative energy, has still not fully recultivated his energy yet. This battle, afraid there is no chance of winning.

Mu Zi Xin's thick brows were still tightly furrowed, but still unable to come up with a reason. With his cultivation, not to say four thousand Yao Mo, even if it was a slight trace of Yao energy, him being within a hundred mile radius could sense it. Yet the Mo Realm was able to, without anybody knowing, encircle Bai Mu and not alarm even one person. Unless....

His facial color slightly changed, turned around to take a glance at Yin Luo who was at the side, "Gu Niang, right now the Mo Realm is attacking my Bai Mu. Your God race is naturally having no relation with this. Only have to temporary trouble you to stay here, I hope you understand!"

Yin Luo stilled, her lips moved, but in the end restrained, and slowly start to nod, "That's alright!"

"Someone come, take Second Master to the guest room to rest!" He instructed, Yin Luo naturally had gladly accepted. The affairs between the two realms of Xian and Mo, has nothing to do with her, and it is not suitable for her to put a hand in. It's only, she had not expected Mu Zi Xin would actually allow her to not intervene.

"Zi Xin!" Seeing Yin Luo having gone far, Mu Lin Li frowned said, "Why didn't you have her notify Her Honor to come. If so, then our Bai Mu's crisis could become solved, wouldn't it?"

"Shi Xiong!" Mu Zi Xin tightened his brows, his expression becoming slightly heavy, "This is our Bai Mu's issue!"

"You...." Mu Lin Li was about to refute, but seeing his brows tightly furrowed, his expression of determination, and knows that any more said is no use, he heaved a sigh and said, "Just do as you think... but those four thousand yao mo outside, what to do? They just appear like this, soundless and traceless, and don't even know what kind of spell they used!"

Mu Zi Xin lifted his head to look towards the sky at the surge of heavy Yao energy. His eyes narrowed, and slowly started to speak, "Shi Xiong, have you heard before, the prehistoric God Race had a series of practices where the practicer will use his soul as the medium, the more he practices, his soul would gradually scatter until it disappears. Amongst them is one practice called: Sneering Voyage, which could in an instant teleport to anywhere."

"Sneering Voyage?" Mu Lin Li gave it a thought, and is followed with great shock, "You are saying that them Mo Realm's striking force, is the God Race....?"

"That could never be!" Mu Zi Xin cut him off, "This set of practices although coming from the God Race, but because it is too potent, so is labeled as forbidden practices, and all on the Divine Mountain are not allowed to practice it. Even if learned this practice, in one life can only utilize it very few times. Moreover, many of the practices in the world come from the God Race."

"You are saying that in the group of Mo outside, there is someone who has learned this practice?"

Mu Zi Xin nodded.

Headmaster Mu's expression becomes more sunken, "Then the plan now, is that we can only wait for the other sects to come aid us, only now Bai Mu's channel arrays are all sealed, even if all the sects rush over will still need half a day. If the Mo Realm decides at this moment to lauch their attack...."

Mu Zi Xin frowned, once again glancing outside at the still gloomy sky, his expression in that moment becomes more imposing, "What I am worried about is not the Mo Realm's attack. Although the Mo Realm has already surrounded Bai Mu, yet they are delaying any actions, only sealing us. Only afraid that they are not simply just want to attack our Bai Mu!"

"Then, from what you see..."

"Can only wait and see!"

"Ya Tou, you really want to stay here?" Yue Ran asked, pulling at Yin Luo who was walking in front.

"Other than this, what else can we do?" Yin Luo habitally smiled, "We can't get out, isn't it?"

"But, I still don't want to stay here!" Yue Ran brows were dead tight, his entire face shows his disagreement. "We are of the Divine Mountain, these affairs between the two realms of Xian and Mo have no relations with us. Even if we go out, there won't be anyone who dares hold us back!"

"But we still can't be sure that they won't hold us back!"

"Ya Tou!" Yue Ran anger suddenly flares, turns around and glares at her, then like suddenly thought up something, eyes suddenly went big, "It can't be that you... towards that whatever High Xian, still carry some kind of expectance, right?"

Yin Luo's expression briefly went stagnant, then follows with laughter, "How could that be? If I can take it up, can also put it down. That...has already passed. He is Bai Mu's High Xian, and I am the God Race's abandoned... Yin Luo. This I am very clear about."

Yue Ran compressed his lips, still there is some disbelief. After staring at her for a while, he finally reluctantly took back his stare.

Yin Luo slowly turned her head around, readily plucking down a leaf. Putting it in the palm of her hand and holding it between her fingers, she finally said gloomily, "Yue Ran, actually.... I'm very afraid of dying! Although I don't know why... I just... just want to live."

"You can't die!" Yue Ran crossed a look at her, "You're a God!"

She became blank for a moment, laughed, "That's right, I am with a God's body. But..." She again plucked down another leaf, "There's no certainty in anything. If Gods really don't die, then my mother Chi Ji, and the God race of the world which was orginally so populous, how did they perish? So... it's not that Gods don't die, it's just they are more resilient, that's all!"

Yue Ran twitched his lips, not expressing his thoughts.

"Before, I thought that time to me has no meaning. So one day passed, is just one day passed. After the Jade Pool incident.... I finally understand, that time to me, is actually very limited! So instead of living aimlessly, why not take advantage of this limited time, do things that I am willing to do."

"What is it that you actually want to say?" Yue Ran frowned, feeling that in her words there are words.

Yin Luo smiled until her eyes became lines, and asked in response, "Yue Ran, you have something you really want to remember? Or perhaps person!"

Yue Ran gave it a thought, and then profoundly in a sunken tone replied, "Before, there was. Right now, it already doesn't matter."

"Then, if there is something or someone you really want to remember, if you forget, what would you do?" She asked.

"What else can be done?" He frowned, "If forgot, then try to remember it. If can't remember, then can only give up!"

"Oh." She nodded her head, slightly dispirited.

"What is it you really want to ask?" He keeps feeling that she was somewhat strange, but unable to point out where strange.

Yin Luo gradually tilted her head down, hanging tight, her expression unclear. After awhile, she unexpectangly reached out her hand to grab his sleeve, and spoke with a heaviness, her voice sounded choked, "Yue Ran... I... seem to have forgotten something?"

"Forgotten...." Yue Ran was startled! His facial complexion instantly becomes a bit pale, abruptly pulls back his sleeve. In his eyes, lightning flashed or fire flickered, something seemed to have passed by.

But seeing Yin Luo lifted her head up, her face already gathered into a bundle, a look showing extreme distress. She chokingly said, "Tell me... Did I.... forget something?"

Yue Ran took a step back, his expression was a bit strange. He lifted the corner of his lip, "Why... ask so?"

"Since that time coming back injured from the Abyss, in my head, I would from time to time flash by some traces of scattered scenes. Those scenes seem familiar, however there's completely no memory of them." And afterwards, would not be able to recall the details inside those scenes, "Even if I try very hard to recall, it seems in my heart, it is separated by a layer of gauze, just cannot remember." Only, her heart there is a faint stinging pain. She really seems to have forgotten something, someone, someone who is very very important to her.

"Anything... can't recall anything at all?" Yue Ran tried probing.

Yin Luo tightened her brows and shook her head, "It's not everything. This thousand years of memories, I have. Just have some kind of feeling of forgetting something! Yue Ran, you and I had grown up together since little. Can you tell me?"

"You're thinking too much!" Yue Ran tugged at the corner of his lips, "Your memory has always been good. These thousand years, what incident was there that you don't remember? I don't even remember as good as you!"

"But... I, towards the things before I was ten..."

"Then, you were still just a kid. How can you remember things!" Yue Ran cut short her words.

She thought carefully. That did make sense. At the age of 10, what could she remember? Only, in her heart it still remains hollow. That is, throughout these thousand years, a feeling she has always had. Feeling that somewhere was not right, even for why she would memorize everything that has happened in these thousand years this clearly, she could not find a reason for.

Taking a deep breath, no longer to think about it, inwardly told herself to relax. "That's right, I've memorized all the things that has happened in these thousands of years, so why care about those ten years," raising her head to look towards the sky that was still filled with hazy Yao energy, "Right now, only hope that the affairs between the two realms of Xian and Mo can be resolved quickly. Both not having any damages would be good."

Yue Ran makes a sound in disagreement, scoffing, "The Xian Realm's affairs have no relations with us. Why must you worry about this!"

"Althought saying so, but right now we are in Bai Mu! Worrying is natural!"

Yue Ran turned his head, face still angry and full of resentment. She is actually becoming slightly curious, "Yue Ran, you dislike the people of the Xian realm?" Since they have arrived at Bai Mu, he seems to have not been happy. In the beginning, she had thought that he was worried for her. Right now looking at it, seems not to be so.

He turned around and takes a look at her, his expression cooled, "Those of the Xian realm have always considered their own life as extraordinary. In the name of benevolence and righteousness, saying whatever "The Living World As Priority." In reality, they are hypocrites, a selfish and self-serving group. In these years, those who have sought up to the Divine Mountain, had there been any less of these kind of people?"

Yin Luo smiled, but did not agree or disagree. Shaking her head, not wanting to continue discussing the topic, but then looked up at the sky again. When will it be that she can finally go back?

"What time is it now?" She causually asked.

"Close to mid-day!" Yue Ran lifted his head and looked.

"Oh!" Yin Luo lightly responded, just about to take a step over and enter the room. However, by not checking, was blocked by tree branches in the way, almost hurting her eyes.

"Hey! Can't you be more mindful!" Yue Ran scolded her for her carelessness, "This branch was only hidden in the shadow of the tree and you can't see it?" He reached his hand out to fend off the tree branches, turned his head around to see her staring at the long tree shadow under her feet, unblinkingly.


"Yue Ran.... you said right now it still hasn't reached mid-day?"

"Yes!" He raised his head to look in the direction of that dim sun light. From the mid day, there is still some distance. Suddenly seeming to have thought up something, expression stern, he abruptly bent his head down, wide eyes looking at the reflection below his feet.

The two made eye contact.

"Ya Tou... could it be that this is..."

His words had not finished, Yin Luo has already turned around and in quick steps ran towards the main assembly hall.

We still don't know what exactly Yin Luo has forgotten, but it seems that she did pick up something because she knows there is definitely something important that she's forgotten. What or who did she exactly forget? Who is Bai Zhu and who is the mysterious Black Robed man? and is Yue Ran hiding something from her? Will we find out in the next chapter? check back next week to find out.

This will be our last chapter for Summer Break. Going back to school next week, but we'll try to post up a chapter each week.


Those questions are the same exact ones I am thinking about, so no need to repeat them. I will comment, however, that I am very sure Yue Ran is definitely hiding something!!! Ugh!!! I really want to know!!!
School had already started for me this week, and being a college student, I know for sure how busy school keeps me. Lol. I will patiently wait for updates and translation. Better to know that you are still working on it rather than to know that it will be dropped!! Once again, thank you girls for another wonderful chapter!!!!!

so yinluo is chizi's daughter , chizi was the god who appeared in chap 1 and slain a whole family, and the family has the same family name as bai zhu, hehe i'm trying to connect the dot here

omg, how come I didn't connect the dots this way when I first read? I can't believe I never caught that.

This is my theory...I think something happened when Yin Luo still a child,in this story around ten years.I guess somehow she falls down into the abyss and this accident made an amnesia for her(because i'm sure there's part in chapter that Yin Luo a little bit scared when she pass the abyss).
Maybe Bai Zhu or black robe man,one of them help her or involved in that accident.
And for Yin Ruo or even her sister....they know exactly whay happened and perhaps i hope for a good reason they protect Yin Luo with their own way.
Fiuhhh...sorry for long comment.
I hope it's gonna be a lively discussion.
Thank You raini & chancy


no no! don't mind long comment, love em! Especially those theories. You must have experience hehe, they're pretty good guesses so maybe you'll be surprised *wink*

Yin Luo's secret history is very curious topic. It's true though, even if someone has amnesia, their body will still have reflex feelings that could be because of those experiences that's forgotten. lol i never even thought that way about her sister. too busy hating on her. The scene where Yin Luo have to beg her to look at their sister-relation and give her some medicine to save her life, I lost all respect for her. Bai Zhu and the black robe man make more sense. Bai Zhu and her actually have a long history since his memory of her went back to her childhood. But he couldn't find her anymore and she lost her memories, forgot everyone.

Guys...i love the comments and theories! it make me start to imagine my own wild theories. But...actually i'm rather surprise with the fact in this chapter and the chapter before.
Like...1. Chi Ji is Yin Luo&lord honor mom's (say what??? I'm really shock)
2. Did you guys notice this Bai Zhu boy a.k.a Mu Zi Xin want to do those paired cultivation with Yin Luo(sorry this is my wild guess,after reading chancy&raini translation)
3. I'm officialy addicted to this novel,so please no amnesia,noble idiocy thing and also lack of communication. Because they make my headache.

Thank you raini&chancy...don't worry about the translation. We,as a fan will wait patiently, cool and don't bothering yourself. Take care.

This chapter definitely made me reread Liu Hua again. The first time around, my Chinese was rather poor so I didn't really notice inconsistencies in characters. I will admit that the cutoffs often are annoying in the I really want to know way. Like when Yin Luo goes "It is..., She is..., Unless..." I really did forget all about the good Mu Zi Xin does. The book truly is addicting. I would say more, but I don't want to spoil it for other readers. By the way, does Yue Ran know the truth about Yan Xi?

Finally, someone who has read this book before. I would think Yue Ran doesn't know, but he grew up with her. Not sure when he came to divine mountain. Perhaps ire was after she lost her memories? Age 11? If u want to talk more about later chaps you can find me on

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Hello , my name is Yohan and I found this forum and its members really nice!


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Make sure you're getting sufficient nutritional D in your daily diet. If you're not, consider eating fish or consuming more milk products. When you can't do possibly of the, check into health supplements. Nutritional D has been shown to gradual the aging process and will help you stay looking and feeling youthful considerably longer. Additionally, it has other benefits as well! [url=]Moncler Jacka[/url]
Acquire assist you. In the event you invest a tiny bit of time executing work tasks on the trip, whether it is for organization or pleasure, then you can take the expenses of that particular trip on your own income taxes. Check with your taxes expert for information about what you could and can't do, but be sure to help save individuals receipts. [url=]Parajumpers Jassen[/url]
Don't postpone purchasing a life insurance insurance policy. The older you will be when you buy the insurance policy, the larger your rates is going to be, even for the similar quantity of coverage. Also, in case you are fresh and wholesome, you won't possess any trouble acquiring approved for coverage, which might be a problem as you mature. [url=]Parajumpers Oslo[/url]
Being a parent who home educational institutions your kids, you will still will need time yourself. You most likely love your youngsters and want the most effective to them, which is good. But, should you not take a moment out for yourself, you may go crazy. Go out with a bit of buddy over a Weekend and invest a night by helping cover their your spouse, for example. If children will probably be arriving alongside on a camping getaway, make sure to load up many goods to keep them occupied throughout straight down-instances and at night. Enjoying charge cards, board game titles, paper and crayons and scenario books can keep them from being bored stiff a long time after the campfire has been place out. [url=]Belstaff Sale Uk[/url]

recommendations on how to find respite from your current allergic reactions

So, if you utilize some tips to help keep your back in shape, you will have less strain lying on your back and later in life you will really feel less discomfort. Be sure to adhere to these number of tips to keep your back functioning shape and working solid for several years in the future.Guidelines To Help You Overcome Arthritis Signs or symptoms [url=]Peuterey Svizzera[/url]
Whip up some Angel Food Delight to get a fast scrumptious desert. All you need is 5 ingredients, a pack of flavored jello, a package of shelled peanuts, some canned fresh fruit cocktail, some cottage type cheese and a frosty bathtub of whipped cream. Mixture all the components jointly in a big mixing bowl and refrigerate just before helping. [url=]Peuterey Svizzera[/url]
Add more vit c in your diet plan which means your immune system is effectively prepared to fight allergies. Vit C is within several vegetables and lemon or lime many fruits, as well as in carrots and berries. Nutritional supplements can be purchased in many shops so that you can boost your immune reaction to allergens. [url=]Peuterey Svizzera[/url]
Make your head up great so that you will look comfortable as to what you dress in. A part of style is endorsing what you are putting on with certainty. As a result you can expect to display your style with satisfaction, and this will make folks desire to put on the type of clothes which you dress in. [url=]Ugg Italia[/url]
Check with your insurance broker for a listing of the special discounts they feature, and check each one to see if you qualify. Unless you make use of an representative, check with the website you utilize and locate it there. Spending some extra time in the search could save you a lot of cash. If you want to tremendously reduce your car insurance repayments, hold off until your pre-pre-existing passes and fees have disappeared through your history. Go and have new quotes from anew organization when your driving record is neat and the financial savings will soon add up to several hundred dollars rear in your pocket every year. [url=]Moncler Jacken[/url];u=6055

tips about how to remove back again troubles

In case you have a Facebook profile, you will discover plenty of provides offered by the retailers you go shopping at the most. Merchants have discovered that Facebook is the perfect opportunity to market place their companies, and regularly article promotions and coupons on his or her web pages. It will be easy to produce discount coupons starting from their webpage. [url=]Woolrich Svizzera[/url]
The worry lots of people have generally possessed concerning dental surgeons not any longer has very much foundation in what in fact goes on in dental treatment environments. If you make the effort to learn about modern treatment methods and methods, you may quickly discover how easy it really easy to acquire high quality, secure dental hygiene solutions. Implement the tips earlier mentioned, and begin the procedure nowadays.Individual Personal bankruptcy: Developing A Plan That Works For You [url=]Woolrich Outlet[/url]
Make sure you path your improvement at really normal intervals. For many physical fitness desired goals you can find programs for smartphones, which can help you. For other advancements, you could make your very own monitor by using a straightforward spreadsheet or graph. This can help you to see how far you've arrive and also allow you to take care of your energy. [url=]Peuterey Prezzi[/url]
Many people are much more interested in internet sites which have pictures on them, but you do not wish to be over the top together with the visuals. Having simple photographs a very good idea, however, you need to avoid using quite glitzy visuals or images that happen to be in extremely deafening colours. [url=]Woolrich Svizzera[/url]
And also hardwearing . online business developing, have a number of hazards, every now and then. Don't acquire imprudent, thoughtless dangers in the interests of doing the work, though. The thought is definitely that to get a organization to increase, it must do more than the same-old issue. Take nicely-regarded dangers that aren't gonna do large damage to your organization, and always have got a back-up strategy, and shortly you'll find ways for your organization to acquire bigger in the healthier way. When swapping any Pvc material type plumbing at home, make sure you purchase the right PVC to do the job. Pvc material comes in a number of different measurements and marks and also for different temperatures apps. When the h2o undergoing the plumbing is headed for the kitchen or bathroom, or perhaps is for washing laundry or horticulture usage, it ought to be labeled as "Potable." [url=]Moncler Jacken[/url]


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