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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 17
raini7o5 wrote in dandeliontrail
Long overdue chapter. We've been very occupied with some new novels, so took us some time to post up this chapter. In this chapter we get a little gist that there had been some possible past forgotten histories between Mu Zi Xin and Yin Luo.
She originally wanted to reject again, but seeing him already walking in front, let out a sigh, and caught up. She honestly does not want to ride on the same sword as him!

Shaking her head, just as she took a step, something fell down from her body, echoing a crisp sound. On the ground lays a white piece of jade. The red string originally on the jade had broken.

She was about to bend down and pick it up, but someone was faster than her by a step. He reached down and picked it up.

"A Moon Jade Pendant?" Mu Zi Xin held it in his hand and carefully examined, on his lips is a faint smile. In his eyes, something flashed by.

"Right!" Yin Luo replied with a smile.

"This jade is yours?"

She nodded.

"This jade... Gu Niang has always carried it on you?" He seemed to ask out of curiosity, his gaze is directly aimed at her though.

Yin Luo replied, "It can conceal the energy around my body, naturally I'd keep it on me." Most important is that it can conceal the God mark that is on the center of her forehead.

"Is that so?" He slowly raised the corner of his lips, appearing to be very glad, carefully looked at the jade in his palm. In a soft voice, he whispered "Yin Luo, you've told me before, all the things in these past thousand years, you remember clearly?"

She slightly blanked, not knowing why he suddenly asked this question, but still nodded according to truth. Her memory is indeed very good. No matter what incident, even if it's passed a thousand years it's still clear.

He lighly held the jade pendant in his hand, eyes narrowed slightly. His voice became even lower "If that's so, then would you still remember the origin of this jade pendant...?"

Yin Luo became blank for a moment, looked towards his palm "This item, as long as I can remember, has been with me! As for the origin..." She indeed doesn't have memory of.

Mu Zi Xin's expression sunked, but returned back to normal in a flash, brought up her hand, and put the jade pendent in her palm. His stare is fixed on her while she put the jade pendant away, and suddenly whispers lightly, "It's long as I remember!"

"Huh?" She didn't hear clearly, turned her head and looked over.

However he already retreated a step "This jade is very valuable, in the world there is only this one piece. Hope that Gu Niang will cherish it more!"

Faintly feeling that there is something amiss, it appears there is something missing from his smile, but she didn't want to think too deeply into it.

Mu Zi Xin promptly raises his hand, summoning out his accompanying sword, and reached out his hand "Let's go over there!"

Yin Luo stared at that completely pure white sword, resisting but unable to step away, seems like something is clogged in her heart. She forced out a smile onto her face "Thank you for the good intent, High Xian, but... Ah!"

She didn't even finish talking, a tightness suddenly on her wrist, was forcibly pulled onto the sword by him.

"Not a bother!" He smiled indiferently. The corner of Yin Luo's lips twitched. This isn't an issue of bother or not bother, right?

Without time to gasp even, they have already soared up into the air. Can only out of reflex grab onto the lapel of the person in front's robe, but raised her head and saw that heavenly face at close proximity. She sucked in a breath of cold air, instantly became stiff.

The him today, doesn't he seem overly enthusiastic? Or that, this is how he is normally is? Before, did her eyes miss something?

No matter how to put it, this proximity, still makes her feel slightly uncomfortable. Suddenly remembering, previously when entering the abyss, they had been standing this close. The her of that moment had greedily wished to stand closely like this for a lifetime. Not knowing that this kind of closeness, has never been a luxury she should wish for. The more sincerity she puts into it, the more heart-tuggiing the bite of betrayal will be. In the end, the one hurt will still be herself.

But now as she is standing like this, other than feeling slightly stuffy, there isn't the feeling of blossoms madly blooming within her heart.

In that moment the dreary feeling in her heart doubled. The heartbeats that were still slightly out of control just now, instantly quieted down again, quiet to the point herself cannot hear them anymore. Only the trace of a faint smile on the edge of her lips is left.

"Yin Luo, you... are resenting me, right?" Words with heaviness sounded from her side. Only then did she realize, the person besides her has been looking at her all along.

She tested takes a step away to create some distance, the corner of her lips habitually rising upwards "High Xian, why would you ask so?"

"..." The corner of his lips moved ever so slightly, didn't continue to speak on.

Yin Luo wanted to take back her hand that is being held, but realized that he is holding onto it exceptionally tight. Confusedly lifting her head, noticed that on his face that smile resembling the brush of a light breeze has already disappeared. What it's been changed into is a thoughtful look directed at herself.

Continued staring, until Yin Luo started to unconciously avoid that intense gaze. Only then did he let out a sigh, turned around to look at the endless sky around them.

"Don't worry, I don't have anything to ask of the Divine Mountain's Lord Honor! I'm not intending to gain anything through you."

"Yes!" She knows, he is already a High Xian.

"If asking what is most important to me, there's only my Bai Mu's ten thousand years of foundation. Also..." He suddenly appears to have thought of something, brows tightened slighly, changed the subject and said "Have I told you before that what my Bai Mu focuses on is Shuang Xiu (paired cultivation)?"

The corner of her lips twitched again, weakly nodded her head in reply "Yes!" Only this had nothing to do with her.

His brows gathered even tighter "This Shuang Xiu focuses on a connection through heart and spirit, so the cultivators of Shuang Xiu must be husband and wife, so as to not fall into the Muo path. It's a pity up to now, I have still not found the person to pursue Shuang Xiu with me!"

"That's really a pity!" She pulled on the corner of her lips. These things, it's not necessary to tell her right?

His eyes narrowed slightly, let out a long sigh, a trace of pain passed through "Not meaning to conceal, actually... since a thousand years ago, Zi Xin's heart already has someone!"

Yin Luo's hands shook, slowly held tight, head buried even lower.

"Because my Bai Mu focuses on Shuang Xiu, so Bai Mu's disciples, their entire lifetime can only have one wife. Starting from the time I first met her, I then chose only one person, her." He appears to have thought of something, the corner of his lips lightly rose.

Yin Luo still is with her head down, sinking ever lower! This should be a good thing? She is happy for him. At the bottom of her heart, a wave of ache. Reaching her hand out and giving herself a pinch on her thigh, produced sounds of laughter. "Congratulations... High Xian!"

"It's a pity... as of now I still have not found her!" His tone sunk, lowering his head, strange light glimmering in his eyes "From that time meeting afterwards, I've sought her for a thousand years!"

Yin Luo was also stunned "Why is that?"

He gave a laugh, the edge of his lips overflowing with bitterness "The time that I met her, I had promised would meet her again. If only I had known that parting would actually be a thousand years. I've searched everywhere within the six realms, but still cannot find any trace of her scent."

"That's... really a pity!" This person really has a lot to say today. Even if she does not want to listen, he doesn't stop. So she can only tell herself to stay relaxed, stay relaxed.

"That day, from when I entered under Bai Mu's door, hasn't reached a hundred years, exactly the stage of fledging into a Xian. In the face of great calamity, risking death, it's her that saved me in that distress." He chuckled, suddenly his eyes are full with starlight "I remember that time, she rode a fire phoenix! I was young then, she was even younger, perhaps not over ten years of age. Riding on the fire phoenix, obviously herself is almost about to fall down. But stubbornly wanted to pull me out."

Yin Luo quietly listened. Out of nowhere, her mind flashed by some fragmented images. Thinking deeper into it, she already cannot grasp them anymore.

"Ironically, that fire phoenix is unlacking in spirituality, obviously is a spiritual beast that can soar the entire world, yet because of her is carefully flapping it's wings. Her on the other hand..." He let out a soft laugh "She was holding on too tight, right then and there plucked off half of the feathers from the fire phoenix's neck." It looks like he was reminded of the situation at that time, issues a chuckle.

"That time I promised what I could achieve, if in the future she has any troubles, I would try my very best to help. I have gave her a keepsake gift, the reason being exactly that she could one day come find me, unfortuneatly... she never appeared again..." His gaze slightly sunk, again looking towards the jade pendant in her hand.

"Why not go look for her?" Becoming slightly uncomfortable under his staring, she casually asked.

"I've looked before!" He chuckled "I've searched everywhere in the entire six realms, still cannot find her figure. Afterwards..." He suddenly turned his head around and looked towards her.

"What afterwards?"

"Afterwards I thought back, her body has a special aura. Therefore I devoted myself to cultivation, in my heart thinking that through using Xian powers, carefully observing the world, attempt and see if it's perhaps possible through that unique aura, to find her!"

"Have you found it yet?"

He raised the corner of his lips, smile deepening, eyebrows and eyes becoming curves, appearing as if blooms of little red flowers would flutter out from his face. Eyes fixed on her face, softly whispered "Have found it!"

That smile of his, was a bit too dazzling. Yin Luo couldn't help it and raised her head again, "Re..really! Then congratulations, High Xian!" She pulled on the corner of her lips, turned her head to avoid those pressing eyes. "If there's a chance really want to see her, that lady that you have searched a thousand years for!"

His gaze narrowed into a thread, inside it there is something sparkling "You truly want to see her?"

"..." She just wanted to be polite, can't she?

"It's only a pity..." His eyes still don't leave her "What I've held in my heart throughout these thousand years, yet she completely doesn't..."

"Ya Tou!" Without waiting for him to finish speaking, from that direction suddenly traveled over an urgent call. Only seeing Yue Ran hurridly arrive on a sword, sending a hard stare towards the Mu Zi Xi besides her, turned to look to her "Are you alright? Why did it take so long to walk?"

"No...nothing!" Yin Luo chuckled and replied. Can't say she was forced by someone to go chatting, right?

"Why is the way back so slow? I see that the disciples of the various sects have already left, only missing trace of you!" He says in rage. Gaze aimed towards Mu Zi Xin, with anger bursting into the sky. Again seeing them standing on one sword together, brows knotted into a deadlock. With one hand he made a mark, helping her gather together a cloud. Without saying anything, with one tug already dragged Yin Luo down. "The matter is settled already, about time to go back!"

"Yue Ran!" She didn't get the chance to yelp, and already was dragged down. Mu Zi Xin's gaze became slightly stern.

Yue Ran flew the entire way back to Bai Mu's main peak. Mu Lin Li is still waiting over there, only his expression is strange, especially the expression when looking at Yue Ran. It had quite a degree of fury. Must have been Yue Ran, because of waiting for her, had irritated this head master.

"Zi Xin!" Immediately upon landing on the ground, he directly ignored the two people in front, rushing to the person in the back "Are you alright?"

"Shi Xiong don't worry, I'm fine?"

"How can you be fine?" Mu Lin Li frowned, clasping onto his pulse. "Dispersing the negative energy of so many people all at once, it must've consumed a lot of your core energy."

Upon him saying this, Yin Luo also turned around. Just then as he was smiling radiantly, she had not thought about this aspect. Taking an attentive look at his facial color, it was truly abnormal, his forehead covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

Opening her mouth wanting to say something, she changed her mind last minute "Head Master Mu, since the Liu Hua has been delivered, the negative energy expelled, Yin Luo should not be a bother, shall now report my leave!"

Mu Zi Xin's gaze sunk a bit, again using that pressing gaze to look at her. He was just about to open his mouth but was interrupted by a disciple urgently rushing in.

"Head Master, outside... outside..." The arrived person was in complete panic, one hand pointing outside, brows knitted and eyes darting around. For half a day, he was unable to force out a single complete phrase.

"Qing Yi!" Mu Ling Li sharply called out his name, his face becoming cold. "What matter is this alarming?"

That disciple paused a moment, only then remembering ettiquite, the panic on the face unchanged, folded his hands together and replied "Reporting to the Head Master, beyond the mountain... beyond the mountain suddenly emerged, emerged large numbers of people belonging to the Mo realm. Already has Bai Mu heavily surrounded!"


Once these words came out, it shook every person present.

In previous chapters, we already know that Yin Luo can not remember anything from when she was born up to age 10, this chapter reveals that Mu Zi Xin was someone that she has forgotten during that period of time. As for why she does not remember, you'll have to wait to find out. hehe

Those who have read ahead or finished, feel free to discuss with us at Feel free to go there and talk with other scholars about all your favorite chinese novels.


I yelped in surprise as I saw this new chapter! Lol
Anyway, I really wish YueRan hadn't interrupted BaiMu. I really wanted to hear what he was going to say and to hear about her past with him and how she came to lose her memory.
<3n' MuziXin so much!!!!!
Thanks so much for translating!!!!

10 years forgotten...

So excited to read this new chapter. I can't wait for more. Yin Luo sounds clueless. I am beginning to see the obstacles that are preventing Yin Luo adn Mu Zi Xin.

Continue the great work.

yesss new chapter , love you a lot

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It is crucial for females who definitely are obtaining many forms of cancer remedy not to become pregnant. Chemotherapy and rays may cause severe arrival outcomes in fetuses. When you are currently expectant and find out that you have malignancy, your personal doctor just might find alternate therapies that are safe for your unborn child.,25,53,56,29,48,14,3,26,19,52,43,41,36,10&comments_order=DESC#comments,691,703,655,725,299,661,330,681,641,657,486,583,336,426&comments_order=DESC#comments,178366,140,98,211,159,79,183,174,187,202,175,173,149,213,225&comments_order=DESC#comments

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Retaining a good view will help you handle the signs or symptoms. If you think that it will never ever improve and will only become worse, this may turn into a self-satisfying prophecy. As an alternative, concentrate on getting therapies that helps control the symptoms and keep you content. Try every single technique until finally you get a blend that offers you relief.,163358,641,1077,272,245,689,816,448,519,1035,7,134,571,921,172&comments_order=DESC#comments,579812,6533,5623,5679,708,4229,358,2018,2436,3459,364,1738,2446,6509,1338&comments_order=DESC#comments


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