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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 16
raini7o5 wrote in dandeliontrail
"Has Gu Niang's injuries recovered somewhat?" Mu Zi Xin lightly asked, lips raised slightly. That aura, untaintable by dust, starts to permeate again.

"Thank you, thank you!" Yin Luo very earnestly, very effortedly keeping her head bowed. This person although is a Xian, but when he smiles it's ten out of ten a harm. "It's already completely recovered!"

But he stopped abrubtly.

"Give me your hand, I'll help you to take a look!" Seeing she was a bit surprised, the curve of his lips became greater, "I've taken notice that your energy is not as it was that day, your breathing is slightly unstable, so I wanted to check!"

Breathing being unstable, that is clearly from being frightened by you. Her preserved honey! In the future, where will she go to find Mo Yi, to give her another bag?

Thinking this, heartachingly glancing at the preserved honeys that is still in his arms. She switched the Liu Hua over to her left hand, leaned her body over, hesitatingly reached out her right hand. The preserved honey he has already confiscated, this time he wouldn't want to take her hand too, would he?

"The left hand isn't convenient?"

"The wrist has been cut before!" She meant when leaving the Jade Pool, that time when she cut her wrist. "So I don't want it to be grabbed!"

He was unconvinced, lightly pressed on her pulse, his lips replied "Have you applied medicine? For a lady, if leaving any scars, it's not a good thing afterall!"

Yin Luo's smile is brilliant. "Even if I wanted to leave one, might not be able to keep one! I'm with a God's body, no matter what wound, naturally it'll close by itself, no need to apply remedy!"

His lips moved, paused and continued "That's good then, but you should be even more careful!"

"Take a hit, learn to dodge. Thank you High Xian for the concern!" She will be very careful, won't get hurt again. No matter where.

"Worrying about you is natural, you... my Bai Mu is indebted to!" His brows tightened.

"That is only a light favor, besides, you have also saved my friend!"

She admits to herself that she has a lot of patience, but the pulse that this Bai Mu's High Xian is taking seems to be too long.

He finally loosened his hand, "Gu Niang doesn't have any major problem, just the breathing is a little unstable. Just rest more, condition the breathing. Can surely make a recovery. In the early evening go outside and meditate breathing, take in the air that's full of vital energies! The body will recover even faster!"

"Thank you High Xian for the tip!"

"As for the negative energy, can rest assured. You have not contracted it!"

Her expression stilled. Clearly Yue Ran had said that day that the negative energy had entered her body, even already damaged her core. But right now he is saying that there is no negative energy inside of her body? It truly makes one exhuast the explanations. Could it be that, that kind of thing can just be scattered merely with a few careless blows (like dandelion seed?) actually? But with this, Mu Zi Xin has no need to lie to her about.

Anyhow, the track is quite a distance. It's already been half a day of walking, still not there yet? Scanning the surroundings, couldn't help the corner of her mouth twitch.

"High Xian, can I ask something?"

"Please ask!"

She shakingly reached out her hand, "If I didn't see wrong, that tree over there, on the way from Xi Yi Temple doorway, hadn't we seen it before?"

He looked along the direction of Yin Luo's hand, still with that light as wind and cloud appearance "It's exactly that one!"

The corner of her lips twitched even more "High Xian's meaning is saying, that is where I came from?"


"Then the disciples that have contracted with the negative energy is where?"

He tilted his head upwards "They're up there!"

Yin Luo looked upwards, can only see directly in the above direction, actually there is also another floating mountain. Compared to when at Xi Yi Temple, it is much smaller. Everywhere is white fog, gathered into round shapes, that's the affect of being harnessed by magic.

That is also saying, if wanting to go up there, there wouldn't even be the need for walking, must board a cloud or ride a sword "Then the big segment of track that we just walked is..."

"Yes!" He nodded his head "We just made a circle!"

She wants to cough blood! Just made a circle! Just only! Cannot believe it, a person like this that resembles Liu Hua, in the end so lightheartedly speaks out this startling truth.

She was saying why is this Xi Yi Temple so big, so it turns out to be big in this way.

"Can I... I ask, why High Xian taking me around in circles?" Calmness, she needs calmness. Show kindness to others, show kindness to others.

He drew his brows together, appears to be thinking deeply on this question, turned his head around looking up at the sun in the sky, opened his mouth and replied "It's noon!"

"Huh?" What does this have to do with going around in circles?

"Sun energy is most prevalent at this hour!" He suddenly put away his smile, replied with a face of seriousness "Please follow me into there to save the people!"

"Eh? Sure!" Yin Luo answered with a lag, her mind still a wadd of paste.

Mu Zi Xin had already raised his hand, summoning out that pure white sword of his. Standing on the sword with his hand outstretched, the meaning of that is very clear. He is inviting her to ride together on one sword.

Deliberately ignoring his hand, taking a step to the side, she directly stepped onto the body of the sword.

Mu Zi Xin smiled indifferently, instead with a change of hand, secured a hold on her waist.

"Be careful!" A soft tone came from besides her ear.

Yin Luo instantly tensed up! Tried very hard to tell herself, he knows that she does not know how to ride a sword, it's out of kindness,only kindness. Desperately holding back to not ask, why does he not, like last time escorting her into Jade Pool, simply have her board a patch of cloud.

Although confident that she is standing very straight already, but still she can smell an illusion-like fragrance drift over from behind her body, that is... the fragrance of peach blossom!

She immediately brought the bundle of Liu Hua in her hands up under her nose, sniffing them madly, as if her life depends on it, putting all her effort into sniffing. Putting too much heart into sniffing it, she completely lost awareness of the situation besides her. Even more, didn't dwell on why this time, he is flying this slow.

"Gu Niang, do you know what the cultivation practice of our Bai Mu is?" He suddenly asked.

"I do not know." Yin Luo is still caught amidst the flowers.

"Commonly, those training and cultivating to approach enlightment, are all focused on Dan Xiu (solo cultivation). If of good standards, after a thousand year's time, can reach soaring state."

"Uh Huh!"

"But one person training always has it's deficiencies, so our Bai Mu's stand is Shuang Xiu (paired cultivation)!"

"Uh Huh!"

"The Shuang Xiu of Husband and Wife!"

Huah! Yin Luo's foot slipped, almost falling over, this time she's finally able to make sense of why he was holding onto her waist, so it was all to make preparation for this scare. In that moment, she doesn't know what to say, can only sniff the flowers with all her strength!

Yet he was still overflowing with that spring breeze of a smile, directly looking at her. The look in his eyes, what it implies is not clear. However, it was exceptionally gentle.

"Gu Niang, still does not know how to ride a sword?"

"Yes!" Her qualifications are mediocre (she is talentless), the skills of riding a sword is not familar to her.

His smile deepens, the waves in his eyes, one ripple after another, as if about to rush out. "I'll teach you!"

Cough. Cough. Cough. She choked on the flowers, on reflex took a step back, almost falling off, but was pulled back by him. This sword just then looked quite long, but right now she is complaining that it's a little small. "No need to bother High Xian, although our God Realm does not have many people, but learning something like riding a sword, still should be able to find someone."

His brows furrowed, but did not express his thoughts, yet his sight still has not left her. Don't know if it's because she was to concentrated on sniffing, or it's because his stare was too focused. Neither spoke again.

A long while after!

"Arrived!" Mu Zi Xin's one word, immediately made her let out a sigh of relief. She quickly stepped off from the sword, retreating a couple steps. Sure enough, two step's distance is a safe distance. She won't make useless study of his words just now, whether it's guilt or ulterior motive, neither she can afford to accept. Sometimes, being a bit foolish, a bit dumb is also a tactic of survival. She is well aware of this truth.

Upon entering into the large hall, inside pervades with a thick darkness, closely resembling that kind of death-like darkness inside the abyss. She suddenly understood why he would not allow anyone to get close to here. Here, it is exactly like a miniature abyss already.

Under closer scrutiny, the entire hall is filled with people, clothing colors vary, many are familiar faces. Within these, furthermore, is not lightly injured individuals. The entire interior is hazy with the scent of blood. However, all are quietly seated on the floor, nobody turned to spare a single glance at them. Assumed, they are all trying their very hardest to resist that negative energy.

Nausea faintly washes into Yin Luo's heart. The blood-soaked ground besides the Liu Hua pond of the night before flashes in front of her eyes again. Trying to ignore those blood stains and not look at them, but still couldn't stop her two hands from trembling slightly.

With Liu Hua, ridding the negative energy will be much easier. What Yin Luo must do is not much, only quietly holding onto the Liu Hua and standing in the center will do. Mu Zi Xin casts a spell, expelling all the negative energy from their bodies.

Yin Luo finally comprehends, how profound the supposed Bai Mu's High Xian's cultivation actually is. Within this room, there is at least over a hundred people. He is actually able to expel the negative energies from the all of them all at once, purifying it with Liu Hua afterwards.

Yin Luo unwaveringly stared at the Liu Hua in her hands, until they have one by one, because of the negative energy, withered and dissapated. Without half an hour's work, all the blackness inside the hall has disappeared. Reverted back to clarity!

Indeed, not wonder it's one of the four High Xians of the Xian realm. This level of cultivation, on the Divine Mountain truly, besides her Honor, afraid no one can be above him. She can't help but feel slightly foolish.

The people in the room gradually wake up, one after another giving their graditude to Mu Zi Xin. He also politely gestures back. Yin Luo who stood on one side, ironically feels slightly unneeded.

"Who would this Xian friend be?" Finally somebody's attention turns to her side.

"Yin Luo!" She is still like usual, pulled up the corner of her lips, slowly giving out her own name.

The person opposite her is also like usual, startled for a moment, the skin on the face twitching. Even that strange but with a bit of surprise gaze, it's also like the usual.

Yin Luo is still smiling, hand again uncontrollibly reaching towards her side, but remembers her bag has already been taken away by someone, so she turns to look towards that someone.

"This time Second Master had specially come to deliver the Liu Hua. It's really thanks to her, or else Zi Xin truly would not be able to rid everyone of this negative energy!" Mu Zi Xin conveniently takes over the talking, dissolving this scene of awkwardness.

"So... so that's how it is!" That person's facial expression is slightly twisted, finally replying after a couple of dry laughs "Thank you, Second... Master!" The two words were abnormally difficult to force out.

Yin Luo replied with a faint smile. She suddenly felt that compared to just now, being a bit over is better.

"I ask that all the Xian friends, please go to the front hall. Members of various your various sects have been waiting for some time there already!" Mu Zi Xin faintly spoke. At this, everyone finally exited one by one. Some on swords, some on clouds, flew towards Bai Mu's main hall.

All of a sudden, again it's just the two of them left. Mu Zi Xin made a mark with his hand, lifting the barrier from the floating mountain. For a brief moment, flowing light radiated, light rays flourished. Definitely deserving to be called a Xian mountain, a blessed location.

Yin Luo turns around and exits the room, "This matter is settled, I should also excuse myself."

"Please wait!" unexpectedly, Mu Zi Xin held her back.

"Don't know what other matter High Xian has?" She moved away a step, politely asked.

Mu Zi Xin glanced ahead, "In order to leave here, must travel by sword. I'll escort you!"

She thought back to the situation just now when arriving, her emotions delayed, slowly pulling on a smile. "No need, thank you High Xian for the good intent. Yue Ran must be waiting on the opposite side, if I can bother with a request..." She had originally wanted to have him notify Yue Ran to come pick her up, but he suddenly interupted.

"Not a bother!" He walked in front of her, softly replied "I'll escort you!"


Once again, I'm squealing at this cuteness and awesome interaction between the two!!!! He's such a tease and I'm loving EVERY moment of it, especially the nervous reactions of hers!!!! Lol. Feeling shallow at the moment but I'm so loving Mu Zi Xin so much right now. I hope and pray he's sincere towards her. I'm totally going to cry if this is a scheme of his only.
This chapter was so cute yet feels so short... you know that feeling when you're enjoying something so much that by the time it ends, you're like, 'what? Already?'. Lol. Thanks so much for translating and sharing!! Love you girls!!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!

I savor these moments too! I'll just say that he is very sincere, especially with his intent of wanting to shuang xiu with her.

This chapter is just cute. Yin Luo would sooner or later have to stop eating her sweets because of Mu Zi Xin. Mu Zi Xin is so totally trying to get close to her. Hopefully, Yin Luo will be strong enough physically and mentally when the time comes for to make some decisions.

Thank you for the translation.

I just hope Mu Zi Yin trully sincere with Yin Luo,no ulterior motive like revenge or something,i'll kill him if he do that (but since he's a high xian and i'm just mere human how can it possible).
Thank you for translating.

everybody falling into the Bai Zhu boat~

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