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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 21
raini7o5 wrote in dandeliontrail
At night, outside the window it is endlessly sounding with annoying insect sounds. Yin Luo closed her eyes, obviously without any sleepiness, but still tried very hard to keep a steady breathing. Someone opened the door, entered, placed something down on the table, and stood by the bed. After a long time before quietly left.

Until besides her ear, is again left with the sound of the insects singing, she then sat up. It seems that pretending to be asleep is also a effortful task! Her heart felt stuffy, stared at the cup of tea on the table, raising the corner of her lips and smiled bitterly, shifting to take a glance at the empty bed counter, the bitter smile stiffened on her face.

The door wasn't closed, large amounts of cold wind poured in. She hugged her shoulders, produced a shiver. Tonight is truly cold! Not closing the door in the process is not a good habit. Sighing once, she got up to close the door.

Once at the door, suddenly felt a wave of churning pain in the stomach again. She stooped her body down, clenching her teeth tightly. Images flashed through her mind again, something wanting to break from their shackles. It dragged on for a long while before easing.

Deeply inhaling a breath of air, temporarily changed her mind. The corner of her lips habitually pulling upwards, she stepped over the door frame and slowly walked to the front courtyard. Lifting up her head to look up at the especially bright full moon in the sky, she let out a sigh.

"It's Full Moon! It’s a little stinging on the eyes!"

"Then how about not looking?" A gentle tone, carrying threads of amusement, carried over, like a breeze brushing past.

Yin Luo turned her head around, looking towards the figure under the tree on the other side, slightly surprised. Changing into a smile, "High Xian is in a refined mood, this late and still coming out to admire the moon."

"Aren't you also?" He slowly walked over, stepping out from the tree shadow. The snow white robe on him all of a sudden became bathed in the silver glow of the moon, as if a layer of light has been added, beautiful as if from an imaginary world.

Yin Luo's heart staggered, dazed by the sight, even forgetting to reply.

He lifted his lips in a smile. At that frozen moment it was like a hundred flowers released at once, a thousand trees blooming, elegance to the limit "What? Is Gu Niang is in a daze from staring at me?"

"Ah?" Yin Luo was startled, focus instantly coming back. This person obviously is a man, but looks surpassing a woman even, stealing all the light,

"Let me take a look!" He replied with a smile.

Take a look? The corner of Yin Luo's lips twitched. What is there to see? She tried very hard to keep her line of sight at his neck and down, not looking at that face that unwarningly sends out flower petals.

"Has your health gotten any better?" His face became plagued by a few degrees of worry, continued to say.

"Troubling High Xian to worry." She replied politely "I've already recovered!"

He again used that staring gaze to look at her, only until she was slightly awkward and averted her line of sight, did he take it back. Eyes moving to her neck, he slowly asked out loud: "Gu Niang didn't wear the Jade Moon Pendant?"

"Eh?" She touched her neckline, only then realizing "When I was sleeping earlier, put it on the bedside, I forgot to take it!"

He nodded, again smiling like those peach blossoms entirely filling up the tree. Yin Luo forced herself to blink, with much effort, not letting a single bit of spring color enter her eye. Inside also feeling a bit angry, today the moon is really too bright, to bright.

"The incident this morning, still have to thank Gu Niang for reminding in order to see through the Mo Realm's deception!"

"A small deed!" Yin Luo replied: "I only discovered it unintentionally too?"

"Oh?" He suddenly became interested, "How did Gu Niang realize it was an illusion?"

"The sun!" She pointed at the sky "At that time the sun was still in the east, the tree shadow on the ground should not be tilted towards the east. It must be a false image created by an illusion spell. Also you said before, the sun's energy is most abundant at noon, so take advantage of that timing to rid the negative energies. Negative energy already driven out, it must already be past noon, the sun should be leaning to the west if correct." Bai Mu is located at the very east, the reason why inside the illusion the sun was displayed so, it must be because those Yao and Mo that are surrounding the other sects have been shown here.

"So that's how it is!" Mu Zi Xin nodded his head "Seems that Gu Niang is very attentive in remembering the words Zi Xin says!"

Yin Luo's footing stumbled, nearly falling down. Her point was not on that! Reaching a hand up to wipe away the sweat drop on her forehead, the corner of her lips continued to twitch, she casually asked "Don't know how the other sect's condition is?"

His expression sunk slightly "Chian Fan has not returned yet, although his cultivation cannot be considered high, but in sword travel is still fast."

"Oh!" Yin Luo nodded her head. Although fast, but still needs time, just afraid the various sects must have already suffered some damage!

He moved forward a step, grabbed her hand, held her pulse and said "Does Gu Niang know who added the poison?"

Yin Luo was slightly stunned, looking at the outstretched hand. Still worried? "Yin Luo was being careless, thinking that all of the Mo Realm's people have already been completely subdued by Bai Mu, can let down her guard. Who would've thought there were fish that escaped the net, taking a big loss!" She intentionally or unintentionally implied, that the person who initiated the poisoning was someone from the Mo Realm.

He smiled faintly, going with her intention: "The Mo Realm of today truly makes it hard for people to anticipate, not only is there someone who is proficient in forbidden arts, but the poison chosen to be used, can even harm a God! Gu Niang must be cautious in the future!"

Yin Luo hung her head low, counting the stones underneath her feet. His implication, how can she not understand? Is he meaning... the person who added the poison is right besides her?

In this world the poisons that can harm her is scarcer than scarce. As of present there is only one kind that she knows of. That being, the night of Fu Shu's death, the scorching water of the Liu Hua pool. And, the pain coming from her stomach that resembles burning fire, truly is almost exactly the same as that day's when her hand had been splashed.

Another wave of churning pain came from her stomach, she clenched her teeth, refrained her body from bending down. preserving that perfect and pale smiling expression.

His hand was still on her wrist, Yin Luo frowned, implied to take it back "Grateful to High Xian for the concern, Yin Luo will be careful."

He looked at his hand which was already empty, after a while finally withdrew it, "Gu Niang doesn't need to be this polite. This is something that Zi Xin should do, know kindness and not forget to repay, that's a standard for humanity. In the past, I too was saved before..."

"..." She doesn't need to hear it again right?

"These few years, I was looking for her all along, waiting all along for her to come look for me. Just, she had never appeared since, until meeting again. I was unintentional, but gave her the deepest injury!"

She lifted her face, smiling radiantly "This world will always have all sorts of helplessness, High Xian does not need to care too much! Some things that have passed, thought it through, then everything will no longer be important anymore."

He heard the words, took a deep look at her, gaze becoming deeper and deeper, almost as if wanting to swallow the person into it "Gu Niang do you know, there is also some things that will never pass?"

"Re.. Really?" She gave a tinkling laugh. This person remembers deeply, life must be very hard. She's just not willing to endure hardship!

"The coincidence of events today, tonight will definitely..." He fixed onto her face, words coming out halfway, then changing "Today, Su Xian that had Bai Mu surrounded, does Gu Niang still remember?"

Su Xian! Her heart, upon emergence of that pair of eyes that were full of resentment, became heavy. "I remember!"

"This person's origin is uncertain! I've tried many times to calculate, but from beginning to end is still unable to calculate where he is from!" His brows pulled together tightly "Furthermore, he seems to have a dissatisfaction towards both the Xian Realm and the God Race. Just afraid the Mo Realm indeed is not simply here to go against the Xian Realm."

Yin Luo nodded her head. Calling it dissatisfaction is considered light, what was flowing out from that person's eyes was obviously hatred "Grateful for High Xian's reminder!"

"If Gu Niang meets trouble in the future, Zi Xin will definitely hold no effort back. But... forgive Zi Xin for being offensive, Gu Niang's cultivation has space to improve. If you don't mind, Zi Xin will help unreservedly!"

Yin Luo was started for a moment, these words of his is really enough to be called offensive. She laughed, intentionally twisting the meaning in his words and replied "No need to trouble High Xian, my Divine Mountain naturally have it's own cultivation methods. Furthermore I've heard, when High Xian took Chian Fan as disciple, had vowed on 'one lifetime, one disciple'. How can Yin Luo make High Xian break his own oath!"

Mu Zi Xin's lips moved, wanting to refute, but in the end still didn't open his mouth.

Yin Luo intentionally rubbed her eyes, revealing some degree of sleepiness "Night is deep, dew is heavy. Yin Luo has injury on the body, will not bother High Xian from appreciating the moon!" She turned around and walked off in the way she had come. Unexpectedly in her heart, sighed. Why does Bai Mu have to encourage duo cultivation between husband and wife? Aish!

"Gu Niang, do you still remember a thousand years before, the incident of Qing Yun's fall?" Not yet taken a step, Mu Zi Xin's voice traveled over.

Yin Luo's heart trembled faintly , pulled on the corner of her lips and turned around "I'm sorry, at that time I was exactly in my youth, don't remember clearly!"

"Oh!" He nodded in understanding, raising his head again to look at the moon in the sky, in his eyes flashed by something "Tonight, looks like it's not a good day. Gu Niang is injured, still be sure to meditate in quietude to recuperate!"

The heart became tight again, "Thank you!" A polite bow "Goodbye!" She finally turned around and left. Keeping her head down, one step at a time, walking with much concentration, ignoring behind her that gaze that has been following her all along.

Only until her figure has disappeared in the darkness, he finally turned around, brows tightly knit, appearing as troubled by something. Walking out of the courtyard and met with the person who had just arrived..

"Chian Fan!" He answered out loud "Your teacher is over here!"

"Shifu!" That person quickly ran over, let out a held breath "Shifu, why is your location always drifting around not in one place, causing me to always..."

"How is the state of the various sects?" Knowing his wordy nature, he said cutting him off.

"Other than Dan Yun whose condition is still considered good, all the other sects have suffered considerable losses!" Gu Chian Fan answered truthfully, "On the other hand, Bai Mu has suffered the least casualties of all the sects!"

"I see." Mu Zi Xin nodded, brows furrowing even tighter.

"Shifu, Shi Buo wanted me to ask you, what action should we take next? Should people be sent to the various sects to help with the aftermath?"

Mu Zi Xin stood there without word, appearing as if in serious contemplation of something, in the next minute raising his head again looking up at the bright curved moon in the sky, the expression in his eyes heavy. Thinking of that face that only carried a few shades of indifference, does not need him to save?

Gu Chian Fan was also quietly waiting, waiting for his amazing Shifu to provide a solution.

A long while.

"Chian Fan!"

"Yes, Shifu!"

"Say.. how about I expel you from discipleship?"

Swish! Someone unexpectedly fell to the ground!

Walking all the way back to the front of the room she was just resting in, Yin Luo stopped her steps at the doorway. Inside the room it's not yet lighted by a lamp, a stretch of darkness, she suddenly didn't want to enter the room anymore.

Just then Mu Zi Xin said, be sure to meditate in quietude. Be sure, be sure! ut tonight is destined to be a sleepless night! Or, she can pretend she didn't hear?

Thinking that, the corners of her lips pulled wide bit by bit, a very habitual smile. However not even an ounce of the smile reached the heart.

Alas! Is it really that she smiles too much?

Putting away the smile, blankly looked for a long while at the open doorway of the room again, slightly in a trance. Again it's a long sigh, turning around and changing her direction, made her way towards the center of the cluster of trees nearby.

What is due to come will still come, sooner or later it's all the same.

Poor Chian Fan, his Shi Fu is teasing him again. When I think of Chian Fan, the image of Ash from Pokemon pops into my mind. haha
Long overdue, sorry about the long wait. Next chapter will be posted up Thursday after midterms.

I think in Yin Luo's case, ignorance would really is bliss. It's too bad that she's too intelligent for her own good. I loved that short moment between Chian Fan and Zi Xin. It was so cute. Chian Fan is almost like the comic relief in this book. He's the only one who's lighthearted in the novel. No matter what, he'll ask his shifu for help.

Btw, do you know if the game Jade Dynasty by PWE is based off of Zhu Xian?


Yup. I didn't notice this about her until this time along. She'd be more happy. I feel so bad for the characters in this story, they always find knitting their eyebrows as much as yin luo smiles.

When chian fan first showed up i thought he was bai rong's son.

It is. We're actually more addicted to age of wulin (jiu yin zhen jing).

Thank you!!!!

I love how this chapter was more scene of Zixin and YinLuo. On the other hand, Chian Fan's reaction cracked me up!
I'll be waiting for your next chapter! As usual, thank you!!!!

Amazing You !

Thank you, thank you so much for translating such an interesting chinese novel in english, for us who can't read or understand Chinese. I have been searching for such translations but there's so few of it, so sad, really. I've been lurking here, XiaoYuer's Tumblr and, reading about chinese novels.
Im waiting patiently for the next chapter. Fighting !
( Sorry if my language is not correct, Im better at reading than writing os speaking ^^" It's not my primary language)

By LittleRed

I am searching for more love.

Thank you for such an amazing translated chapter. I really want more. I love these characters. Can't wait to know more of what's going to occur.

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SOUND ON/OFF. SKIP. Please Wai. t. P. RI. VACY PO. LI. CY. SI. TE PO. SOUND ON/. OF. F. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. HAT HIGH-DEFINITION AD TEAM. 新. 話. 仕. 賞. 人. 採. 社. 逢. NEWS. WORKS. AWARDS. STAFF. RECRUIT. ACCESS. HAT STORY. 手作り帽子の作り方 ファッション通販RyuRyu(リュリュ) - ベルーナ 株式会社ダイワエクシード|山ぼうしの花さいた - 大和実業 帽子/メンズウエア/ゴルフの通販【ポンパレモール】 帽子 作品一覧|ハンドメイド・手仕事・手作り品の購入・販売 "iichi" 大阪南港ATCのショップ帽子工房 MERCI(メンズ衣料・雑貨)の詳細情報. . 帽子 カジュアルからレディス・メンズ・シニアまで又、本物志向のお客様向け、輸入品、日本製 も取りそろえています。 . 夏にむけて、イタリア産の麻・コットン・帆布も揃えております。 G20へ向かう麻生財務相もかぶっていた、“ボルサリーノの帽”はどこで . 服飾学校文化学園で販売中の服飾関連書籍・本・テキスト(文化ファッション大系)☆ ファッション工芸講座(1) 帽子☆、が一般の方でもご購入可能に!他では買えない洋裁 初心者からプロまで使える文化オリジナル洋裁用品が多数販売中! 婦人ファッション雑貨|帽子・手袋|三越伊勢丹通販

ラビングハット | ”Loving Hut” は世界各国300店舗以上のチェーン店を . ファッション通販サイトMAGASEEK(マガシーク)。ユナイテッドアローズ、 トゥモローランド、スナイデル、レッセパッセなどの人気ブランドや雑誌掲載アイテムが 通販できる大型ファッションサイト。今なら全品送料無料。返品可。 卸売ファッション帽子 - 卸売ホームページDHgate ボローニャに暮らす | ボルサリーノの帽子 株式会社キャップ・アソシエイツ 2013年4月4日 - 春・夏に向けて赤ちゃん&子供用の帽子の作り方(無料型紙付き)サイトをまとめてみ ました。 どのサイトも写真付きで解説されているのでとても分かりやすいですよ! こんな 可愛いのに無料で型紙がついているなんて、ありがたい限り。 お好み . 『レディースファッション』のカテゴリ。【送料無料あり】GAPの姉妹ブランド:Banana Republic―公式。少しだけ国際色漂ったテイストで、シンプルなコーディネートでも差が つく。上質な素材と、トレンドvs定番の絶妙なミックスが自慢のレディース通販。 ハッピーハット 帽子のサイズが大きい方へ!!ピタっと . サイト内リンク:ソフト帽―ウールフェルト ファーフェルト[1] - パナマハット[2] - ストローハット[3]帽子には、大きく分けて形による名称と素材による名称があります。 種類も大変多く、 分けるのは大変難しいです。 ここでは当店でよく使っている名称で、一般的な帽子を 紹介します。 ※ここに載っているものはほんの一部です! <素材による名称>, <形 による . レビューを書いて送料無料 ワークキャップ OTTO オットー ウォッシュ加工 ツイルキャップ 無地ワークキャップ 人気の訳あり メンズ レディース 男女兼用 帽子 ゴルフ ミリタリ. ¥ 966 5000円以上で送料無料 激安 通販 SALE セール %off 値下げ 楽天優勝セール お  . 着なくなったキャミソールやTシャツで、超簡単なワッチキャップが作れます. (パターン) 子供、赤ちゃん帽子の日よけ - 無料型紙でHAPPYハンドメイド 商品説明. 様々な加工を施したコダワリ満載のキャスケットをご紹介! 素材には厚手の デニム地を採用しチェック地やツイル地を張り、さらにペンキ加工などを施しました! サイズ調節部分にはドーナツボタンを付け、graceのハイブランドRACE-Gのロゴ プレートが . 紳士帽子(シルクハット)(ギンザ☆カクテルハット) 15,750円 8,500円, 紳士帽子(チロル )(秋冬)(ラコステ・L3220) 12,075円 11,500円, 紳士帽子(キャスケット)(レザー)( NewYorkHat・9207) 8,400円 8,000円, 紳士帽子(ウエスタンハット)(3266241・日本製 )

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hey i don't know if you're still active but i hope you are because i love love reading the amazing translation you guys did on this book(and i'm sure many others are as well.) You guys have been missing for almost 3 months now n i got to say i miss u and ur translations. if you're not active (boohoo) then i guess you have ur reasons... but if u see happen to this then I just want you and ur team to now that there are those of us(take me for example) out here waiting for ur awesome translations (since we can't read Chinese). not putting pressure on u or ur team to work on this project if u guys don't want to continue - i know life can be stressful especially students (i'm a full time student myself) and lastly, i just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


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Thank you so much for the updates. I just came upon your site and I've been completely enraptured by this novel!! Even though (imo) the story line and characters are not particularly special or unique, but the interactions and the emotions that each character expresses are just so moving and intense . I would probably have to say that this book would go up on my favorite book shelf if only because of all the emotions it evokes in me.
Thanks again~
I couldn't wait for the next chapters so I went and downloaded the ebook ! haha.

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