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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 15
raini7o5 wrote in dandeliontrail
Bai Mu was established at the peak of the mountain. Passing through several corridors, they've arrived at a cliff. Below is an endless depth, just ahead not too far away, a temple is afloat. A xian-ly aura surrounds it, like existing and not existing at the same time.

Mu Lin Li said that all the disciples who have contracted with the negative energy are all in there. Mu Zi Xin had set up a barrier field there, not allowing anyone to come close, to prevent the negative energy from spreading and troubling more people.

Although Yue Ran was unwilling, but can only stay and wait here.

"Head Master Mu, I have a concern!" And it happens to be an matter that needs to be resolved immediately.

"Second Master please speak!" Mu Lin Li formally responded.

Ying Luo glanced at that bottomless cliff, taking in a discouraged breath of cool air, "You are saying, I can only go there by myself?"


"Oh." Yin Luo nodded her head, but still did not seem to have the intention of taking action, gritted her teeth before finally asking quietly, "May I do I get over there?"

Mu Lin Li was caught in a daze, and said without thinking, "Of course it's by....." and suddenly seems to have thought up something, abruptly turned his head around, "You don't know how to ride a sword?"

Yin Luo's smile flickered, her gourd definitely gone broken at the wrong time.

Mu Lin Li's face darkened, the polite friendliness appears to not be able to hang on. The corner of his lips twitched, again observing Yin Luo for a moment, as if wanting to really determine whether or not she really does not know. After a while, finally raised his hand to call out his own sword, "I'll give you a lift!"

"Thanks!" firmly holding on the Liu Huas in her hand, Yin Luo stepped onto that sword, and flew towards the Mountain across. Only in a flash, and was already standing at the front yard of the Xi Yi temple.

A good sword! Worthy of being a head master's accompanying sword, even flies fast, Yin Luo thought. A foot stepped down, just about to bring down the other foot back to the ground, suddenly stilled, eyes wandered about, and returned back onto the hilt of the sword. Pushed down on it with her feet, and then raised her heel and took a spin, leaving a streak of mud on the hilt of the sword, before finally comes down from it.

Just touched the ground, and that sword automatically flies back to the other side. Yin Luo stared as that sword disappeared, than content withdrew her line of vision, and sighed, "A good sword!"

"Whose there?" A voice that carried a hint of uncertainty came from behind, Yin Luo's footing staggered, almost slipping.

With a guilty conscience, she opened her mouth, "I didn't mean to..." she hadn't meant to, she wanted to.

"Xiao Yin!" Came an surprised voice, in front of her sprang up an enormous smiling face, a tight grip fell on both arms, an unfamiliar pain, could this be the consequence of doing bad things

"Xiao Yin, how is it you? You've had me worried to death, that day after out of danger, no matter how I look, still can't find you, even thought that you...aish! Nothing happening is good, nothing happening is good!" The person smiled even more brilliantly, holding onto Yin Luo's arms, continously shaking her madly.

Yin Luo only felt that in front of her eyes, appeared loops of stars. It wasn't easy to steady herself, cautiously took a look, weakly opened her mouth, "Gu....Chian Fan?"

"That's me, that's me, that's exactly me!" The corner of his lips have already stretched to the back of his head. That excited look, only short bouncing on spot a few rounds. Only, those hands that were holding her still didn't seem to have the intention of letting go. "How did you get out of it that day? I looked everywhere for you!"

"I....left early, so....." Yin Luo hehe laughed, without warning, peeled his hands off. It was gripped too tightly, and hurts quite a bit!

"What!" He gave a startled cry. The hand that had just been put down, immediately is grabbed back. Yin Luo clenched her teeth, she'll endure it!

"You actually left early, that's so unsporty of you! And not even telling me a word, causing me to worry for many days! Even thought you..." His brows tightened, resentful thoughts immediately forming, "If it weren't because Shi Fu won't allow, I wanted to sneak back to the Jade Pool to go look for you!"

"I..." Yin Luo, in the suddeness, doesn't know where to start explaining.

"Hmph! In the future if you try to sneak away..." He angrily spouts fire "be careful I'll beat you!"

Yin Luo clouds over with black lines. Bai Mu's disciples, are they all as nosy as him? Obviously that head master is very aloof! "I'm not..."

Clouding over with black lines give a person this type of look: 

"Not what?" He consistently doesn't not give her a chance to talk. "At least considered acquanted, dead or alive, you should send a note, right? Disappearing without a sound or trace, that's too much!"

"Sorry!" Yin Luo very sincerely, very sincerely bowed her head down. If she doesn't admit her fault now, just fear that he'll never leave it alone.

Sure enough, Gu Chian Fan's facial expression softened a bit "Alright, alright, good enough that you know your fault! Don't worry, I won't neglect you. In the future, I'll still look after you!" He was laughing, landing a pat on her shoulder.

Yin Luo's foot staggered, deliberately stabilized her body. Lips twitched, tiredly wiped away a drop of sweat on her forehead, "Thanks... Thank you!"

"What's with the courtesy!" Gu Chian Fan gave a haha laugh, unexpectedly appeared to think of something. "Oh right, what are you doing here?"


"She was going to answer, but saw his face expression change "Darn it! Just now, Shi Fu said someone arrived, could it be you he was talking about?" Turning his head to face Yin Luo, his face completely urgent "You dummy, must've come to report your safety to me, right? Aish! This Xi Yi Temple is not allowing anybody to enter right now, did you not know? If caught by Shi Fu it's still fine, but if Shi Bo catch you then you're in for it!"

Very sorry, but he already knows.

"I am..."

"Hurry go, hurry go!" He just hurriedly shooed her towards the exit "If anything, in a few days, look for me then! Shi Fu said that lately someone from the Divine Mountain will come to deliver remedies. Bai Mu right now there is a lot of people, you just be careful not to get caught!"

"I'm not..."

"Eh! Why're you holding onto a big bundle of flowers? For me?" He suddenly became red in the face, then suddenly it's a face of seriousness, "Xiao Yin! I already... have Xiao Shi Mei, and again... I don't like this strange kind of flower either!"

Poof! If she had tea in her mouth right now, she would surely have sprayed it all out. This.. what is this?

"Aish! I'll stop talking so much with you, you hurry up and go!" Without warning, he is already pushing her towards the outside.

"I wasn't here to look for you!" Yin Luo finally manages to throw off his hand, carefully keeping the Liu Hua in her hand from being touched by him.

"Wha?" He got dumbfounded "If not look for me, then what are you doing at Bai Mu?"

Just as Yin Luo was about to explain, a crisp voice cut in before she did.

"Naturally it's to save people!" In the facing direction a figure gradually walks over, white robe clothed body, still untainted by a single particle of dust, a light smile radiating, like wind like clouds. That kind of extraordinarily figure, nobody will be able to divert their eyes from.

The heart felt a moment of fierce tension. She originally thought that seeing him again, surely her heart could be like still water. Didn't think, would still be unable to help the slight pain at the corner of her heart. It's as if something slid into the bottom of the heart, one circle at a time, stirring that heart. Taking in a deep breath, muttering to herself, calm heart, calm heart.

"Shi Fu!" Gu Chian Fan's facial expression changed, some nervousness "Xiao Yin hadn't intentionally tresspass into here! She's only..."

But he didn't look at him, only looking straight at Yin Luo, lightly said "Long time no see!"

" is!" Yin Luo slowly nodded her head. In less than three day's time, but vague like separated a lifetime. The bottom of the heart is sour-sweet-bitter-spicy, all the flavers is present! However in that moment, don't know where to start speaking.

Gu Chian Fan on the other hand, eyes became bright in an instant, "Shi Fu, you know Xiao Yin?"

Mu Zi Xin, as if finally taking notice of him, lightly said, "Chian Fan, if you are too bored..." Eyes narrowed a bit "then give this yard a sweep! Not allowed to use magic!" He blandly added.

"Wha!" Gu Chian Fan screeched in shock, scanning the four corners of this large yard "The entire yard? Shi Fu, even if I sweep until dark I won't finish! Take away half, please?"

Mu Zi Xin didn't reply, only turned his head around, staring indifferently towards him, but with an oppression that doesn't allow rejection. Chian Fan immediately felt a shiver down his spine, and meekly answered, "Yes." Turning back to go inside to get the broom. While on his way did not forget to send a glare at Yin Luo.

Yin Luo took a deep breath, pulling back the mood that had been disturbed by Gu Chian Fan.

"High Xian, this is the Liu Hua that your sect requests for!" She held out the large bundle of Liu Hua in her hand "The flowers are delivered, and I should take leave!" It's alright, all has already passed! She has already woken up! No longer holding onto that so-called fantasy, even if seeing him again, she will not foolishly plunge into it.

Mu Zi Xin's brow furrowed, towards her intentional display of distancing, is slightly unhappy. Glancing at the flowers in her hand, but not in a hurry to take them from her, but instead lightly opened his mouth and replys, "These Liu Hua cannot be stained by worldly dust, I cannot touch them. Still hope gu niang can accompany me for this trip, personally deliver it to the back hall, is that alright?"

His words are within reason, Yin Luo can only agree "Please High Xian, lead the way!"

"Calling me Bai Zhu is fine!" He exposed that smile resembling sunlight again and takes a step aside, "Please!"

Yin Luo held tightly onto the Liu Hua in her hand, to the best of her ability, tried to maintain her line of sight below his neck. A smile that is too full of nice-intent is ultimately able to bewitch a person's heart. She cannot see anything, cannot see!

Xi Yi Temple is very big, everywhere there are clouds. Yin Luo kept up closely with his footsteps, but from the start had maintained a two step distance. It wouldn't be too close, yet won't result in loosing track.

"Gu niang, this is your first time to Bai Mu?" Perhaps it was too boring, Mu Zi Xin casually started.

"Yes!" Yin Luo softly made a sound of reply, expressing her unwillingness in making casual talks.

Unfortunatly the other person did not pick it up, "Then what do you think of our Bai Mu?" Mu Zi Xin continues to ask.

"A blessed location for a Xian Mountain!"

"Oh!" His smile deepened "Compared to the Divine Mountain, what do you think?"

"Naturally... both have their respective good!" Yin Luo is still with her head hung low, staring at her shoes while she walks. Once in a while, tossing a preserved honey piece in.

"Is that so?" He turned around and glance at her "I actually feel that our Bai Mu is slightly superior. I grew up here since young, every flower here, every plant, are all very familiar. Some things if look at them for long, then will have a sense of belonging. That is where any other place will fall short. What do you think?"

"Uh..." Sense of belonging? This kind of thing, she has never had before, naturally would not understand.

"If you were to spend a long time here, certainly will also have the same kind of feeling as I do!"

"Perhaps... will be." She continued to stuff the preserved honeys, this time they weren't as sweet as the last time! Thinking this, her hand reaches in again to grab another one.

"You like to eat sweets?"

Today this person has a lot to say. Obviously last time, didn't see that he had so much words, "Suppose so!" Basically other than preserved honey, this snack, she has never touched anything else.

"Is it good?" He seemed to be very interested in it, suddenly leaned down and stared at the preserved honey in her hand.

Yin Luo had a scare, the piece of preserved honey that was brought up to her lips was still raised in mid-air. Looking at his suddenly near face, and went blanked for a moment "It's.. alright!"

"For real?" He stared at the piece of preserved honey in her hand, suddenly reaching his hand and snatching it, tossing it into his own mouth "Hm.. indeed can only be considered just alright!"

Lips twitched, Yin Luo clouds over with black lines. "That piece of preserved honey..." She already bit before!

"What?" He turned around and looked at her.

"No.. nothing!" Isn't it only a piece of preserved honey? There's still an entire bag, she can spare it! Reaching a hand towards the bag at her side, only to feel emptiness. The bag suddenly flew towards the hand of the person in front. "High Xian... that... is my bag!"

"I know!" The obvious theif, answered in an all justified confidence. "One piece, honestly can't taste any flavor out of, is it alright if I try a few more?"

Can she say no? The whole back is already in your hand. That is clearly not just a few!

"Eatting too much sweet stuff is not good!" He gripped the bag in his hand, but didn't rush to dig into the preserved honeys inside, instead shoved it into his sleeve.

This is clearly stealing, clearly stealing! Peeking at the bag in his hand, she gritted her teeth. This is someone else's territory, she'll endure it.

"Especially preserved honey, this kind of food, the less the better. Towards cultivation practice, it's not any help as well!"

"Thank you High Xian for the reminder!" She doesn't see much enlightenment even if she doesn't eat it.

Bai Zhu, Bai Zhu you finally appear again! A cute squealllly scene.

I was travelling in Indonesia for 2 weeks without eating pork. Oh, I miss my pig very much irrespective of whether tasty or not, dead or alive:)

Bai Zhu is finally back. Thank you for the translation. I can't wait to read to see how many more guys enters Yin Luo life. So much anticipation.

Though i really anticipate for Bai Zhu...but still i'm anxious with the black robe man. If this time Bai Zhu still act cold towards Yin Luo,i'll defenitely jump to black robe man ship(if there's any kind of thing in this story).

Thank You raini & chancy

haha so in a hurry! Black robe man isn't even formally in the story yet xP
i think I had this mentality for Bai Zhu too though. At one point I was just so ready to jump ships!

Though i really anticipate for Bai Zhu...but still i'm anxious with the black robe man. If this time Bai Zhu still act cold towards Yin Luo,i'll defenitely jump to black robe man ship(if there's any kind of thing in this story).

Thank You raini & chancy


It's sad to see how gaurded and carefully cautious YinLuo is of her feelings. Other than that, I COMPLETELY love how much he was talking to her, trying to engage her into a conversation, even taking away her bag of honey!!! Lol
I'm not jumping on his ship, or anyone else until I see what the man in the black robe is about... However if his keeps up, I will be gone before I know it abroad the MuZiXinXYinLuo Ship. Lol
with that being said, thank you for translating and sharing this wonderful and uberly CUTE chapter!!!!

hehe he was so playful in these few chapters. Enjoy while he's showing this side of him. His character really makes me sigh and hurt most the time...
About time someone did something about her addiction!

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Think about receiving expression life coverage. It will provide you with the best insurance for the least money. While there is no preserving with this type of plan, you can just invest the price savings all on your own, and make greater than you will have with the insurer help save it. Life insurance coverage is among the most significant safeguards you may get to guard the welfare and help of the household in cases where one thing dire were to eventually you. But finding out the best sort of insurance policy for you and your family can seem to be similar to a labyrinth sometimes. Think about these suggestions as you may go through your personal judgements. [url=]Moncler Jassen Dames[/url];u=14084

remaining encouraged after you have a house organization

Comprehending stock market trading isn't something everyone can do within a day. It will require time and several hard work to get started on the find out how the industry performs. Ensure that you are dedicating enough time on a daily basis to grow your understanding to enable you to become much better able to make noise committing decisions. [url=]Bottes Uggs Pas Cher[/url]
Today, a lot more people are battling with the financial troubles brought on by a poor credit rating. Should you be one of these brilliant individuals, don't allow yourself surrender to give up hope. There are ways to restoration your credit rating so that you can return on a company monetary footing. [url=]Parajumpers Sale[/url]
To increase your savings when working with discount coupons, rely on them to acquire items which are saved to purchase as well as at grocery stores offering dual or triple voucher savings. Whenever you purchase an item that is on sale and make use of a promotion that may be tripled or tripled, you might find that you spend pennies for your product as well as get it free of charge! [url=]Timberland EspaГ±a[/url]
The first professional real estate offer may take coupled time, so show patience. It could take some time to locate a residence you're totally comfortable with, or have the credit you will need, however it works out ultimately. As you gain a status in the field you'll discover that offers start to come to you! [url=]Nike High Heels[/url]
Have you been considering iphones? Perhaps you have always wanted to personal an iphone but by no means had the opportunity to make investments time and energy to learning more about how potent this cell phone is really? Effectively look no further, on this page is one of the most imaginative areas on the web which will notify you regarding the phone, and the specifics surrounding the gadget. Physical exercise is a great personal-aid way to manage depressive disorders. Apart from leading you to appearance much better and improving your confidence, it will also make you feel greater. Physical exercise emits normal hormones that assist raise your frame of mind. It would improve your power and enable you to feel a lot more prepared to experience the planet. [url=]Woolrich Jassen Sale[/url];u=11691;u=9265;u=17256

simple tips to enhance your particular person funds

Numerous community schools offer you physical fitness applications, from yoga exercises to aerobic exercises, so give them a call to try to become a member of. They are generally presented totally free or at a discount for pupils, but it really might even be affordable sufficient like a non-college student or alumni that it's a better bargain for you personally than with a nearby health club. [url=]Canada Goose Jacka[/url]
Some lifestyle an inactive life-style are experiencing constant bouts of lower back pain, so it's usually recommended to ensure that you're getting out of bed and getting around for about a half-hour during the day. Going through back pain when sitting down and then likely to lie down can produce a routine that results in severe ache at frequent time intervals. [url=]Uggs Canada[/url]
One of the odd, natural strategies to eliminate zits is to apply freshly squeezed lemon juice towards the most detrimental spots on your deal with two to three instances every week. Use it for the bigger pores, but make sure that you don't utilize it greater than two times a full week, as it will dry up your skin. [url=]Ugg Outlet[/url]
A great advice for adhering to track of clientele is to send a comply with-up e mail which includes a trial offer. Feature a line in your concept that informs these people to check it out right now. The shutting postscript can include that this is a great discount that they can need to take advantage of. [url=]Canada Goose Norge[/url]
You're wonderful internally and out, so just why not flaunt that beauty along with your epidermis? Skin treatment is really significant and also, since you lose skin tissues every day it is essential to constantly nurture and care for your skin. The tips below will allow you to keep healthful, beautiful skin area. Should you be seeking to help save up funds to go on a trip, buy a residence or relocate very early, you have to stay as disciplined as you possibly can in relation to busting into that price savings. Before you give rise to all those resources, be sure you determine exactly how much you will have to ensure it is that four weeks to help you much better avoid earlier pull away from that bank account. [url=]Barbour Jacket[/url]


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