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She is a goddess from up above, yet from the beginning destined to be a renounced God. Divine powers and her were just not meant to be. Behind her elder sister's brilliance, she can only be a shadow. She's a presence to be exploited, but a person like her, also desires to be treated sincerely. Even if, for a moment. And to be an evidence of her, Yin Luo's existence. But, dreams have become long. Just what type of greatness would she become, and what kind of emotional burdens will she carry?

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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 21
At night, outside the window it is endlessly sounding with annoying insect sounds. Yin Luo closed her eyes, obviously without any sleepiness, but still tried very hard to keep a steady breathing. Someone opened the door, entered, placed something down on the table, and stood by the bed. After a long time before quietly left.

Until besides her ear, is again left with the sound of the insects singing, she then sat up. It seems that pretending to be asleep is also a effortful task! Her heart felt stuffy, stared at the cup of tea on the table, raising the corner of her lips and smiled bitterly, shifting to take a glance at the empty bed counter, the bitter smile stiffened on her face.

The door wasn't closed, large amounts of cold wind poured in. She hugged her shoulders, produced a shiver. Tonight is truly cold! Not closing the door in the process is not a good habit. Sighing once, she got up to close the door.

Once at the door, suddenly felt a wave of churning pain in the stomach again. She stooped her body down, clenching her teeth tightly. Images flashed through her mind again, something wanting to break from their shackles. It dragged on for a long while before easing.

Deeply inhaling a breath of air, temporarily changed her mind. The corner of her lips habitually pulling upwards, she stepped over the door frame and slowly walked to the front courtyard. Lifting up her head to look up at the especially bright full moon in the sky, she let out a sigh.

"It's Full Moon! It’s a little stinging on the eyes!"

"Then how about not looking?" A gentle tone, carrying threads of amusement, carried over, like a breeze brushing past.

Yin Luo turned her head around, looking towards the figure under the tree on the other side, slightly surprised. Changing into a smile, "High Xian is in a refined mood, this late and still coming out to admire the moon."

"Aren't you also?" He slowly walked over, stepping out from the tree shadow. The snow white robe on him all of a sudden became bathed in the silver glow of the moon, as if a layer of light has been added, beautiful as if from an imaginary world.

Yin Luo's heart staggered, dazed by the sight, even forgetting to reply.

He lifted his lips in a smile. At that frozen moment it was like a hundred flowers released at once, a thousand trees blooming, elegance to the limit "What? Is Gu Niang is in a daze from staring at me?"

"Ah?" Yin Luo was startled, focus instantly coming back. This person obviously is a man, but looks surpassing a woman even, stealing all the light,

"Let me take a look!" He replied with a smile.

Take a look? The corner of Yin Luo's lips twitched. What is there to see? She tried very hard to keep her line of sight at his neck and down, not looking at that face that unwarningly sends out flower petals.

"Has your health gotten any better?" His face became plagued by a few degrees of worry, continued to say.

"Troubling High Xian to worry." She replied politely "I've already recovered!"

He again used that staring gaze to look at her, only until she was slightly awkward and averted her line of sight, did he take it back. Eyes moving to her neck, he slowly asked out loud: "Gu Niang didn't wear the Jade Moon Pendant?"

"Eh?" She touched her neckline, only then realizing "When I was sleeping earlier, put it on the bedside, I forgot to take it!"

He nodded, again smiling like those peach blossoms entirely filling up the tree. Yin Luo forced herself to blink, with much effort, not letting a single bit of spring color enter her eye. Inside also feeling a bit angry, today the moon is really too bright, to bright.

"The incident this morning, still have to thank Gu Niang for reminding in order to see through the Mo Realm's deception!"

"A small deed!" Yin Luo replied: "I only discovered it unintentionally too?"

"Oh?" He suddenly became interested, "How did Gu Niang realize it was an illusion?"

"The sun!" She pointed at the sky "At that time the sun was still in the east, the tree shadow on the ground should not be tilted towards the east. It must be a false image created by an illusion spell. Also you said before, the sun's energy is most abundant at noon, so take advantage of that timing to rid the negative energies. Negative energy already driven out, it must already be past noon, the sun should be leaning to the west if correct." Bai Mu is located at the very east, the reason why inside the illusion the sun was displayed so, it must be because those Yao and Mo that are surrounding the other sects have been shown here.

"So that's how it is!" Mu Zi Xin nodded his head "Seems that Gu Niang is very attentive in remembering the words Zi Xin says!"

Yin Luo's footing stumbled, nearly falling down. Her point was not on that! Reaching a hand up to wipe away the sweat drop on her forehead, the corner of her lips continued to twitch, she casually asked "Don't know how the other sect's condition is?"

His expression sunk slightly "Chian Fan has not returned yet, although his cultivation cannot be considered high, but in sword travel is still fast."

"Oh!" Yin Luo nodded her head. Although fast, but still needs time, just afraid the various sects must have already suffered some damage!

He moved forward a step, grabbed her hand, held her pulse and said "Does Gu Niang know who added the poison?"

Yin Luo was slightly stunned, looking at the outstretched hand. Still worried? "Yin Luo was being careless, thinking that all of the Mo Realm's people have already been completely subdued by Bai Mu, can let down her guard. Who would've thought there were fish that escaped the net, taking a big loss!" She intentionally or unintentionally implied, that the person who initiated the poisoning was someone from the Mo Realm.

He smiled faintly, going with her intention: "The Mo Realm of today truly makes it hard for people to anticipate, not only is there someone who is proficient in forbidden arts, but the poison chosen to be used, can even harm a God! Gu Niang must be cautious in the future!"

Yin Luo hung her head low, counting the stones underneath her feet. His implication, how can she not understand? Is he meaning... the person who added the poison is right besides her?

In this world the poisons that can harm her is scarcer than scarce. As of present there is only one kind that she knows of. That being, the night of Fu Shu's death, the scorching water of the Liu Hua pool. And, the pain coming from her stomach that resembles burning fire, truly is almost exactly the same as that day's when her hand had been splashed.

Another wave of churning pain came from her stomach, she clenched her teeth, refrained her body from bending down. preserving that perfect and pale smiling expression.

His hand was still on her wrist, Yin Luo frowned, implied to take it back "Grateful to High Xian for the concern, Yin Luo will be careful."

He looked at his hand which was already empty, after a while finally withdrew it, "Gu Niang doesn't need to be this polite. This is something that Zi Xin should do, know kindness and not forget to repay, that's a standard for humanity. In the past, I too was saved before..."

"..." She doesn't need to hear it again right?

"These few years, I was looking for her all along, waiting all along for her to come look for me. Just, she had never appeared since, until meeting again. I was unintentional, but gave her the deepest injury!"

She lifted her face, smiling radiantly "This world will always have all sorts of helplessness, High Xian does not need to care too much! Some things that have passed, thought it through, then everything will no longer be important anymore."

He heard the words, took a deep look at her, gaze becoming deeper and deeper, almost as if wanting to swallow the person into it "Gu Niang do you know, there is also some things that will never pass?"

"Re.. Really?" She gave a tinkling laugh. This person remembers deeply, life must be very hard. She's just not willing to endure hardship!

"The coincidence of events today, tonight will definitely..." He fixed onto her face, words coming out halfway, then changing "Today, Su Xian that had Bai Mu surrounded, does Gu Niang still remember?"

Su Xian! Her heart, upon emergence of that pair of eyes that were full of resentment, became heavy. "I remember!"

"This person's origin is uncertain! I've tried many times to calculate, but from beginning to end is still unable to calculate where he is from!" His brows pulled together tightly "Furthermore, he seems to have a dissatisfaction towards both the Xian Realm and the God Race. Just afraid the Mo Realm indeed is not simply here to go against the Xian Realm."

Yin Luo nodded her head. Calling it dissatisfaction is considered light, what was flowing out from that person's eyes was obviously hatred "Grateful for High Xian's reminder!"

"If Gu Niang meets trouble in the future, Zi Xin will definitely hold no effort back. But... forgive Zi Xin for being offensive, Gu Niang's cultivation has space to improve. If you don't mind, Zi Xin will help unreservedly!"

Yin Luo was started for a moment, these words of his is really enough to be called offensive. She laughed, intentionally twisting the meaning in his words and replied "No need to trouble High Xian, my Divine Mountain naturally have it's own cultivation methods. Furthermore I've heard, when High Xian took Chian Fan as disciple, had vowed on 'one lifetime, one disciple'. How can Yin Luo make High Xian break his own oath!"

Mu Zi Xin's lips moved, wanting to refute, but in the end still didn't open his mouth.

Yin Luo intentionally rubbed her eyes, revealing some degree of sleepiness "Night is deep, dew is heavy. Yin Luo has injury on the body, will not bother High Xian from appreciating the moon!" She turned around and walked off in the way she had come. Unexpectedly in her heart, sighed. Why does Bai Mu have to encourage duo cultivation between husband and wife? Aish!

"Gu Niang, do you still remember a thousand years before, the incident of Qing Yun's fall?" Not yet taken a step, Mu Zi Xin's voice traveled over.

Yin Luo's heart trembled faintly , pulled on the corner of her lips and turned around "I'm sorry, at that time I was exactly in my youth, don't remember clearly!"

"Oh!" He nodded in understanding, raising his head again to look at the moon in the sky, in his eyes flashed by something "Tonight, looks like it's not a good day. Gu Niang is injured, still be sure to meditate in quietude to recuperate!"

The heart became tight again, "Thank you!" A polite bow "Goodbye!" She finally turned around and left. Keeping her head down, one step at a time, walking with much concentration, ignoring behind her that gaze that has been following her all along.

Only until her figure has disappeared in the darkness, he finally turned around, brows tightly knit, appearing as troubled by something. Walking out of the courtyard and met with the person who had just arrived..

"Chian Fan!" He answered out loud "Your teacher is over here!"

"Shifu!" That person quickly ran over, let out a held breath "Shifu, why is your location always drifting around not in one place, causing me to always..."

"How is the state of the various sects?" Knowing his wordy nature, he said cutting him off.

"Other than Dan Yun whose condition is still considered good, all the other sects have suffered considerable losses!" Gu Chian Fan answered truthfully, "On the other hand, Bai Mu has suffered the least casualties of all the sects!"

"I see." Mu Zi Xin nodded, brows furrowing even tighter.

"Shifu, Shi Buo wanted me to ask you, what action should we take next? Should people be sent to the various sects to help with the aftermath?"

Mu Zi Xin stood there without word, appearing as if in serious contemplation of something, in the next minute raising his head again looking up at the bright curved moon in the sky, the expression in his eyes heavy. Thinking of that face that only carried a few shades of indifference, does not need him to save?

Gu Chian Fan was also quietly waiting, waiting for his amazing Shifu to provide a solution.

A long while.

"Chian Fan!"

"Yes, Shifu!"

"Say.. how about I expel you from discipleship?"

Swish! Someone unexpectedly fell to the ground!

Walking all the way back to the front of the room she was just resting in, Yin Luo stopped her steps at the doorway. Inside the room it's not yet lighted by a lamp, a stretch of darkness, she suddenly didn't want to enter the room anymore.

Just then Mu Zi Xin said, be sure to meditate in quietude. Be sure, be sure! ut tonight is destined to be a sleepless night! Or, she can pretend she didn't hear?

Thinking that, the corners of her lips pulled wide bit by bit, a very habitual smile. However not even an ounce of the smile reached the heart.

Alas! Is it really that she smiles too much?

Putting away the smile, blankly looked for a long while at the open doorway of the room again, slightly in a trance. Again it's a long sigh, turning around and changing her direction, made her way towards the center of the cluster of trees nearby.

What is due to come will still come, sooner or later it's all the same.

Poor Chian Fan, his Shi Fu is teasing him again. When I think of Chian Fan, the image of Ash from Pokemon pops into my mind. haha
Long overdue, sorry about the long wait. Next chapter will be posted up Thursday after midterms.

六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 20
That battle between Xian and Mo, Bai Mu had a big victory, exterminated Yao and Mo counts to the hundreds, five captured alive. What was originally expected as a battle with no chances of winning, but Bai Mu had only used 3 hours to finish off.

"Su Xian, the Mo realm has repeatedly acted against the Xian Realm, just what is the purpose?" Seated at the main seat above, Head Master Mu with a sternly stares at the center of the assembly hall, at the person who was being restrained by a binding spell.

Su Xian leered at him, although captured, but on the face there was no hint of difference. Giving a sarcastic laugh, "If want to kill, then kill, no need to be fake here. Today, I Su Xian have fallen into your hands, consider myself encountered bad luck. On another day, Mo Jun will definitely clear out the Xian realm, and avenge my feud of today!"

He vowed solemnly, eyes filled with nothing but coldness, jaws clenched, an expression full of resentment, as if this was an extremely degrading interrogation.

Yin Luo stood quietly at the side, staring at Su Xian at the center in a slight daze. This person was full of Mo characteristics, but he looked somewhat familiar, and these words of his, for no reasons just felt that they sound familiar. Turning her head to take a look at Yue Ran who stood besides her, he still held that expression of impatience, suppose had long already not want to stay here even a moment longer. After giving the new thought another thought, right now the matter of being seiged by the Mo Realm had resolved, it's about time to leave.

Taking a step forward and lightly said, "Head Master Mu, if Bai Mu has already turned from danger to safe, Yin Luo should not inconvinently disturb, will take leave now!"

At the side, Mu Zi Xin lightly frowned. Out of politeness, Mu Lin Li got up to send them off, "Today's incident, it was all because of Second Master's call to attention, I give my thanks right now, please bring my greetings to Her Honor."

"You called her what?" Su Xian unexpectedly bursted out, quickly turning his head around, eyes enlarged, directly fixed on Yin Luo, "Second Master? You are the Second Master of the God Race, Chi Ji's daughter!"

He clenched his teeth, one word one phase shouted out, eyes enlarged bigger and bigger. Instantly, a hatred flowed out, clouding the air, like resentment that's been restrained for thousands of millions of years in an instant becoming released. A strength that could move mountains and drain seas comes pressing over at Yin Luo. That pair of eyes flared up to a crimson red, a throat-tearing roar, he seems to have used up his entire body's strength trying to break free of the bondage on his body, and the spell's magical ropes starts to break because of the noise. "I'll kill you!"

Su Xian summoned his companion sword, gathering all his energy in one spot, suddenly his body is surrounded in a water column, in a flash becomes a weapon, taking the form of a gigantic icy dragon heading straight towards Yin Luo.

No one had expected this turn of events, Yin Luo especially was rendered motionless. Watching him use up the last of his strength to make this life-taking assault on her. She wanted to dodge, yet was more clear than anyone that she wouldn't be able to dodge it. Could only watch helplessly at that waterformed dragon coming closer.

Just in time, a white light flashed by going directly against that water dragon, instantly slicing it. Yet the dragon's head was still with it's fangs baring, and claws menacingly coming towards Yin Luo. A tight hold around her waist, a few times barely grazed. A loud noise errupted, the right stone wall in the assembly hall becomes shattered to pieces by that water column. Can see that the assault he released was a fatal one.

"Yin Luo, you alright?" Lifting her head and is met with Mu Zi Xin's flustered and worried expression.

Su Xian still wants to continue his assaults, everyone in the assembly hall has also already collected their mind. Mu Lin Li's expression becomes cold and stern, "Outrageous!" Sending out a palm stroke that lands bullseye at the center of Su Xian's chest. Su Xian for a split had not prepared for, opened his mouth and sprayed out a mouthful of blood, scarlet red, on the assembly hall's floor it was particularly harsh on the eyes. His body is also sent flying outward thirty feet, falling onto the ground.

But as if unable to feel the injuries, struggling to get up, that pair of eyes that were already burning red was deadly fixed on Yin Luo, face fierce.

"I will kill you, I'm going to kill you....." Came a tearing scream through his throat, one after the other becoming more sorrowful and firm. He has already completely lost all reasoning, was already unable to stand up, yet still one step after another crawling and walking towards Yin Luo, that expression, was like as if wanted to swallow her alive, turning her bones into dust.

"Take him out!" Mu Lin Li commanded. Two disciples came forward, one left and one right finally taking the person out.

Until he disappeared beyond the assembly hall, his eyes were still deadly fixed on Yin Luo. That heart-tearing roaring, even though already far, still continues to come in, "I will kill you, kill you, kill you....."

"Yin Luo! Yin Luo!"

"Huh?" She was in a trance, lifted her head up to look at Mu Zi Xin besides her. After a long while before starting to gradually come back to her senses, slowly pressing her hand on her chest, urgently gasped for breath. She had only just noticed, just then she had forgotten to breathe. That person's eyes, why would it....why would it carry such a great hatred? She's obviously has never seen him before!"

"You are alright?" Mu Zi Xin's brows were tightly knitted.

"Fine....I'm alright!" Habitally lifted the corner of her lips, bowing her head down and with one glance then realized that the two were standing too close, laughed awkwardly, "My gratitude to High Xian for rescuing!" Took a step back and pushed away his hand, but realized that her legs were a bit weak. She sighed, she really is useless, if just then was her Honor....if it was her, that person would probably not be able to live!"

"I.....will sit down for a moment!" She gave a embarrassed smile, holding the chair for support and then sat down on it, turned head to take a glance at Yue Ran who still stood in his original spot. He seems to have also been startled by that incident just then, his vision was still fixed in the direction that Su Xian had been taken out. Something flashed in his eyes. Yin Luo couldn't help but feel pleased, Yue Ran isn't even as calm as herself! Then looked at his hand by his side that slightly shook, that really is not a good habit.

Mu Zi Xin looked at his empty hand for awhile, the expression in his eyes became heavy, took a step forward, "Gu Niang, take your hand out, I will help you to see if you have been injured!"

"I'm only...." She was just startled. But before she had the time to reject, he had already reached his hand over to check.

Yin Luo could not help but frown, this Mu Zi Xin is really becoming more and more hard to understand. She turned her head again to look at Yue Ran at the side.

He seemed to have just returned, the center of his brows tightened, a face of anger, not allowing any talks and pushed away Mu Zi Xin's hand. "Will not need to bother High Xian, whether or not Second Master has been injured, I can look to it!" As he's speaking, takes a quick step, taking over her left hand, Yin Luo's reaction was delayed, pursed her lips and did not say anything.

Mu Zi Xin's brows only tightened more.

He watched for a moment before finally speaking, "No problem!" Turned around and taking the tea cup at the side and handing it to her, "You were only startled, take a sip of water!" In a flash again is a face of fury, "If had known earlier that it'd be this dangerous, then he would not have allowed this visit!"

Yin Luo took the tea, gradually raising the corner of her lips. How is she to not be able to hear the complaint in his words. But hearing him this caring for herself, she was still happy.

Lifting the lid and blowing, watching the few leaves of green in the cup. Yue Ran to serve her tea, it's very fortunate and so drinked it all in one gulp. Drinking it too quickly, she got burnt!

"To have allowed Second Master to get startled," Head master Mu came forward to round things off. Afterall, it was something that happened under his eyes, and that person was also someone that they had seized, "Your subject had not known that person would act upon Second Master, hope that Second Master can forgive!"

His each word was in discretion, was also watching her facial expression as he spoke. As for her, how could she not give face? She quickly broke out into a big grin. "Head Master Mu can rest assured, I have no big problems. This incident, just pretend it never happened. Her Honor naturally does not need to know!"

Mu Lin Li finally was able to let out a long sigh of relief, Yin Luo's smile got deeper. Even if this incident was known by her Honor, it would still not trouble Bai Mu. Why does he need to worry? While thinking, suddenly want to dig into her bag again, then finally recalled that her bag had long been robbed by Mu Zi Xin. Could only heave a sigh.

"Believe that Bai Mu also has many things to finish off, Yin Luo will not be a bother then, goodbye!"

Mu Lin Li stepped aside, "Please!"

Yin Luo lighly smiled as she got up, walking towards the exit, one step, two steps, three steps,....she counted the steps in her heart, when taking the fifth step, suddenly at her lower stomach there is a sharp twist, as if on fire. This pain was slightly familiar!

"Yin Luo!" Mu Zi Xin was the first one to notice her abnormal state. His expression became very abnormal, with hurried steps came forward wanting to help stabilize her body, But did not know that Yue Ran would be faster than him by a step, catching her around the waist and held her.

"Ya You!" He called out in alarm.

Yin Luo only felt that the pain at her lower stomach was hard to endure, burning through her six vitals, paining her to the point of not being able to stand up straight, her consciousness was also slowly distancing. Head bowed, just then, seeing the blood that Su Xian had spit onto the ground, instantly the pain at her lower stomach increased. In her head, like lightning and fire, something flashed by, in her heart was a growing sense of naseau. Opening her mouth, wanting to vomit it out.

"You guys added poison!" Turned his head around and fiercely glared at Mu Lin Li in the back. That expression in the eyes showed his inclining to find someone to pass all his strength on.

The person at the back though, was a face of confusion.

Yin Luo pulled at Yue Ran's sleeve, forcing a smile onto her face, shook her head. Ordinary poison, how could it hurt her. Definitely there was someone who had deliberately set this up.

Mu Zi Xin's face was calm and collected, in a light voice, "No matter what, the most important thing now is to quickly take her to the back chamber to rest!"

Yue Ran finally picked her up, a face full of fury, heads towards the back chamber. Faintly, can hear coming from his mouth a few shouts of something. Yin Luo already could not hear clearly, had already went into unconciousness.

"Zi Xin! This....this this....." Mu Lin Li with a face of worry, "How to explain this to her Honor?"

"Shi Xiong does not need to worry!" Mu Zi Xin watched their figures heading towards the back chambers, his expression slightly becomes heavy, "Yin Luo is not a meddlesome person, as she says, then even when she returns to the Divine Mountain, about this incident she would not mention a word!"

"Does she have this kind of a heart?" Mu Lin Li frowned, "Even though she's not a God that's paid attention to, she is still her Honor's sister, and right now she got injured at our Bai Mu, it's hard to say...."

"Shi Xiong!" He cut off his words, on his face there is some anger, "If she is as you say, then why would she personally come here to deliver the Liu Hua?"

Mu Lin Li frowned, not making a comment. After thinking about it for a while, then suddenly come up again with some confusion, "But....who would poison her?"


As if had a long dream, the time when Yin Luo woke up, it was already dusk. At her heart, there was a faint heat. In the room, there is a familiar figure moving about.

"Yue Ran."

"Awake!" It was a voice that carried a degree of complaint, like wishing that the iron could turn into steel, "When will you finally be able to keep an eye! This careless, no matter how I follow you, it's still useless!"

She gave a brilliant smile, "Next time I'll give more attention! Poison to me, at most would only be in pain for a moment, can't die from it!"

"You....", He left off on a sour note, looking out at the weather outside, "Seems like will have to stay a night before leaving." He suddenly frowned, the hand at his side shook.

It looks like he was definitely startled by her, Yin Luo thought.

"Quickly go to sleep. Early tomorrow, we will go back!" He angrily said.

Watching her lay down, Yue Ran sat by the door to keep watch, his face cautious. That face was still very foul. Yin Luo did not feel even a little sleepy. Sleeping to her, had always been something unnecessary.

Eyes opened and just staring for a while, still unable to enter any dream. Suddenly, once again recalling that person from earlier in the day, slowly speaking up, "Yue Ran, how long have you been on the Divine Mountain?"

"One thousand two hundred years!"

"One thousand two hundred years!" That definitely has been very very long, "You're older than me, the things from my childhood, do you still remember?"

"Not much!"

"Then.....about my mother Chi Ji? You've seen her before?"

"......" Yue Ran did not speak.

"What kind of person is she?"

He got quiet, until Yin Luo thought he fell asleep, he finally slowly opened his mouth, "As passed on by the six realms.....she is the God realm's, in these millions of years, the most perfect Goddess!"

"Perfect!" Perfect, it seems like this phrase with her is not on the same side! The mother from her memory is always blurry, each time she thinks of her, for no reason there is a warm feeling, "This perfect of a person....why not able to live past a hundred years and died?"

".....Do not know!"

Yin Luo laughed, as if thought of something, put away the smile. "Why is it that I can't remember even a little bit about her? Everyone says, she eventually went insane, also even wiping out a reknown sect of the time for no reason - Qing Yun! The entirety of the sect's disciples, all has been killed off, not even one was left. Say... Why did she do that?"


"Is it really because of insanity, therefore commited such a sin?"

Another long stretch of silence, Yue Ran suddenly stood up. In his tone, there is some impatience "Something that happened a thousand years ago, what's the point in you thinking so much about it? Sleep early, tomorrow still have to go back!"

Yin Luo pouted. She was just a tiny bit curious that's all, also she is currently sick, a sick person being a little wordy is forgiveable right? Thinking about herself, there is some rebeliousness again "Yue Ran, I want to drink water!" Seeing him going towards the table to get water, indecisively changed her mind "This water sat for too long, I want freshly boiled!"

The corner of Yue Ran's mouth twitched a couple times, angry from her obvious making trouble today. On his head appeared a few green veins, taking in a deep breath then turned around and went out through the room's door.

Seeing his distancing steps, Yin Luo grinned, revealing two small pointed teeth, smiling a bit mischeviously. If it were normal times, he would just roar, looks like being poisoned is good! Reaching her hand to take out the jade pendant at her waist, placing it at the head of the bead, glanced at it again before laying back down. This jade has followed her for a thousand years, really a bit reluctant to part with it!

六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 19

Bai Mu being surrounded and encircled by masses of demons, what was originally a blessed location, a Xian mountain with clouds everywhere, here it has already been buried underneath a sky full of demonic energies, dim and void of light.

Mu Zi Xin stared into the water mirror at the dense mass of Yao and Mo. Occasionally there will be some that come to provoke, their words unlacking in insults, but to the point. However, only surrounding and not attacking, as if they are waiting on something. Heart clouding slightly with confusion, faintly there is some unease, but cannot figure out the real intent.

"Has the reinforcments from the various sects arrived?" Mu Lin Li asked.

"Reporting to Head Master, they are already on the way!"

Brows tightened, he looked towards the Mu Zi Xin besides him "Continuing on like this, just afraid is not a solution. Zi Xin, how about you and I combine our strengths and break the seal of the array to allow in the aid from the various sects."

Mu Zi Xin lightly nodded "As of now, can only do that!"

Just about to turn and go out, from outside the room came an urgent shout.

"Don't! Absolutely cannot!" Yin Luo breathlessly rushed in, not paying attention to the others' startled expressions, grabbed onto Mu Zi Xin's hand.

"Yin Luo, you...." He was also slightly startled. "What happened?"

"Can't... can't let the the various sects come help!" Yin Luo took a deep breath, trying hard to steady her own breathing.

"What is this you are saying!" The Mu Lin Li at the side immediately angered, not caring for any manners anymore, said "My Bai Mu is currently threatened, the Xian realm have always standed together. Can't be that the various sects would stand and ignore instead?"

"It's that that!" Yin Luo gasped "I am saying the Mo realm encircling Bai Mu, is only an illusion. All those people are an illusion created by magic. Surrounding the mountain, there is not that much Yao Mo at all !"

When Yin Luo pantingly said this, everyone present recieved a shock. Mu Zi Xin's heart trembled, with quick steps he walked out of the temple, easily taking a tree leaf on the way, throwing it into the sky. At that moment only a gust of fierce wind swept past, heading straight into the clouds. In the sky above, demonic energies rolled, swaying in movement. Unexpectedly even the figures of people in the sky also followed and distorted in the swaying.

"They want to use spell, creating a false impression of Bai Mu being attacked, fooling the various sects to come help. The true intent is actually to attack the other sects in one sweep." Yin Luo said.

Mu Zi Xin's expression became cold, fingers moved in calculation, realized then that the people from the various sects are already halfway on their way, but the Mo realm's immense army directly aimed at Qiong Shan, Yu Jian, Sheng Yun and other sects were also pressing close.

"Chian Fan!" He turned towards Gu Chian Fan besides him, "Immediately go alert the various sects' friends who are coming towards Bai Mu to return promptly to their respective sects to resist the Mo realm's assault!" Then turning his head and looking towards the Mu Lin Li at the side who's face is already paled "Shi Xiong, please make a command for all the disciples, immediately launch an attack on the Mo realm!"

Mu Lin Li finally awoke, quickly turned and returned to the temple, raised his voice towards the thousand disciples filling the courtyard and said "Bai Mu's disciples, listen to order. Immediately attack, destroy the Yao Mo, safeguard the righteous way, protect Bai Mu!"

"Yes!" An orderly resonating echo sounded.

Suddenly Bai Mu's disciples left all together, only seeing countless trails of lights resembling shooting stars fly into the sky, towards the demonic masses.

Mu Zi Xin's regal figure stood like jade, tilting his head to look into the sky, that gradually dispersing demonic energy. Brows gathering together, the heart however is thinking about the safety of the various sects. Of the disciples, Chian Fan is of the best, only hope that he can get there in time!

A long sigh, turning his head towards the Yin Luo besides him, the corner of his lips moved slightly "Thank you Gu Niang for your warning! If it weren't for you, just afraid the Xian realm will experience a catastrophe."

Yin Luo smiled in reply "I just discovered on coincidence!"

"I owe you yet again!"

"Only a small labor, High Xian does not need to take it to heart!"

"To you it might only be a small labor, but to me it is actually..." His gaze lightly locked, directly looking into her expression, as if wanting to find something on her face.

Yin Luo unconsciously backed away a step, giving a faltering laugh, "Now that Bai Mu is battling the gathered Mo force, naturally they cannot do without High Xian!" The meaning behind the words, 'You should leave right away.'

Mu Zi Xin finally took back his gaze, glancing behind at the person behind whom had already caught up. Tilting his head to look into the chaotic sky, his eyes narrowed "Gu Niang take care, Zi Xin will take leave temporarily!" Then finally, he flew and joined into battle.

Yin Luo let out a big breath. She somehow feel that this person's gaze is getting sharper and sharper, almost like wanting to directly look into her heart.

"Why did you have to tell them and sell favor!" The Yue Ran that had caught up stood firm, still slightly enraged "The matters of the Xian realm, we should not stick our hands in!"

She sighed, knowing he still held a grudge towards the Xian realm "We are currently situated at Bai Mu, and anyways if the Xian realm is compltely demolished, to the Divine Mountain that is not exactly a good thing either!"

Yue Ran pressed his lips together, anger unchanging "Ya Tou! No matter what you do, they won't thank you! Do you know that in order to cast an illusion over the entire Bai Mu, but not alarm anyone, what kind of spell is that requiring?"

"I know!" Yin Luo gave a smile "It's one of the forbidden sealing techniques 'Sky Veil'"

"You know?" Yue Ran became even more enraged "Since you actually know, you should know furthermore that 'Sky Veil' 'Sneering Wanderer' 'Tian Ling Array' all have their origins with the God race. If they were to suspect that this incident is a concieved intent of the God race, at that time the last thing they'll do is thank you for saving them!"

"I also know this, but..." She turned around and looked at him "but I can't watch them die with my eyes wide open!"

Yue Ran was at a loss for words, looking at that determined expression in her eyes. She is ultimately of the God race, the soul of all creation. To make her watch lives perish with her eyes wide open is ultimately impossible. It has nothing to do with anything else, that is her innate nature.

"Do whatever you want!" Seeing that persuasion failed, can only let out a long sigh. He took a step forward, blocking in front her "The favor, you already helped. Now stay put for me. Them engaging in battle, can't guarantee that you won't be hit by a stray blow!"

Yin Luo blanked out for a moment, glancing at him standing in front of her like a mother hen, again unable to help the corner of her lip curving upwards. At the bottom of her heart something warm seeped out. When arriving he had said before that he would try his best to protect her, at this moment he is exactly using actions to prove it. Can she slightly, again, believe him this once?

On the peak of the Divine Mountain, a red robed lady was with her head lowered, looking into the image inside the water mirror. On Bai Mu's xian mountain, Xian and Mo are in battle. Illusion broken, demonic energy completely dispersed , leaving behind Yao and Mo not even five hundred. The situation immediately reversed.

Brows furrowed, a moment of deep thought, a cold tone sounded "Qing Zhi"

Words dropping, the center of the empty and quiet great hall flassed a green figure. A lone person knelt on one knee on the floor "Lord Honor!"

"How is the preparation?"

"Reporting to Lord Honor!" His two hands came together, "It has been arranged in accordance to Lord Honor's order."

A sound of acknowledgement. She turned her body around and continued to looking to the water mirror before her.

"Only..." The brows of the person on the floor tightened briefly, on the face is a difficult expression.


"Subordinate discovered, the person who surrounded Bai Mu is the Mo Realm's newly appointed Fifth Herald, named 'Su Xian'"

"Su Xian?" The area between her brows tightened slightly. Fingers moving in calculation, her expression became cold. Hastily turning around and stared unmovingly towards the water mirror, on the face that usually never shows any change, unexpectedly revealed a few degrees of heaviness. Furthermore, the hand besides her body instantly clenched tight.

Bai Mu xian mountain, disciples enter and exit. The Mo Realm used "Sky Veil" forbidden art, creating confusion. What looked like an entire sky filled with Yao and Mo, is in fact not even amount to five hundred. An abrubt battle came on, all in exception of the few leading, have largely been subdued.

"You lot have no where to escape!" Head Master Mu held a fiery sword, with a stern face looking towards the last dozen of Yao and Muo that has already been thoroughly seized.

At the lead is a black robed man, demonic nature enveloping the entire body, a pair of eyes like burnt incense. At the center of the forehead is a small black demonic mark, especially eye-catching. In hand is a five inch thick longsword. He stared, full with resentment, at Mu Ling Li. This person was Su Xian.

"Those of the various sects have already gone back, as of now the Mo Realm has no chances for victory, you should surrender early. Do not continue accumulating sin from killing!"

"Commit sin?" Su Xian let out a cold laugh, becoming loud laughter. "HA HA HA... not false, I just want to commit sin, I just want to kill off your entire herd of self-righteous Xian Realm people!"

"My Bai Mu and you have no fate or enmity, the Mo Realm and Xian Realm also have been mutually sound, for what reason must you stir up conflict?

"Mutually sound! Huh!" Su Xian's expression iced, the hatred in his eyes intensified "You Xian Realm self boast as pure streams, on the surface don't stur up strife, but in the background slay countless of my Mo Realm, even self-labeling it as whatever 'eliminate demons, defend righteousness?'"

"That is because you Mo Realm unheedingly trouble the mortal realm, disrupting the order of the six realms!"

"Order? What is order? Who determines the order of the six realms?" He refuted "That is only an excuse for your hypocritical, self-crowned throne!

"Insolence!" Mu Lin Li's eyes became severe, anger completely filling his visage. "How can I tolerate your slandering the Xian Realm!"

"Have I spoken falsity? You can turn a blind eye to your own people in their critical time, fearing head and tail, no need to mention those of other realms?"

"Absurdity!" Mu Lin Li let out an angry breath, "The Xian Realm has always been held together by a common breath, following the righteous way of the world! How can there be a happening like you have said?"

"Don't believe it?" Su Xian let out a dry laugh "It can't be that Head Master Mu has forgotten, a thousand years ago the incident of Qing Yun Sect's fall overnight, right?"

His facial expression delayed, appearing as if thinking of something, dazed out for a moment.

Su Xian's laugh darkened "The Goddess Chi Ji, in a night's time massacred the entirety of Qing Yun. I dare to ask, the Xian Realm then, had there been anyone that spoke even half a justifying word?"

He frowned. The incident of Qing Yun's fall, that occured a thousand years ago is common knowledge. "That incident was underlying with Chi Ji's plunge into madness, the consequence of loosing sanity, an unintentional wrong. Further, Chi Ji is already dead. Naturally it's impossible to trace!"

"Bull shit!" He suddenly became furious "You are all obviously just fearful of the Gods' authority, afraid to challenge the God race!"

Mu Lin Li's pair of brows gathered tightly, not wanting to continue wasting words. "Saying more is no use, if today you are not taken down, will be difficult to uphold the name of my Bai Mu!"

Finished talking, flying forward, the assault was fierce. Immediately, the sky filled with glints of swords flowing. Su Xian held his sword and blocked the sword attack, body did a backwards flip, borrowing the momentum of his sword, making a counter attack. In that moment, only can hear a ear-stinging sound, a million streaks of white light bursted from between the two touching swords. One Mo and one Xian, two bodies of immense energy collided.

Those nearby put up barriers one after another, defending against that permeating collision force.

Mu Lin Li was secretly startled, not expecting that this Su Xian was possessing of such capability. That blow didn't only block his sword force, but sent it back entirely. Just afraid that this person's skill is not below his own. Immediately gathering the mind and heart together, he whole-heartedly prepared to meet combat.

Because flashing lights rose again, the sky endlessly flashed with bright light. After a long while, Mu Lin Li gradually was subdued to the downwind, all of the sword attacks he used were completely dissolved.

A cold smile was on Su Xian's lips "Bai Mu's Head Master is only so." Seeing the perfect timing, taking advantage of the sword attack, making a backhanded stab, reverting from defence into offense, directly aiming at the chest. Mu Lin Li did not react in time, saw that he was about to take a sword.

Suddenly a white figure flashed by, Su Xian's sword suddenly bounced back three feet. Mu Zi Xin had rushed in on time, blocking down that fatal sword attack.

Su Xian's eyes narrowed lightly, looking towards that person who had suddenly intervened into the battle. A white jade sword was in his hand, cold air flowing in all directions. "Bai Mu Zi Xin! So you are one of the Xian Realm's four High Xians?"

Mu Zi Xin's facial expression didn't change, turned around and replied: "Shi Xiong, will have to trouble you to go take care of the injured disciples!"

Mu Lin Li took a glance at Su Xian, contemplated for a while, at that nodding his head. "You be careful!" This person is not someone he can take up.

Su Xian's grip tightened on the sword in his hand, "Good. I, Su Xian, today would like to see for myself what kind of capability does a so-called High Xian have afterall?" Words not yet finished, the attack is already in formation. Sword glinted fiercely, only aiming to kill.

Mu Zi Xin silently stood in the air, a hand behind his back, white robe flowing, an indescribable elegance. His expression had still yet to show any turbulences, as if unable to see that closely arriving sword assault of his.

Can see that sword force has already made it over, suddenly his body flickered. Su Xian only felt a gust of cold rush over from his left side, hurriedly turning his body around. Only saw Mu Zi Xin's sword already arrived, he raised his sword and blocked it, the perfect opportunity was already lost.

From the side of his ear drifted over a few lines of incantation, he knew this was not good. Just about to withdraw and retreat, Mu Zi Xin raised his hand and with a wave, a thread of light flew from between his fingers. Immediately it caught onto Su Xian, in a matter of a moment rendered him unable to move.

A Restraint Spell!

Su Xian was greatly startled. He actually used a mere one move, capturing him then and there. Not disappointing as Bai Mu's High Xian!

Now you've all met yet another important guy. It was so hard finding someone other than Yuan Hong who fits Su Xian. There's other reasons why it can only be Yuan Hong, but that's a mystery to be revealed some chaps later.

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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 18
The heaven and earth that had been in brightness, in a short time becomes overcasted by dark clouds, an endless dusk. Negative energy is flowing everywhere in the sky. At the highest of the main hall, Mu Lin Li paces back and forth, his face in anxiety. Mu Zi Xin stands silently at the side, slightly furrowing his brows. On each person's face, there is some degree of distress. Only Yin Luo who sits at the head seat is silently sipping her tea.

A disciple hurriedly rushed in, on him there is some blood stain, and kneels down on one knee, "Head Master!'


"Reporting to Head Master, the Mo Realm has already sealed all of the exit channels. The sky is also covered by a large army."

Mu Lin Li's expression slightly turns into bewilderment, jaw clenched, and relentlessly lands a palm on the table. The table immediately splits into pieces, "Detestable! this Mo Wang is too arrogant. First, it's the Jade Pool, and now they brazenly go against my Bai Mu!"

"Is the one leading, Mo Jun?" Mu Zi Xin takes a step forward and says.

"It is not!" The disciple answers, "Mo Jun is not present. The ones leading are the Mo Realm's Four Guards. There is also a person by the name Su Xian, who self proclaims himself to be the Mo Realm's Fifth Guard."

"Fifth Guard?" Mu Lin Li turned his head around, slightly surprised, "The Mo Realm has always only had Four Guards, since when had they come out with a Fifth Guard?"

"Su Xian, this person is indeed never been heard of before." Mu Zi Xin also shook his head, and continued to ask, "This time, how many of the Mo Realm has come?"

"About four thousand yao and mo!"

"Four thousand!" Mu Lin Li takes one step closer in shock, "Four thousand yao mo, how could they manage to appear overnight at Bai Mu, and moreover not be discovered by anyone?"

"Your disciple does not know."

"Zi Xin, this....." Mu Lin Li for the moment did not know what to do. The Mo realm apparently was here prepared. All his Bai Mu disciples added together is not even a thousand. With addition of all the different friends from the various sects who came to get rid of the negative energy on themselves, altogether is not even two thousand. Zi Xin, although a High Xian, but just then helping everyone to rid the negative energy, has still not fully recultivated his energy yet. This battle, afraid there is no chance of winning.

Mu Zi Xin's thick brows were still tightly furrowed, but still unable to come up with a reason. With his cultivation, not to say four thousand Yao Mo, even if it was a slight trace of Yao energy, him being within a hundred mile radius could sense it. Yet the Mo Realm was able to, without anybody knowing, encircle Bai Mu and not alarm even one person. Unless....

His facial color slightly changed, turned around to take a glance at Yin Luo who was at the side, "Gu Niang, right now the Mo Realm is attacking my Bai Mu. Your God race is naturally having no relation with this. Only have to temporary trouble you to stay here, I hope you understand!"

Yin Luo stilled, her lips moved, but in the end restrained, and slowly start to nod, "That's alright!"

"Someone come, take Second Master to the guest room to rest!" He instructed, Yin Luo naturally had gladly accepted. The affairs between the two realms of Xian and Mo, has nothing to do with her, and it is not suitable for her to put a hand in. It's only, she had not expected Mu Zi Xin would actually allow her to not intervene.

"Zi Xin!" Seeing Yin Luo having gone far, Mu Lin Li frowned said, "Why didn't you have her notify Her Honor to come. If so, then our Bai Mu's crisis could become solved, wouldn't it?"

"Shi Xiong!" Mu Zi Xin tightened his brows, his expression becoming slightly heavy, "This is our Bai Mu's issue!"

"You...." Mu Lin Li was about to refute, but seeing his brows tightly furrowed, his expression of determination, and knows that any more said is no use, he heaved a sigh and said, "Just do as you think... but those four thousand yao mo outside, what to do? They just appear like this, soundless and traceless, and don't even know what kind of spell they used!"

Mu Zi Xin lifted his head to look towards the sky at the surge of heavy Yao energy. His eyes narrowed, and slowly started to speak, "Shi Xiong, have you heard before, the prehistoric God Race had a series of practices where the practicer will use his soul as the medium, the more he practices, his soul would gradually scatter until it disappears. Amongst them is one practice called: Sneering Voyage, which could in an instant teleport to anywhere."

"Sneering Voyage?" Mu Lin Li gave it a thought, and is followed with great shock, "You are saying that them Mo Realm's striking force, is the God Race....?"

"That could never be!" Mu Zi Xin cut him off, "This set of practices although coming from the God Race, but because it is too potent, so is labeled as forbidden practices, and all on the Divine Mountain are not allowed to practice it. Even if learned this practice, in one life can only utilize it very few times. Moreover, many of the practices in the world come from the God Race."

"You are saying that in the group of Mo outside, there is someone who has learned this practice?"

Mu Zi Xin nodded.

Headmaster Mu's expression becomes more sunken, "Then the plan now, is that we can only wait for the other sects to come aid us, only now Bai Mu's channel arrays are all sealed, even if all the sects rush over will still need half a day. If the Mo Realm decides at this moment to lauch their attack...."

Mu Zi Xin frowned, once again glancing outside at the still gloomy sky, his expression in that moment becomes more imposing, "What I am worried about is not the Mo Realm's attack. Although the Mo Realm has already surrounded Bai Mu, yet they are delaying any actions, only sealing us. Only afraid that they are not simply just want to attack our Bai Mu!"

"Then, from what you see..."

"Can only wait and see!"

"Ya Tou, you really want to stay here?" Yue Ran asked, pulling at Yin Luo who was walking in front.

"Other than this, what else can we do?" Yin Luo habitally smiled, "We can't get out, isn't it?"

"But, I still don't want to stay here!" Yue Ran brows were dead tight, his entire face shows his disagreement. "We are of the Divine Mountain, these affairs between the two realms of Xian and Mo have no relations with us. Even if we go out, there won't be anyone who dares hold us back!"

"But we still can't be sure that they won't hold us back!"

"Ya Tou!" Yue Ran anger suddenly flares, turns around and glares at her, then like suddenly thought up something, eyes suddenly went big, "It can't be that you... towards that whatever High Xian, still carry some kind of expectance, right?"

Yin Luo's expression briefly went stagnant, then follows with laughter, "How could that be? If I can take it up, can also put it down. That...has already passed. He is Bai Mu's High Xian, and I am the God Race's abandoned... Yin Luo. This I am very clear about."

Yue Ran compressed his lips, still there is some disbelief. After staring at her for a while, he finally reluctantly took back his stare.

Yin Luo slowly turned her head around, readily plucking down a leaf. Putting it in the palm of her hand and holding it between her fingers, she finally said gloomily, "Yue Ran, actually.... I'm very afraid of dying! Although I don't know why... I just... just want to live."

"You can't die!" Yue Ran crossed a look at her, "You're a God!"

She became blank for a moment, laughed, "That's right, I am with a God's body. But..." She again plucked down another leaf, "There's no certainty in anything. If Gods really don't die, then my mother Chi Ji, and the God race of the world which was orginally so populous, how did they perish? So... it's not that Gods don't die, it's just they are more resilient, that's all!"

Yue Ran twitched his lips, not expressing his thoughts.

"Before, I thought that time to me has no meaning. So one day passed, is just one day passed. After the Jade Pool incident.... I finally understand, that time to me, is actually very limited! So instead of living aimlessly, why not take advantage of this limited time, do things that I am willing to do."

"What is it that you actually want to say?" Yue Ran frowned, feeling that in her words there are words.

Yin Luo smiled until her eyes became lines, and asked in response, "Yue Ran, you...do you have something you really want to remember? Or perhaps person!"

Yue Ran gave it a thought, and then profoundly in a sunken tone replied, "Before, there was. Right now, it already doesn't matter."

"Then, if there is something or someone you really want to remember, if you forget, what would you do?" She asked.

"What else can be done?" He frowned, "If forgot, then try to remember it. If can't remember, then can only give up!"

"Oh." She nodded her head, slightly dispirited.

"What is it you really want to ask?" He keeps feeling that she was somewhat strange, but unable to point out where strange.

Yin Luo gradually tilted her head down, hanging tight, her expression unclear. After awhile, she unexpectangly reached out her hand to grab his sleeve, and spoke with a heaviness, her voice sounded choked, "Yue Ran... I... seem to have forgotten something?"

"Forgotten...." Yue Ran was startled! His facial complexion instantly becomes a bit pale, abruptly pulls back his sleeve. In his eyes, lightning flashed or fire flickered, something seemed to have passed by.

But seeing Yin Luo lifted her head up, her face already gathered into a bundle, a look showing extreme distress. She chokingly said, "Tell me... Did I.... forget something?"

Yue Ran took a step back, his expression was a bit strange. He lifted the corner of his lip, "Why... ask so?"

"Since that time coming back injured from the Abyss, in my head, I would from time to time flash by some traces of scattered scenes. Those scenes seem familiar, however there's completely no memory of them." And afterwards, would not be able to recall the details inside those scenes, "Even if I try very hard to recall, it seems in my heart, it is separated by a layer of gauze, just cannot remember." Only, her heart there is a faint stinging pain. She really seems to have forgotten something, someone, someone who is very very important to her.

"Anything... can't recall anything at all?" Yue Ran tried probing.

Yin Luo tightened her brows and shook her head, "It's not everything. This thousand years of memories, I have. Just have some kind of feeling of forgetting something! Yue Ran, you and I had grown up together since little. Can you tell me?"

"You're thinking too much!" Yue Ran tugged at the corner of his lips, "Your memory has always been good. These thousand years, what incident was there that you don't remember? I don't even remember as good as you!"

"But... I, towards the things before I was ten..."

"Then, you were still just a kid. How can you remember things!" Yue Ran cut short her words.

She thought carefully. That did make sense. At the age of 10, what could she remember? Only, in her heart it still remains hollow. That is, throughout these thousand years, a feeling she has always had. Feeling that somewhere was not right, even for why she would memorize everything that has happened in these thousand years this clearly, she could not find a reason for.

Taking a deep breath, no longer to think about it, inwardly told herself to relax. "That's right, I've memorized all the things that has happened in these thousands of years, so why care about those ten years," raising her head to look towards the sky that was still filled with hazy Yao energy, "Right now, only hope that the affairs between the two realms of Xian and Mo can be resolved quickly. Both not having any damages would be good."

Yue Ran makes a sound in disagreement, scoffing, "The Xian Realm's affairs have no relations with us. Why must you worry about this!"

"Althought saying so, but right now we are in Bai Mu! Worrying is natural!"

Yue Ran turned his head, face still angry and full of resentment. She is actually becoming slightly curious, "Yue Ran, you dislike the people of the Xian realm?" Since they have arrived at Bai Mu, he seems to have not been happy. In the beginning, she had thought that he was worried for her. Right now looking at it, seems not to be so.

He turned around and takes a look at her, his expression cooled, "Those of the Xian realm have always considered their own life as extraordinary. In the name of benevolence and righteousness, saying whatever "The Living World As Priority." In reality, they are hypocrites, a selfish and self-serving group. In these years, those who have sought up to the Divine Mountain, had there been any less of these kind of people?"

Yin Luo smiled, but did not agree or disagree. Shaking her head, not wanting to continue discussing the topic, but then looked up at the sky again. When will it be that she can finally go back?

"What time is it now?" She causually asked.

"Close to mid-day!" Yue Ran lifted his head and looked.

"Oh!" Yin Luo lightly responded, just about to take a step over and enter the room. However, by not checking, was blocked by tree branches in the way, almost hurting her eyes.

"Hey! Can't you be more mindful!" Yue Ran scolded her for her carelessness, "This branch was only hidden in the shadow of the tree and you can't see it?" He reached his hand out to fend off the tree branches, turned his head around to see her staring at the long tree shadow under her feet, unblinkingly.


"Yue Ran.... you said right now it still hasn't reached mid-day?"

"Yes!" He raised his head to look in the direction of that dim sun light. From the mid day, there is still some distance. Suddenly seeming to have thought up something, expression stern, he abruptly bent his head down, wide eyes looking at the reflection below his feet.

The two made eye contact.

"Ya Tou... could it be that this is..."

His words had not finished, Yin Luo has already turned around and in quick steps ran towards the main assembly hall.

We still don't know what exactly Yin Luo has forgotten, but it seems that she did pick up something because she knows there is definitely something important that she's forgotten. What or who did she exactly forget? Who is Bai Zhu and who is the mysterious Black Robed man? and is Yue Ran hiding something from her? Will we find out in the next chapter? check back next week to find out.

This will be our last chapter for Summer Break. Going back to school next week, but we'll try to post up a chapter each week.

六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 17
Long overdue chapter. We've been very occupied with some new novels, so took us some time to post up this chapter. In this chapter we get a little gist that there had been some possible past forgotten histories between Mu Zi Xin and Yin Luo.
She originally wanted to reject again, but seeing him already walking in front, let out a sigh, and caught up. She honestly does not want to ride on the same sword as him!

Shaking her head, just as she took a step, something fell down from her body, echoing a crisp sound. On the ground lays a white piece of jade. The red string originally on the jade had broken.

She was about to bend down and pick it up, but someone was faster than her by a step. He reached down and picked it up.

"A Moon Jade Pendant?" Mu Zi Xin held it in his hand and carefully examined, on his lips is a faint smile. In his eyes, something flashed by.

"Right!" Yin Luo replied with a smile.

"This jade is yours?"

She nodded.

"This jade... Gu Niang has always carried it on you?" He seemed to ask out of curiosity, his gaze is directly aimed at her though.

Yin Luo replied, "It can conceal the energy around my body, naturally I'd keep it on me." Most important is that it can conceal the God mark that is on the center of her forehead.

"Is that so?" He slowly raised the corner of his lips, appearing to be very glad, carefully looked at the jade in his palm. In a soft voice, he whispered "Yin Luo, you've told me before, all the things in these past thousand years, you remember clearly?"

She slightly blanked, not knowing why he suddenly asked this question, but still nodded according to truth. Her memory is indeed very good. No matter what incident, even if it's passed a thousand years it's still clear.

He lighly held the jade pendant in his hand, eyes narrowed slightly. His voice became even lower "If that's so, then would you still remember the origin of this jade pendant...?"

Yin Luo became blank for a moment, looked towards his palm "This item, as long as I can remember, has been with me! As for the origin..." She indeed doesn't have memory of.

Mu Zi Xin's expression sunked, but returned back to normal in a flash, brought up her hand, and put the jade pendent in her palm. His stare is fixed on her while she put the jade pendant away, and suddenly whispers lightly, "It's alright....as long as I remember!"

"Huh?" She didn't hear clearly, turned her head and looked over.

However he already retreated a step "This jade is very valuable, in the world there is only this one piece. Hope that Gu Niang will cherish it more!"

Faintly feeling that there is something amiss, it appears there is something missing from his smile, but she didn't want to think too deeply into it.

Mu Zi Xin promptly raises his hand, summoning out his accompanying sword, and reached out his hand "Let's go over there!"

Yin Luo stared at that completely pure white sword, resisting but unable to step away, seems like something is clogged in her heart. She forced out a smile onto her face "Thank you for the good intent, High Xian, but... Ah!"

She didn't even finish talking, a tightness suddenly on her wrist, was forcibly pulled onto the sword by him.

"Not a bother!" He smiled indiferently. The corner of Yin Luo's lips twitched. This isn't an issue of bother or not bother, right?

Without time to gasp even, they have already soared up into the air. Can only out of reflex grab onto the lapel of the person in front's robe, but raised her head and saw that heavenly face at close proximity. She sucked in a breath of cold air, instantly became stiff.

The him today, doesn't he seem overly enthusiastic? Or that, this is how he is normally is? Before, did her eyes miss something?

No matter how to put it, this proximity, still makes her feel slightly uncomfortable. Suddenly remembering, previously when entering the abyss, they had been standing this close. The her of that moment had greedily wished to stand closely like this for a lifetime. Not knowing that this kind of closeness, has never been a luxury she should wish for. The more sincerity she puts into it, the more heart-tuggiing the bite of betrayal will be. In the end, the one hurt will still be herself.

But now as she is standing like this, other than feeling slightly stuffy, there isn't the feeling of blossoms madly blooming within her heart.

In that moment the dreary feeling in her heart doubled. The heartbeats that were still slightly out of control just now, instantly quieted down again, quiet to the point herself cannot hear them anymore. Only the trace of a faint smile on the edge of her lips is left.

"Yin Luo, you... are resenting me, right?" Words with heaviness sounded from her side. Only then did she realize, the person besides her has been looking at her all along.

She tested takes a step away to create some distance, the corner of her lips habitually rising upwards "High Xian, why would you ask so?"

"..." The corner of his lips moved ever so slightly, didn't continue to speak on.

Yin Luo wanted to take back her hand that is being held, but realized that he is holding onto it exceptionally tight. Confusedly lifting her head, noticed that on his face that smile resembling the brush of a light breeze has already disappeared. What it's been changed into is a thoughtful look directed at herself.

Continued staring, until Yin Luo started to unconciously avoid that intense gaze. Only then did he let out a sigh, turned around to look at the endless sky around them.

"Don't worry, I don't have anything to ask of the Divine Mountain's Lord Honor! I'm not intending to gain anything through you."

"Yes!" She knows, he is already a High Xian.

"If asking what is most important to me, there's only my Bai Mu's ten thousand years of foundation. Also..." He suddenly appears to have thought of something, brows tightened slighly, changed the subject and said "Have I told you before that what my Bai Mu focuses on is Shuang Xiu (paired cultivation)?"

The corner of her lips twitched again, weakly nodded her head in reply "Yes!" Only this had nothing to do with her.

His brows gathered even tighter "This Shuang Xiu focuses on a connection through heart and spirit, so the cultivators of Shuang Xiu must be husband and wife, so as to not fall into the Muo path. It's a pity up to now, I have still not found the person to pursue Shuang Xiu with me!"

"That's really a pity!" She pulled on the corner of her lips. These things, it's not necessary to tell her right?

His eyes narrowed slightly, let out a long sigh, a trace of pain passed through "Not meaning to conceal, actually... since a thousand years ago, Zi Xin's heart already has someone!"

Yin Luo's hands shook, slowly held tight, head buried even lower.

"Because my Bai Mu focuses on Shuang Xiu, so Bai Mu's disciples, their entire lifetime can only have one wife. Starting from the time I first met her, I then chose only one person, her." He appears to have thought of something, the corner of his lips lightly rose.

Yin Luo still is with her head down, sinking ever lower! This should be a good thing? She is happy for him. At the bottom of her heart, a wave of ache. Reaching her hand out and giving herself a pinch on her thigh, produced sounds of laughter. "Congratulations... High Xian!"

"It's a pity... as of now I still have not found her!" His tone sunk, lowering his head, strange light glimmering in his eyes "From that time meeting afterwards, I've sought her for a thousand years!"

Yin Luo was also stunned "Why is that?"

He gave a laugh, the edge of his lips overflowing with bitterness "The time that I met her, I had promised would meet her again. If only I had known that parting would actually be a thousand years. I've searched everywhere within the six realms, but still cannot find any trace of her scent."

"That's... really a pity!" This person really has a lot to say today. Even if she does not want to listen, he doesn't stop. So she can only tell herself to stay relaxed, stay relaxed.

"That day, from when I entered under Bai Mu's door, hasn't reached a hundred years, exactly the stage of fledging into a Xian. In the face of great calamity, risking death, it's her that saved me in that distress." He chuckled, suddenly his eyes are full with starlight "I remember that time, she rode a fire phoenix! I was young then, she was even younger, perhaps not over ten years of age. Riding on the fire phoenix, obviously herself is almost about to fall down. But stubbornly wanted to pull me out."

Yin Luo quietly listened. Out of nowhere, her mind flashed by some fragmented images. Thinking deeper into it, she already cannot grasp them anymore.

"Ironically, that fire phoenix is unlacking in spirituality, obviously is a spiritual beast that can soar the entire world, yet because of her is carefully flapping it's wings. Her on the other hand..." He let out a soft laugh "She was holding on too tight, right then and there plucked off half of the feathers from the fire phoenix's neck." It looks like he was reminded of the situation at that time, issues a chuckle.

"That time I promised what I could achieve, if in the future she has any troubles, I would try my very best to help. I have gave her a keepsake gift, the reason being exactly that she could one day come find me, unfortuneatly... she never appeared again..." His gaze slightly sunk, again looking towards the jade pendant in her hand.

"Why not go look for her?" Becoming slightly uncomfortable under his staring, she casually asked.

"I've looked before!" He chuckled "I've searched everywhere in the entire six realms, still cannot find her figure. Afterwards..." He suddenly turned his head around and looked towards her.

"What afterwards?"

"Afterwards I thought back, her body has a special aura. Therefore I devoted myself to cultivation, in my heart thinking that through using Xian powers, carefully observing the world, attempt and see if it's perhaps possible through that unique aura, to find her!"

"Have you found it yet?"

He raised the corner of his lips, smile deepening, eyebrows and eyes becoming curves, appearing as if blooms of little red flowers would flutter out from his face. Eyes fixed on her face, softly whispered "Have found it!"

That smile of his, was a bit too dazzling. Yin Luo couldn't help it and raised her head again, "Re..really! Then congratulations, High Xian!" She pulled on the corner of her lips, turned her head to avoid those pressing eyes. "If there's a chance really want to see her, that lady that you have searched a thousand years for!"

His gaze narrowed into a thread, inside it there is something sparkling "You truly want to see her?"

"..." She just wanted to be polite, can't she?

"It's only a pity..." His eyes still don't leave her "What I've held in my heart throughout these thousand years, yet she completely doesn't..."

"Ya Tou!" Without waiting for him to finish speaking, from that direction suddenly traveled over an urgent call. Only seeing Yue Ran hurridly arrive on a sword, sending a hard stare towards the Mu Zi Xi besides her, turned to look to her "Are you alright? Why did it take so long to walk?"

"No...nothing!" Yin Luo chuckled and replied. Can't say she was forced by someone to go chatting, right?

"Why is the way back so slow? I see that the disciples of the various sects have already left, only missing trace of you!" He says in rage. Gaze aimed towards Mu Zi Xin, with anger bursting into the sky. Again seeing them standing on one sword together, brows knotted into a deadlock. With one hand he made a mark, helping her gather together a cloud. Without saying anything, with one tug already dragged Yin Luo down. "The matter is settled already, about time to go back!"

"Yue Ran!" She didn't get the chance to yelp, and already was dragged down. Mu Zi Xin's gaze became slightly stern.

Yue Ran flew the entire way back to Bai Mu's main peak. Mu Lin Li is still waiting over there, only his expression is strange, especially the expression when looking at Yue Ran. It had quite a degree of fury. Must have been Yue Ran, because of waiting for her, had irritated this head master.

"Zi Xin!" Immediately upon landing on the ground, he directly ignored the two people in front, rushing to the person in the back "Are you alright?"

"Shi Xiong don't worry, I'm fine?"

"How can you be fine?" Mu Lin Li frowned, clasping onto his pulse. "Dispersing the negative energy of so many people all at once, it must've consumed a lot of your core energy."

Upon him saying this, Yin Luo also turned around. Just then as he was smiling radiantly, she had not thought about this aspect. Taking an attentive look at his facial color, it was truly abnormal, his forehead covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

Opening her mouth wanting to say something, she changed her mind last minute "Head Master Mu, since the Liu Hua has been delivered, the negative energy expelled, Yin Luo should not be a bother, shall now report my leave!"

Mu Zi Xin's gaze sunk a bit, again using that pressing gaze to look at her. He was just about to open his mouth but was interrupted by a disciple urgently rushing in.

"Head Master, outside... outside..." The arrived person was in complete panic, one hand pointing outside, brows knitted and eyes darting around. For half a day, he was unable to force out a single complete phrase.

"Qing Yi!" Mu Ling Li sharply called out his name, his face becoming cold. "What matter is this alarming?"

That disciple paused a moment, only then remembering ettiquite, the panic on the face unchanged, folded his hands together and replied "Reporting to the Head Master, beyond the mountain... beyond the mountain suddenly emerged, emerged large numbers of people belonging to the Mo realm. Already has Bai Mu heavily surrounded!"


Once these words came out, it shook every person present.

In previous chapters, we already know that Yin Luo can not remember anything from when she was born up to age 10, this chapter reveals that Mu Zi Xin was someone that she has forgotten during that period of time. As for why she does not remember, you'll have to wait to find out. hehe

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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 16
"Has Gu Niang's injuries recovered somewhat?" Mu Zi Xin lightly asked, lips raised slightly. That aura, untaintable by dust, starts to permeate again.

"Thank you, thank you!" Yin Luo very earnestly, very effortedly keeping her head bowed. This person although is a Xian, but when he smiles it's ten out of ten a harm. "It's already completely recovered!"

But he stopped abrubtly.

"Give me your hand, I'll help you to take a look!" Seeing she was a bit surprised, the curve of his lips became greater, "I've taken notice that your energy is not as it was that day, your breathing is slightly unstable, so I wanted to check!"

Breathing being unstable, that is clearly from being frightened by you. Her preserved honey! In the future, where will she go to find Mo Yi, to give her another bag?

Thinking this, heartachingly glancing at the preserved honeys that is still in his arms. She switched the Liu Hua over to her left hand, leaned her body over, hesitatingly reached out her right hand. The preserved honey he has already confiscated, this time he wouldn't want to take her hand too, would he?

"The left hand isn't convenient?"

"The wrist has been cut before!" She meant when leaving the Jade Pool, that time when she cut her wrist. "So I don't want it to be grabbed!"

He was unconvinced, lightly pressed on her pulse, his lips replied "Have you applied medicine? For a lady, if leaving any scars, it's not a good thing afterall!"

Yin Luo's smile is brilliant. "Even if I wanted to leave one, might not be able to keep one! I'm with a God's body, no matter what wound, naturally it'll close by itself, no need to apply remedy!"

His lips moved, paused and continued "That's good then, but you should be even more careful!"

"Take a hit, learn to dodge. Thank you High Xian for the concern!" She will be very careful, won't get hurt again. No matter where.

"Worrying about you is natural, you... my Bai Mu is indebted to!" His brows tightened.

"That is only a light favor, besides, you have also saved my friend!"

She admits to herself that she has a lot of patience, but the pulse that this Bai Mu's High Xian is taking seems to be too long.

He finally loosened his hand, "Gu Niang doesn't have any major problem, just the breathing is a little unstable. Just rest more, condition the breathing. Can surely make a recovery. In the early evening go outside and meditate breathing, take in the air that's full of vital energies! The body will recover even faster!"

"Thank you High Xian for the tip!"

"As for the negative energy, can rest assured. You have not contracted it!"

Her expression stilled. Clearly Yue Ran had said that day that the negative energy had entered her body, even already damaged her core. But right now he is saying that there is no negative energy inside of her body? It truly makes one exhuast the explanations. Could it be that, that kind of thing can just be scattered merely with a few careless blows (like dandelion seed?) actually? But with this, Mu Zi Xin has no need to lie to her about.

Anyhow, the track is quite a distance. It's already been half a day of walking, still not there yet? Scanning the surroundings, couldn't help the corner of her mouth twitch.

"High Xian, can I ask something?"

"Please ask!"

She shakingly reached out her hand, "If I didn't see wrong, that tree over there, on the way from Xi Yi Temple doorway, hadn't we seen it before?"

He looked along the direction of Yin Luo's hand, still with that light as wind and cloud appearance "It's exactly that one!"

The corner of her lips twitched even more "High Xian's meaning is saying, that is where I came from?"


"Then the disciples that have contracted with the negative energy is where?"

He tilted his head upwards "They're up there!"

Yin Luo looked upwards, can only see directly in the above direction, actually there is also another floating mountain. Compared to when at Xi Yi Temple, it is much smaller. Everywhere is white fog, gathered into round shapes, that's the affect of being harnessed by magic.

That is also saying, if wanting to go up there, there wouldn't even be the need for walking, must board a cloud or ride a sword "Then the big segment of track that we just walked is..."

"Yes!" He nodded his head "We just made a circle!"

She wants to cough blood! Just made a circle! Just only! Cannot believe it, a person like this that resembles Liu Hua, in the end so lightheartedly speaks out this startling truth.

She was saying why is this Xi Yi Temple so big, so it turns out to be big in this way.

"Can I... I ask, why High Xian taking me around in circles?" Calmness, she needs calmness. Show kindness to others, show kindness to others.

He drew his brows together, appears to be thinking deeply on this question, turned his head around looking up at the sun in the sky, opened his mouth and replied "It's noon!"

"Huh?" What does this have to do with going around in circles?

"Sun energy is most prevalent at this hour!" He suddenly put away his smile, replied with a face of seriousness "Please follow me into there to save the people!"

"Eh? Sure!" Yin Luo answered with a lag, her mind still a wadd of paste.

Mu Zi Xin had already raised his hand, summoning out that pure white sword of his. Standing on the sword with his hand outstretched, the meaning of that is very clear. He is inviting her to ride together on one sword.

Deliberately ignoring his hand, taking a step to the side, she directly stepped onto the body of the sword.

Mu Zi Xin smiled indifferently, instead with a change of hand, secured a hold on her waist.

"Be careful!" A soft tone came from besides her ear.

Yin Luo instantly tensed up! Tried very hard to tell herself, he knows that she does not know how to ride a sword, it's out of kindness,only kindness. Desperately holding back to not ask, why does he not, like last time escorting her into Jade Pool, simply have her board a patch of cloud.

Although confident that she is standing very straight already, but still she can smell an illusion-like fragrance drift over from behind her body, that is... the fragrance of peach blossom!

She immediately brought the bundle of Liu Hua in her hands up under her nose, sniffing them madly, as if her life depends on it, putting all her effort into sniffing. Putting too much heart into sniffing it, she completely lost awareness of the situation besides her. Even more, didn't dwell on why this time, he is flying this slow.

"Gu Niang, do you know what the cultivation practice of our Bai Mu is?" He suddenly asked.

"I do not know." Yin Luo is still caught amidst the flowers.

"Commonly, those training and cultivating to approach enlightment, are all focused on Dan Xiu (solo cultivation). If of good standards, after a thousand year's time, can reach soaring state."

"Uh Huh!"

"But one person training always has it's deficiencies, so our Bai Mu's stand is Shuang Xiu (paired cultivation)!"

"Uh Huh!"

"The Shuang Xiu of Husband and Wife!"

Huah! Yin Luo's foot slipped, almost falling over, this time she's finally able to make sense of why he was holding onto her waist, so it was all to make preparation for this scare. In that moment, she doesn't know what to say, can only sniff the flowers with all her strength!

Yet he was still overflowing with that spring breeze of a smile, directly looking at her. The look in his eyes, what it implies is not clear. However, it was exceptionally gentle.

"Gu Niang, still does not know how to ride a sword?"

"Yes!" Her qualifications are mediocre (she is talentless), the skills of riding a sword is not familar to her.

His smile deepens, the waves in his eyes, one ripple after another, as if about to rush out. "I'll teach you!"

Cough. Cough. Cough. She choked on the flowers, on reflex took a step back, almost falling off, but was pulled back by him. This sword just then looked quite long, but right now she is complaining that it's a little small. "No need to bother High Xian, although our God Realm does not have many people, but learning something like riding a sword, still should be able to find someone."

His brows furrowed, but did not express his thoughts, yet his sight still has not left her. Don't know if it's because she was to concentrated on sniffing, or it's because his stare was too focused. Neither spoke again.

A long while after!

"Arrived!" Mu Zi Xin's one word, immediately made her let out a sigh of relief. She quickly stepped off from the sword, retreating a couple steps. Sure enough, two step's distance is a safe distance. She won't make useless study of his words just now, whether it's guilt or ulterior motive, neither she can afford to accept. Sometimes, being a bit foolish, a bit dumb is also a tactic of survival. She is well aware of this truth.

Upon entering into the large hall, inside pervades with a thick darkness, closely resembling that kind of death-like darkness inside the abyss. She suddenly understood why he would not allow anyone to get close to here. Here, it is exactly like a miniature abyss already.

Under closer scrutiny, the entire hall is filled with people, clothing colors vary, many are familiar faces. Within these, furthermore, is not lightly injured individuals. The entire interior is hazy with the scent of blood. However, all are quietly seated on the floor, nobody turned to spare a single glance at them. Assumed, they are all trying their very hardest to resist that negative energy.

Nausea faintly washes into Yin Luo's heart. The blood-soaked ground besides the Liu Hua pond of the night before flashes in front of her eyes again. Trying to ignore those blood stains and not look at them, but still couldn't stop her two hands from trembling slightly.

With Liu Hua, ridding the negative energy will be much easier. What Yin Luo must do is not much, only quietly holding onto the Liu Hua and standing in the center will do. Mu Zi Xin casts a spell, expelling all the negative energy from their bodies.

Yin Luo finally comprehends, how profound the supposed Bai Mu's High Xian's cultivation actually is. Within this room, there is at least over a hundred people. He is actually able to expel the negative energies from the all of them all at once, purifying it with Liu Hua afterwards.

Yin Luo unwaveringly stared at the Liu Hua in her hands, until they have one by one, because of the negative energy, withered and dissapated. Without half an hour's work, all the blackness inside the hall has disappeared. Reverted back to clarity!

Indeed, not wonder it's one of the four High Xians of the Xian realm. This level of cultivation, on the Divine Mountain truly, besides her Honor, afraid no one can be above him. She can't help but feel slightly foolish.

The people in the room gradually wake up, one after another giving their graditude to Mu Zi Xin. He also politely gestures back. Yin Luo who stood on one side, ironically feels slightly unneeded.

"Who would this Xian friend be?" Finally somebody's attention turns to her side.

"Yin Luo!" She is still like usual, pulled up the corner of her lips, slowly giving out her own name.

The person opposite her is also like usual, startled for a moment, the skin on the face twitching. Even that strange but with a bit of surprise gaze, it's also like the usual.

Yin Luo is still smiling, hand again uncontrollibly reaching towards her side, but remembers her bag has already been taken away by someone, so she turns to look towards that someone.

"This time Second Master had specially come to deliver the Liu Hua. It's really thanks to her, or else Zi Xin truly would not be able to rid everyone of this negative energy!" Mu Zi Xin conveniently takes over the talking, dissolving this scene of awkwardness.

"So... so that's how it is!" That person's facial expression is slightly twisted, finally replying after a couple of dry laughs "Thank you, Second... Master!" The two words were abnormally difficult to force out.

Yin Luo replied with a faint smile. She suddenly felt that compared to just now, being a bit over is better.

"I ask that all the Xian friends, please go to the front hall. Members of various your various sects have been waiting for some time there already!" Mu Zi Xin faintly spoke. At this, everyone finally exited one by one. Some on swords, some on clouds, flew towards Bai Mu's main hall.

All of a sudden, again it's just the two of them left. Mu Zi Xin made a mark with his hand, lifting the barrier from the floating mountain. For a brief moment, flowing light radiated, light rays flourished. Definitely deserving to be called a Xian mountain, a blessed location.

Yin Luo turns around and exits the room, "This matter is settled, I should also excuse myself."

"Please wait!" unexpectedly, Mu Zi Xin held her back.

"Don't know what other matter High Xian has?" She moved away a step, politely asked.

Mu Zi Xin glanced ahead, "In order to leave here, must travel by sword. I'll escort you!"

She thought back to the situation just now when arriving, her emotions delayed, slowly pulling on a smile. "No need, thank you High Xian for the good intent. Yue Ran must be waiting on the opposite side, if I can bother with a request..." She had originally wanted to have him notify Yue Ran to come pick her up, but he suddenly interupted.

"Not a bother!" He walked in front of her, softly replied "I'll escort you!"

六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 15
Bai Mu was established at the peak of the mountain. Passing through several corridors, they've arrived at a cliff. Below is an endless depth, just ahead not too far away, a temple is afloat. A xian-ly aura surrounds it, like existing and not existing at the same time.

Mu Lin Li said that all the disciples who have contracted with the negative energy are all in there. Mu Zi Xin had set up a barrier field there, not allowing anyone to come close, to prevent the negative energy from spreading and troubling more people.

Although Yue Ran was unwilling, but can only stay and wait here.

"Head Master Mu, I have a concern!" And it happens to be an matter that needs to be resolved immediately.

"Second Master please speak!" Mu Lin Li formally responded.

Ying Luo glanced at that bottomless cliff, taking in a discouraged breath of cool air, "You are saying, I can only go there by myself?"


"Oh." Yin Luo nodded her head, but still did not seem to have the intention of taking action, gritted her teeth before finally asking quietly, "May I ask....how do I get over there?"

Mu Lin Li was caught in a daze, and said without thinking, "Of course it's by....." and suddenly seems to have thought up something, abruptly turned his head around, "You don't know how to ride a sword?"

Yin Luo's smile flickered, her gourd definitely gone broken at the wrong time.

Mu Lin Li's face darkened, the polite friendliness appears to not be able to hang on. The corner of his lips twitched, again observing Yin Luo for a moment, as if wanting to really determine whether or not she really does not know. After a while, finally raised his hand to call out his own sword, "I'll give you a lift!"

"Thanks!" firmly holding on the Liu Huas in her hand, Yin Luo stepped onto that sword, and flew towards the Mountain across. Only in a flash, and was already standing at the front yard of the Xi Yi temple.

A good sword! Worthy of being a head master's accompanying sword, even flies fast, Yin Luo thought. A foot stepped down, just about to bring down the other foot back to the ground, suddenly stilled, eyes wandered about, and returned back onto the hilt of the sword. Pushed down on it with her feet, and then raised her heel and took a spin, leaving a streak of mud on the hilt of the sword, before finally comes down from it.

Just touched the ground, and that sword automatically flies back to the other side. Yin Luo stared as that sword disappeared, than content withdrew her line of vision, and sighed, "A good sword!"

"Whose there?" A voice that carried a hint of uncertainty came from behind, Yin Luo's footing staggered, almost slipping.

With a guilty conscience, she opened her mouth, "I didn't mean to..." she hadn't meant to, she wanted to.

"Xiao Yin!" Came an surprised voice, in front of her sprang up an enormous smiling face, a tight grip fell on both arms, an unfamiliar pain, could this be the consequence of doing bad things

"Xiao Yin, how is it you? You've had me worried to death, that day after out of danger, no matter how I look, still can't find you, even thought that you...aish! Nothing happening is good, nothing happening is good!" The person smiled even more brilliantly, holding onto Yin Luo's arms, continously shaking her madly.

Yin Luo only felt that in front of her eyes, appeared loops of stars. It wasn't easy to steady herself, cautiously took a look, weakly opened her mouth, "Gu....Chian Fan?"

"That's me, that's me, that's exactly me!" The corner of his lips have already stretched to the back of his head. That excited look, only short bouncing on spot a few rounds. Only, those hands that were holding her still didn't seem to have the intention of letting go. "How did you get out of it that day? I looked everywhere for you!"

"I....left early, so....." Yin Luo hehe laughed, without warning, peeled his hands off. It was gripped too tightly, and hurts quite a bit!

"What!" He gave a startled cry. The hand that had just been put down, immediately is grabbed back. Yin Luo clenched her teeth, she'll endure it!

"You actually left early, that's so unsporty of you! And not even telling me a word, causing me to worry for many days! Even thought you..." His brows tightened, resentful thoughts immediately forming, "If it weren't because Shi Fu won't allow, I wanted to sneak back to the Jade Pool to go look for you!"

"I..." Yin Luo, in the suddeness, doesn't know where to start explaining.

"Hmph! In the future if you try to sneak away..." He angrily spouts fire "be careful I'll beat you!"

Yin Luo clouds over with black lines. Bai Mu's disciples, are they all as nosy as him? Obviously that head master is very aloof! "I'm not..."

Clouding over with black lines give a person this type of look: 

"Not what?" He consistently doesn't not give her a chance to talk. "At least considered acquanted, dead or alive, you should send a note, right? Disappearing without a sound or trace, that's too much!"

"Sorry!" Yin Luo very sincerely, very sincerely bowed her head down. If she doesn't admit her fault now, just fear that he'll never leave it alone.

Sure enough, Gu Chian Fan's facial expression softened a bit "Alright, alright, good enough that you know your fault! Don't worry, I won't neglect you. In the future, I'll still look after you!" He was laughing, landing a pat on her shoulder.

Yin Luo's foot staggered, deliberately stabilized her body. Lips twitched, tiredly wiped away a drop of sweat on her forehead, "Thanks... Thank you!"

"What's with the courtesy!" Gu Chian Fan gave a haha laugh, unexpectedly appeared to think of something. "Oh right, what are you doing here?"


"She was going to answer, but saw his face expression change "Darn it! Just now, Shi Fu said someone arrived, could it be you he was talking about?" Turning his head to face Yin Luo, his face completely urgent "You dummy, must've come to report your safety to me, right? Aish! This Xi Yi Temple is not allowing anybody to enter right now, did you not know? If caught by Shi Fu it's still fine, but if Shi Bo catch you then you're in for it!"

Very sorry, but he already knows.

"I am..."

"Hurry go, hurry go!" He just hurriedly shooed her towards the exit "If anything, in a few days, look for me then! Shi Fu said that lately someone from the Divine Mountain will come to deliver remedies. Bai Mu right now there is a lot of people, you just be careful not to get caught!"

"I'm not..."

"Eh! Why're you holding onto a big bundle of flowers? For me?" He suddenly became red in the face, then suddenly it's a face of seriousness, "Xiao Yin! I already... have Xiao Shi Mei, and again... I don't like this strange kind of flower either!"

Poof! If she had tea in her mouth right now, she would surely have sprayed it all out. This.. what is this?

"Aish! I'll stop talking so much with you, you hurry up and go!" Without warning, he is already pushing her towards the outside.

"I wasn't here to look for you!" Yin Luo finally manages to throw off his hand, carefully keeping the Liu Hua in her hand from being touched by him.

"Wha?" He got dumbfounded "If not look for me, then what are you doing at Bai Mu?"

Just as Yin Luo was about to explain, a crisp voice cut in before she did.

"Naturally it's to save people!" In the facing direction a figure gradually walks over, white robe clothed body, still untainted by a single particle of dust, a light smile radiating, like wind like clouds. That kind of extraordinarily figure, nobody will be able to divert their eyes from.

The heart felt a moment of fierce tension. She originally thought that seeing him again, surely her heart could be like still water. Didn't think, would still be unable to help the slight pain at the corner of her heart. It's as if something slid into the bottom of the heart, one circle at a time, stirring that heart. Taking in a deep breath, muttering to herself, calm heart, calm heart.

"Shi Fu!" Gu Chian Fan's facial expression changed, some nervousness "Xiao Yin hadn't intentionally tresspass into here! She's only..."

But he didn't look at him, only looking straight at Yin Luo, lightly said "Long time no see!"

"Yes...it is!" Yin Luo slowly nodded her head. In less than three day's time, but vague like separated a lifetime. The bottom of the heart is sour-sweet-bitter-spicy, all the flavers is present! However in that moment, don't know where to start speaking.

Gu Chian Fan on the other hand, eyes became bright in an instant, "Shi Fu, you know Xiao Yin?"

Mu Zi Xin, as if finally taking notice of him, lightly said, "Chian Fan, if you are too bored..." Eyes narrowed a bit "then give this yard a sweep! Not allowed to use magic!" He blandly added.

"Wha!" Gu Chian Fan screeched in shock, scanning the four corners of this large yard "The entire yard? Shi Fu, even if I sweep until dark I won't finish! Take away half, please?"

Mu Zi Xin didn't reply, only turned his head around, staring indifferently towards him, but with an oppression that doesn't allow rejection. Chian Fan immediately felt a shiver down his spine, and meekly answered, "Yes." Turning back to go inside to get the broom. While on his way did not forget to send a glare at Yin Luo.

Yin Luo took a deep breath, pulling back the mood that had been disturbed by Gu Chian Fan.

"High Xian, this is the Liu Hua that your sect requests for!" She held out the large bundle of Liu Hua in her hand "The flowers are delivered, and I should take leave!" It's alright, all has already passed! She has already woken up! No longer holding onto that so-called fantasy, even if seeing him again, she will not foolishly plunge into it.

Mu Zi Xin's brow furrowed, towards her intentional display of distancing, is slightly unhappy. Glancing at the flowers in her hand, but not in a hurry to take them from her, but instead lightly opened his mouth and replys, "These Liu Hua cannot be stained by worldly dust, I cannot touch them. Still hope gu niang can accompany me for this trip, personally deliver it to the back hall, is that alright?"

His words are within reason, Yin Luo can only agree "Please High Xian, lead the way!"

"Calling me Bai Zhu is fine!" He exposed that smile resembling sunlight again and takes a step aside, "Please!"

Yin Luo held tightly onto the Liu Hua in her hand, to the best of her ability, tried to maintain her line of sight below his neck. A smile that is too full of nice-intent is ultimately able to bewitch a person's heart. She cannot see anything, cannot see!

Xi Yi Temple is very big, everywhere there are clouds. Yin Luo kept up closely with his footsteps, but from the start had maintained a two step distance. It wouldn't be too close, yet won't result in loosing track.

"Gu niang, this is your first time to Bai Mu?" Perhaps it was too boring, Mu Zi Xin casually started.

"Yes!" Yin Luo softly made a sound of reply, expressing her unwillingness in making casual talks.

Unfortunatly the other person did not pick it up, "Then what do you think of our Bai Mu?" Mu Zi Xin continues to ask.

"A blessed location for a Xian Mountain!"

"Oh!" His smile deepened "Compared to the Divine Mountain, what do you think?"

"Naturally... both have their respective good!" Yin Luo is still with her head hung low, staring at her shoes while she walks. Once in a while, tossing a preserved honey piece in.

"Is that so?" He turned around and glance at her "I actually feel that our Bai Mu is slightly superior. I grew up here since young, every flower here, every plant, are all very familiar. Some things if look at them for long, then will have a sense of belonging. That is where any other place will fall short. What do you think?"

"Uh..." Sense of belonging? This kind of thing, she has never had before, naturally would not understand.

"If you were to spend a long time here, certainly will also have the same kind of feeling as I do!"

"Perhaps... will be." She continued to stuff the preserved honeys, this time they weren't as sweet as the last time! Thinking this, her hand reaches in again to grab another one.

"You like to eat sweets?"

Today this person has a lot to say. Obviously last time, didn't see that he had so much words, "Suppose so!" Basically other than preserved honey, this snack, she has never touched anything else.

"Is it good?" He seemed to be very interested in it, suddenly leaned down and stared at the preserved honey in her hand.

Yin Luo had a scare, the piece of preserved honey that was brought up to her lips was still raised in mid-air. Looking at his suddenly near face, and went blanked for a moment "It's.. alright!"

"For real?" He stared at the piece of preserved honey in her hand, suddenly reaching his hand and snatching it, tossing it into his own mouth "Hm.. indeed can only be considered just alright!"

Lips twitched, Yin Luo clouds over with black lines. "That piece of preserved honey..." She already bit before!

"What?" He turned around and looked at her.

"No.. nothing!" Isn't it only a piece of preserved honey? There's still an entire bag, she can spare it! Reaching a hand towards the bag at her side, only to feel emptiness. The bag suddenly flew towards the hand of the person in front. "High Xian... that... is my bag!"

"I know!" The obvious theif, answered in an all justified confidence. "One piece, honestly can't taste any flavor out of, is it alright if I try a few more?"

Can she say no? The whole back is already in your hand. That is clearly not just a few!

"Eatting too much sweet stuff is not good!" He gripped the bag in his hand, but didn't rush to dig into the preserved honeys inside, instead shoved it into his sleeve.

This is clearly stealing, clearly stealing! Peeking at the bag in his hand, she gritted her teeth. This is someone else's territory, she'll endure it.

"Especially preserved honey, this kind of food, the less the better. Towards cultivation practice, it's not any help as well!"

"Thank you High Xian for the reminder!" She doesn't see much enlightenment even if she doesn't eat it.

六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 14
"Who is it?"

"Don't know!" Yue Ran furrowed his brows, expression is apparently not friendly.

"He is not someone from the Divine Mountain?"

"Everyday there are these kind of people with nothing to do!" Yue Ran looked east and west, only just not looking at Yin Luo. Consious of her stare, he slanted his lip, and in uneaseiness turned around, he coughed, and pushed open the window. "These few days were really strange, it actually rained on the Divine Mountain!"

Cool breeze came through the opened window, also revealing those few unfamiliar figures not to far in the distance, Yue Ran's expression changed, with a bang he had automatically closed the window.

Yin Luo sighed, she has already seen them, "They came looking for me?" It was not a question, but a statement.

Yue Ran seeing that it can't be covered, comes clear on it althogether, "They are of the Xian Realm: Qiong Mountain, Jade Sword, and Sheng Yun disciples! They've come to the Divine Mountain to ask for the remedy!"

"Ask for the remedy?"

Yue Ran frowned, "Few days ago at the Jade Pool Party, half of those from the Xian realm have died there. Those who have returned, there were some lower leveled ones who had been hit with negative energy. So that's why they have come onto the mountain to ask for medicine!"

"Such negative energy, would requires the most purest of medicine, what they want is the Liu Hua Flower?" The Xian and God realm do not have many contacts, if it's not for the Liu Hua Flowers that is only available on the Divine Mountain, they would likely not have come.

Yue Ran's brows only tightened even more, and snorted, "These Xian Realm people, have always saw their own lives as more important than others, only when something happens, no solution? Than finally willing to ask for help!"

Yue Ran had always not have any good feelings towards the Xian Realm, so Yin Luo naturally would know so, "Her Honor...what did she say?"

"Her Honor has went into retreat, only passed words, that if they want than just take it, just don't hold them back!"

"Oh!" Yin Luo lightly responded, won't withhold, that means no intent to join into the Xian Realm's matters. Anyone knows that the Liu Hua Flower only Gods can touch. Anyone else, even if the Liu Hua Flower is right in front of the eyes, and still won't be able to take even a piece of it. So it's likely the person just than, didn't have another solution, so resolves to come look for her?

And it's only at times like this, that there would be someone who would think of this God that is her.

"Don't even think about it!" As if predicted what she was about to say, Yue Ran stepped to the side, blocking the doorway. "You've already minded enough business that's not yours. To save or not to save, naturally her Honor would have a decision. What are you fretting about?"

Yin Luo's heart sunk again, pulling on that habitual smile, with more strength, she tugged on the corner of her lips. "Yue Ran... I'm also a God!" She slowly tilted her head up, looking into Yue Ran's eyes, saying one word at a time: "I am Yin Luo, not her Honor's underling! Not every little matter requires her Honor to make the decision."

Yue Ran, surprised for a moment, gritted his teeth and did not speak.

She took a glance at that window which has already been closed, sighed, and lightly said "Amoung those that arrived, is there any Bai Mu disciples?"

Yue Ran's eyebrows knotted together.

"You really don't need to deliberately avoid mentioning Bai Mu, the Jade Pool incident has already passed! Yin Luo has already returned to the Yin Luo from before. Even if... seeing that person again... I understand what it is that you're afraid of? You're afraid if I see him again, I'll think about unhappy things!" She laughed faintly.

"It's still better not to meet!" Yue Ran lightly scoffs.

"I believe you understand her Honor's intent! It's not that she won't save those of the Xian realm , she is letting me do it!" The Liu Hua Flowers of the Divine Mountain are everywhere, but all those people chose to come to the Liu Hua pond in front of her courtyard. Apparently, this is also under the direction of someone. Although she does not understand, why does her Honor do this?

"I've already thought it through? I'm going... only to deliver the Liu Hua Flowers! You don't need to worry about me!"

Yue Ran opened his mouth, like he still wanted to protest, but in the end said nothing. Yin Luo gave him a relieved smmile, then finally getting up and went out the door.

Not too far away in the courtyard is the Liu Hua pond, over there stood four people. Their clothing varied, but all carried swords. Only, the swords are in their hands, unlike Yue Ran, who summons it when needed. From their dressing, can tell that they are from various sects and that these disciples were from above middle standings in their respective sect.

The rain-washed Liu Hua pond is already unlike the previous night's slaughter field of Hell scene. Even the slightest hint of bloodshed can't be found. Yue Ran said that it's strange that it also rains on the Divine Mountain. In reality, it isn't that it doesn't on the Divine Mountain, but that there is no need for it. The night before, it was obviously needed!

Stopping at about five steps distance from the Liu Hua pond, Yin Luo made a simple explanation of her intention for her arrival. The four looking towards the pond with furrowed brows and bitter faces, all brightened up immensely. One after the other made a gesture of gratitude, expressions respectful. Except how long will this kind of attitude can be maintained, Yin Luo wondered in self-mockery.

"The negative energies have already entered the body, must not delay. Be on your way!" Yin Luo turns, about to excuse herself.

"Second Master, the Liu Hua..." A green robed Qiongshan disciple pointed towards the Liu Hua flowers in the pond, asked.

Yin Luo turned her head and glanced at the flowers in the pond, tightened her left hand which was still trembling. "Outside the front hall there are also Liu Hua. Pick more when you arrive there!" This pond, afraid is already no longer the purest of flowers.

After collecting the Liu Hua, and exiting through the mountain gate, Yue Ran caught up "If I don't follow you there, can't imagine what tormented state you'll end up in!" Yue Ran took a glance at those four people, eyes slightly cold, insisting on going with her.

Yin Luo only smiled, didn't say anything. She cannot ride a sword. Going with Yue Ran, ultimately is good.

Along the way, the four were very polite, except when leaving through the mountain gate. Seeing her and Yue Ran riding the same sword, their expression were strange, but still it wasn't anything much.

Catching the Qian Kun bag in Yue Ran's hands, she held the large bundle of Liu Hua in one hand, her other hand reaching for the preserved honeys inside of the bag, stuffing herself one piece at a time. The whole way, no one spoke, until they felt there was something amiss with the direction they were headed.

"Where are we going?"

"Second Master, it's Bai Mu!" A white robed disciple amoung the four politely answered. Looking at the way he is dressed, this should be the Bai Mu disciple that had knocked on the door earlier.

"What's the point in going there?" Yue Ran fired up slightly "There are injured disciples from many sects. First go save the others, go to Bai Mu last!" Saying this, while not providing any explanation, just felt like turning the sword around and going back.

The four startled altogether, hurriedly held them back "Second Master is not aware, right now all the injured disciples of the various sects are all at Bai Mu. All are under the barrier casted by my Shi Shu, keeping everyone's heart pulse in sound, preventing the negative energies from getting more intense."

"Then we will not go!" Yue Ran upon hearing that going there is inevitable, immediately grows even more angry. The four didn't notice right away, only looking towards Yin Luo with panic.

"Yue Ran." Yin Luo let out a sigh "Since it is to save lives anyways, anywhere is the same."

"Ya Tou!" Yue Ran got even more annoyed. If it weren't for that Mu Zi Xin, how would she have gotten this injured? This time they are still going to save his people, Yue Ran can't get over it. Unexpectedly, when he looks into Yin Luo's unwavering eyes, can only resort to stomping his feet, "Whatever you want, whatever you want! You want to go or not!"

Everyone finally lets out the long breath, continued heading towards Bai Mu. Yin Luo didn't open her mouth again, only looking ahead, it's also unknown what she is thinking about.

Yue Ran still feels that, ever since she returned from the Jade Pool, there is something different. However he can't place what exactly is different, her attitude towards him is exactly as it was before, only it still feels that something is slightly missing.

She said that she doesn't blame him, her smile fooling him that everything is the same as before. That smile was too radiant, making him the viewer feel slightly in the bland. Frowning, he stared at the petite figure in front of him, who was obviously very close but somehow feels so far away from him. Just what has gone wrong?

Out of helplessness, he just grabbed her hand, gripping it tightly in his hand. Yin Luo turned around, startled, pulled on her hand, realized she cannot pull it back. Yue Ran's expression is strange, stare firmly fixed on her, a long while before saying in a low voice "Ya Tou, I'll take care of you. In the future, absolutely won't let anything happen to you!"

Yin Luo was dumbfounded for a moment, distractedly looking at him for a long while, before finally slowly pulling on a smile. It was still that radiant smile like sunrise. She faintly replied "I know!"

Waiting for Yue Ran's expression to ease slightly, she finally slowly pulled back her hand. Turning around, her hand is again uncontrolled, reaching into the bag. Quietly, one by one, she stuffs them into her mouth. Yue Ran probably saw through her facade, maybe she didn't smile enough!

Yue Ran doesn't lie, what he says must come from his true heart. Hearing these words, she should be happy. Afterall, this can also be considered a promise. If someone is willing to make this kind of promise, it's good. Only, if promises are made too often, it will become numb. So other than smiling, she cannot produce any other reaction.

The heart feels a bit stuffy, so the preserved honeys are being shoved even faster. Yin Luo vaguely feels some guilt. There is someone willing to look after her, but she on the contrary is unable to truly accept and believe it. This is her fault. Only, those things yet to come, nobody can be sure. Who can expect, the guilt of this moment, in a few days, will transform into relief?

Towards the east is the Bai Mu Xian Mountain, from a far distance one can already see the dense crowd of people.

The person at the most forefront, she recognises: Bai Mu's head master Mu Lin Li. Slightly taken aback, on his face there is a hard to conceal disappointment.

Yin Luo popped in a piece of perserved honey, thought that it makes sense. So many people, the one they are waiting for must be her Honor. Right now, seeing that the one that's arrived is her, disappointment is considered normal.

"Her Honor has gone into seclusion, and could not personally come. The Liu Hua, I have already brought!" Suppressing the bitterness at the bottom of her heart, Yin Luo raised the large bundle of Liu Hua in her hand.

Mu Lin Li's eyes brightened, instantly putting away that disappointed look "So it is Divine Mountain's Second Master, specially coming to deliver the remedy. Our endless gratitude!" He promptly took a step away, welcoming Yin Luo through.

Inside the main hall, it's seated to the brim with people. Various sects are here. Yin Luo took a look around, but did not find that distinct white figure, let out a breath. Everyone saw her, all experienced a slight shock, some already unable to contain their contempt. Yin Luo also did not bother with modesty, openly taking that seat at the very top. Even if she is incompetent, but a God nevertheless. Appropriate prestige should still be displayed.

Yue Ran stood besides her, still with that furious look, as if he's very unhappy to be here.

"Where would the injured disciples be?" Yin Luo slowly asked with a smile.

Mo Lin Li's expression changed, only answering after a while "At the Xi Yi Temple in the back courtyard!" But this is also only spoken, without making any intent to bring her there, appearing as if considering something.

"Although Liu Hua is the Gods' flower, but is also just a flower!" Yin Luo turned the flowers over in her hand "After picking, if they are not ice-sealed with magic, afraid they will wither in less a day! Now, half a day has already passed!" If they still don't bring her there, just afraid this visit is in vain.

Mu Lin Li was surprised, hurriedly putting away the previous worried appearance, retreating a step and said "Xi Yi Temple is directly behind, please come with me."

Yin Luo got up and followed over. Mu Lin Li turned his head and glanced at her, his brows furrowed a bit. In a low voice, he added "That is... my Shi Di's living quarters!"

Feet stopping mid-step, Yin Luo froze in place, only coming around after a while. Habitually pulling on a corner of her lips, she continued to catch up to Mu Lin Li's steps. Giving her own face a pinch, asked herself, does she look like a wolf? Since when did people also started seeing her as a wolf, treating her with caution.


Translator's note: The first time I read this part with the audiobook, I didn't really see Yue Ran as much of a 2nd or 3rd male lead, but I totally feel for him this time around while reading it.

六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 13
Yin Luo distractedly stared at that sword for a moment, head turned to look at Yan Fu who was on the ground pleading for death, automatically took a step backwards. She had never hurt a person before!

"Hearsay of the six realms, the power of our God race comes through the veins. Consume the blood and flesh, obtain Godly powers! " She scoffed, "Even if it's just some unconfirmed rumor, there are still those imbeciles who come forward to give up their lives in vain!"  Yan Xi glanced towards that person on the ground, eyes slightly narrowed, "Hadn't you wanted to participate in the Sword Seeking? If you really do have Godly Powers, sooner or later you would get into the eyes of such people. The Sword Seeking, what is being sought is the Heavenly Sword! You want to be the Tian Di, then you must be prepared to punish those who dare to offend the God race!"

Yin Luo quivered. Her meaning is, if she wants to attend the Sword Seeking Ceremony, then she would have to execute Fu Shu? This is forcing her, forcing her to kill! Her eyes tightly fixed on that sword, still not daring to pick it up.

Those rumors, she had long heard of them. Although they were just hearsays, yet there are still those uncountable numbers of people who come to the Divine Mountain for that motive.

Her own Godly Powers are close to none, their target would naturally be her Honor! That is also why her Honor recruits so many under her door.

"Why, afraid?" Yan Xi scoffed, "You have the guts to say that you want to join in the Sword Seeking, yet no courage to pick up this sword?"

Yan Xi's eyes become colder, "You who can't even hold a sword, don't even talk about whatever Sword Seeking nonsense!"

After she finished talking, her gaze turned. The sword came up and down, an agonizing scream sounded. The person on the ground, an ear on one side has already fallen to the ground. Fresh blood tainted the sword's body.

"….Kill me….Kill me…" Those tragic pleads for death, one more miserable then the last, drilled into the ear. At the depths of Yan Xi's eyes, it is still cold to the point of not having a sliver of turbulence in them, as if unable to see, or perhaps already used to this. The sword in hand, once again is raised, pointing towards the ear on the other side.

"Enough! Stop, Stop!" Yin Luo could no longer endure it, came forward to stop her, taking the sword. Although Yan Fu had wicked thoughts, but was still on the Divine Mountain for hundreds of years. Why must she torture him so? "I'll go! I'll go!" In the least, she can let him leave in lesser pain.

Tightly biting onto her bottom lip, Yin Lu slightly trembled as she held the sword, glancing that person on the ground who already has no strength to resist and is only able to plead for death, Yan Fu.

Apart from heartache and disappointment, she does not have any other feelings. Pain, is for her own pair of hands being tainted with fresh blood. Disappointment, is that the person forcing her to do so is actually her only family. She could not breathe, yet unable to not walk over there. With each step, it is like walking towards the execution ground. Although knowing that it was only a few steps in distance, yet it was like a walk of 10 thousand years.

She squatted down and stared at the person on the ground. Lifting up the sword in her hand, yet it's trembling as if about to fall to the ground, heart so tight as if about to rip apart.

She's killing someone, she is killing someone....

Holding the sword, obviously knowing that killing him, it would actually be the greatest escape for him. Obviously knowing that only by killing him, would be helping him. Yet with the sword in hand, no matter what, still could not bring herself to swipe it down.

"Can't do it?" A cool voice came from behind, "Hadn't you wanted to join the Sword Seeking, prove your Godly worth? Then you must know the need to kill!"

Yin Luo's hands remain trembling.

After awhile!

As if sensing someone coming closer, the person on the ground suddenly sprang up. Pouncing onto Yin Luo, the neck with a mind of it's own ramed against the hilt of the sword, blood flowed down along the sword hilt. Only seeing two hallow emptiness already without eyeballs glaring at her, a searing roar full of resentment, "Yan Xi!" Suddenly mouth opened wide, ruthlessly against Yin Luo's neck bites down.

She only felt a pain at her neck, there was something slowly flowing out. The sudden occurance left Yin Luo unable to make a reaction.

While in a trance just staring, that half body that pounced on her suddenly became like a bloody blossom bursting apart, becoming like numerous shattered pieces. Blood and flesh scattered the entire ground, without any remains.

The red robed lady from behind, was slowly letting down her raised left hand. In those eyes, something flashed by, like...panic? Under careful observation, in a flash, it seemed to have disappeared, as if never appeared before.

A cold tone,  carrying anger, "Useless!"

Lifting her hand and tossing out an object, it just happened to be what Yin Luo in the morning saw when she caught Yan Fu's strange actions, the Liu Hua Flower that was propped on top of the door frame, which was used to tell her Honor to be more careful.

"I've not yet fallen to the state of needing you to worry! In the future, don't do such unnecessary things!" Yan Xi angrilly turned away to leave, but down at her feet felt a tightness. A pair of hands tainted with blood held onto the bottom of her robe.

"I.....will go....." Yin Luo grit her teeth harshly, the whole body trembling like falling leaves, except that hand, which held on oddly firm. She seemed to have used her entire body's strength to shove the words out, fiercely lifting up her head, saying one word at a time, "I will go, I will definitely go to the Sword Seeking!"

Yan Xi was slightly taken aback, her brows becoming more tight. Forcefully taking a step away, breaking away from her hand, "Suit yourself!" Refusing to even stay a moment longer, turned around and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

In that moment, only Yin Luo remains the only one in the courtyard, woodenly sitting on a ground of blood and broken body parts, body shaking. Her hand is still holding onto that sword.

A long while.....

Thunder sounded, like an outbreak that had been contained for a long time. Instantly, rain poured heavily, washing away the ground of blood, rushing it into the Liu Hua Flower Pool, immediately becoming a stretch of bloody red.

Slightly trembling as she stood up, in her eyes, it is already completely void of any focus, only complete emptiness. Like a possessed corpse walking, her hand loosened. The sword falls to the ground, making a sound as it fell into the Liu Hua Pool, causing water droplets to fly, splashing onto the hand.

An abnormally familiar feeling rushed into her heart.

Just then, Yan Fu had said, this pond had been added with Bai Hua Flowers, which to a God is highly toxic. No wonder it hurts this much. But why is it that her Lord Honor is fine? Could it be that it is all because her Godly Powers are superior?

Moving the corner of her lips, again, another hint of a bitter smile. It's no wonder that even if presented, Yan Fu still does not care to take her blood. New injuries coupled with old injuries, although in pain, but it has gradually already become numbed.

With slow steps nearing the Liu Hua pond, the rain droplets splatter upwards. Each droplet that splashes onto her, that burning feeling from before becomes more obvious, yet she appears to not feel it, one step at a time making way back into the cabin.

Footsteps are light, each step like walking on clouds. Lightly pulling the door, all strength seems to have become exhausted, letting herself just collapse to the ground. Her vision becomes covered by late coming darkness, falling unconcious on the ground.

While dreaming, sounds faintly drifted over. There was someone whispering something, a blurry figure appeared in front of her.

Who, who is that? What is that in his hand?

Why does she feel such familiarity? Obviously had never seen him before, she tried very hard wanting to see more clearly, but why is it when seeing that figure, the heart would feel this kind of stabing pain?

The scene ahead seemed to be continually flickering, there were many good scenes that blurred her eyes.

"Want to have it? Take it, and cannot go back on it alright!"

"Luo Er.....be good....you have to listen!"

"Luo Er.....let's stop, stop alright! Whatever you want, everything you want, just....don't cry!"

"Be good....I don't have any other way! It can only be like this...you will agree right?"

"Don't worry....from this moment on, no one will...."

That voice still continued to echo at the earside nonstop. Each time it sounded, the heartache would increase to a degree. Undoubtly, it's a voice never heard of before, yet it is as familiar as someone who is closest to her.

The heartache could not be supressed,  the sight in front has also started to shake. She extended her hand to grasp, yet unable to grasp anything. Only waving her hands around nonstop, struggling, but still unable to break away from that feeling, a splitting headache, like there was something wanting to break out from within.

Suddenly, from the forehead came a wave of coolness, that feeling finally started to little by little be supressed. She completely entered into deep sleep.

A light sigh sounded. The black robed person in the room took back the hand on Yin Luo's forehead, staring at her gradually entering back to a calm state, then finally picking her up from around the waist and cautiously placing her onto the bed.

The raindrops on the hair dripped onto the hand. A light knitting of the brows,  gentle wave of the hand, immediately on the bed there was not even a hint of wetness. Covered a hand over her forehead, confirming no abnormalness, finally let out a long sigh of relief.

"....Luo Er...Why must you be this way? How will I....." Words reached midpoint, becoming a long sigh again.

Standing at the edge of the bed for a long while, simply staring at the person on the bed, in a trance. In his pitch black eyes, there is only one reflection. He appears to have become senseless by just staring, once again reaching his hand out, but halted, tightly clenched it into a fist, gradually putting his hand down.

Finally decided to turn around to leave, halfway and stopped again, standing still for a moment, and took a deep breath. In the end, still refrained from turning back. Pushing out the door, outside, rain was still pouring heavily.

On the Divine Mountain, it has never rained. That is because there is someone who does not allow it to pour.

"Let's stop it now!" The man softly said, the heavy rain suddenly stopped. Stepping down from the steps, entering into the courtyard and stood still, looking up towards the pitch-black sky. Eyes slightly narrowed, after a moment of gazing, the figure moved again. Dispersing like light smoke, in a flash, there is already not a trace.

The time that Yin Luo has awakened, it's already the second day's afternoon. Yue Ran nervously carried hot water in. On one side examining her injuries, on the other, nagging like usual. Yin Luo only lightly moved the corner of her lips into a faint smile in response, as for what happened last night, not mentioning even a word of.

Recalling that sea of blood, she secretly suppressed her still shaking hands, as if seeing her hands already become stained by a bloody red. Flowing from the bottom of the heart, a familiar bitterness, she turns to look all around.

"Yue Ran, where's my bag?"

"Right here." Yue Ran brought out her Qian Kun Bag, swayed it in the air, yet did not pass it over, "Your body hasn't healed, cannot eat this stuff right now. I'll keep it for you for the meantime."

"Yue Ran…" Yin Luo softly begged.

"No negotiations!" Yue Ran quickly shoved it back into his robe again, patted twice, making sure that it's stored well, "Wait until your body gets better, naturally I would return it to you!" Taking a glance up and down her pale face, that tranquil look once again turns foul.

"Ya Tou, you're really, what should I say about you? Your injuries were just getting better, and you suddenly go out to get wet in the rain. Even if your body is capable of endurance, it's not to be wasted in this way! Really don't know if you are born stupid, or if it's because you've eaten too much of those preserved honey pieces, that you've wrecked your brain!" While talking, busily takes out the bag again, pops a few into his own mouth, helping to eliminate them!

Yin Luo goes blank, her expression darkens quite a bit, not in the slightest noticing Yue Ran's petty acts. Pulling on the corner of her lip, muttering to herself, "I wasn't intending to go get caught in that rain…"

"What?" He hadn't heard clearly, raising a face with a stuffed mouth, and asked.

"No…nothing?" Yin Lu immediately smiled, "Why did you come? Don't you need to go to the front hall in the morning?"

"Don't need to today!" Yue Ran swallowed down the preserved honey pieces with much difficulty, frowning, poured a cup of water and drank it. Sure enough, he still does not like sweet stuff. "Her Honor, starting today, will go into seclusion. Besides, the front hall is too noisy, I can't get used to it!"

"Noisy?" The Divine Mountain has always been quiet.

Yue Ran became speechless, his complexion changed. As if having thought up something, waved his hand, "Nothing, nothing, not anything of big deal. You go on continue resting!" Cannot help but change the topic, while saying so, he quickly goes on to press her back onto the bed.

"Yue Ran!" Yin Luo's head is full of black lines. She had obviously just woken up. Just when about to get up, from outside the door comes a knocking sound.

"Is the Second Master in?" A very unfamiliar voice, not someone of the Divine Mountain.

"Not here!" Yue Ran stole the opportunity to speak. That tone contained some resentment. Just about to make sound to correct, but was met with Yue Ran's glare, signalling her to keep her quiet. The latter spinelessly kept quiet.

The person outside the door had also went into bewiderment, after awhile, politely made a bow, "Thank you!" The sound of parting footsteps carried over.

Who is that!?!?! Yes, it's another guy. A very important guy.


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